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New Clinic ~ Two New Sagas ~ The Stovebolt License Topper and some Valentine Stovebolt Hoo-ya
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New Clinic -- Making a Stovebolt Bed

Mar-K Quality Parts is sponsoring our clinic on "Making a Stovebolt Bed." For quite some time, weve had new gallery additions with some great-looking beds -- or NO bed and wondering what to do ?? We noticed a lot of questions being asked about everything from sheets to pillow cases. Well, okay ... bed kits, parts, specific woods, stains, dimensions, materials, mounting tailgates, mounting the bed, and general how tos.

So the Mar-K techs are available to help with questions and point you to some of their tech info. Come stop on by the Bed Clinic. And if you've got some tips yourself, please join in. This is an information bonanza!

Mar-K is an American manufacturer of top quality pickup bed parts including tailgates, front panels, bedsides, sills, bedwood, bedstrips, anglestrips, and many other hardware and trim items. Custom options and upgrades are available so you can purchase bed parts made "your way". The Mar-K website is very helpful, packed with technical and installation information, an extensive photo gallery, links to hundreds of automotive websites, and the full Mar-K product line available to order online.


One of our "oldies but goodies" (from 2004) was Merlin Bellinger's 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton. "I don't have any "before" pictures of the bed.  The farmer who previously owned it, welded a 1/4' piece of metal to the floor.  It had the original wood under it but that was partially missing and rotted out.  It was one of the first things to go."
We say: COOLAMUNDO! Anything is possible!

MAR-K Quality Parts
Fax 405-721-8906
6625 W Wilshire Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
  "At MAR-K we manufacture parts for owners and builders who recognize the importance of buying parts that are precision made for accurate fit and long term durability. Our customers understand that a poor quality part ends up being more expensive than one that is made right, especially when costs of installation, modification for proper fit and appearance of the finished job are considered. Our customers expect the details that make the difference."


Two New Sagas

True Grits by John Luhn

        Just when you think some things should never be ... Here's John Luhn with a tale of True Grits: a saga to illustrate the eternal Stovebolt truism that determination, sheer force of will and plain ole dumb luck can always overpower common sense to win the day!

        The siren song of the rusty Stovebolt, battered and in repose, will never cease to stir the soul enough to risk life, limb and a perfectly fine tow vehicle to bring home ... just ... one ... more ... old ... truck!


Searching for Old Bolt Heaven

        In the spirit of the Knights of Stovebolt, not only does Richard "Truck 26" Rosielle have a fun story to tell but he also provides some good information that may be helpful. And he's willing to help out fellow Bolters on their quest for trucks, parts, stuff.

       Did Sir Richard find a Secret Burial Ground of old iron? You, dear Bolter, must follow the path to find out!


Stovebolt License Plate Topper

       We had some Stovebolters in the forums pondering a way to come up with some personalized Stovebolt License Plates. We here at the office cringed in fear and dread, confessing, "You want what?"

       Fortunately, Whizzerick came up with a Stovebolt License Plate TOPPER! These are 9 x 3 inch cast aluminum, ready to bolt-on. They've been bead blasted to a satin finish. The Stovebolt letters are raised and polished for that chrome-like sheen! The contrasting porcelain paint is baked for that long, deep, lustrous, translucent finish.

        Check out Whizz's web page with all the details (including color choices) on the TOPPER and how to order.

       Are these cool or what? These are just the ticket! Could we have come up with this? No way!

       Now, these are a "limited edition" Stovebolt item because we don't to totally wear Whizz out making them (they are each hand-crafted). So if you want one, at least get on his list. And then be patient!

        And we certainly want to thank Rick for taking this on! Big time - since Peg is off the hook for coming up with something "cool" -- not one of her strong points!

Valentine's Day ~ February 14

        Well, this may not be anything super cool, but I figured I've got the whole family *covered* -- ah yup! Hope to upgrade the Hoo-ya shoppe at some point. But I need to find me another one of those round toits.


New Tech Tips

     Busy getting these together. And more will be coming (especially from our three clinics). Big thanks to Randy Baumann -- this Bolter really knows how to put a tip together, eh?


New Links

     We're up to 509 now (and I know there are more to add)! Thanks to to Woogeroo for several of these. And John "46 In Progress" Kornnmann -- "we are always talking about LED bulbs for 6-volt systems.  I have never found a place that sells them until now (High Speed Motors).



     You Stovebolters are great folk. A few comments from the Stovebolt Collective:

         Just have to tell you how much my husband and I have enjoyed this site.  We have learned more in the past week since buying our truck than I think we could have learned in a lifetime. It is wonderful and everyone so far has been just great.  Keep up the good work and so thankful you are there ... sure is making things alot easier.

Kitty & Brian Wells


         You guys have a fantastic website! I love how helpful and "real" people are. I don't feel there are very many people who visit the site who are out for themselves. By nature, I think that us "Stovebolters" are pretty savvy about things and we can tell when someone is trying to take advantage of us. Therefore, those people who aren't to be trusted don't stick around too long. Keep up the great work and thanks for adding my trucks (1934 1/2-ton Chevy and 1940 1/2-ton longbed GMC) to the Gallery.

Neil "3 Girls' Dad" Sayre
Bolter # 5790

         What I really enjoy, is meeting people who tell me stories about when they were kids, or how they remember their father with the same truck. People will come up and just start talking about their life back in the early '50's and how my truck reminds them of that era. When they get a smile, I get a smile. I love to hear their stories.
         When we build these trucks, we not only build them for ourselves, but for others. There is no greater compliment then that from another person -- telling you what a great job you did. This is what it's all about.

Cecil "51Jimmy" Margosian
1951 GMC 1/2-ton

January Gallery Additions


Stovebolt Stats

Here's what's been happening in January:

Hits: 5,091,962     Bytes: 63,350,462,412     Individual Visits: 145,426     Pages Viewed: 1,302,854


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