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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.


20 July 2013 Update
# 1398

Owned by
Larry Bearfield
"Larry Bear"
Bolter # 5470
Carlisle, Massachusetts


1956 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton



More pictures of my old truck


From Larry :

In March, 2012, Lucille The Ferns WonderTruck, was in an accident. Well, I wouldn’t actually call it an accident – a young lady ran into me. 

I was stopped at a stop sign in Bedford and -- just like in a slow motion movie -- I watched helplessly as she turned a corner and plowed right into me.

I was fine. Lucille was not.

According to the Official Police Report (and I’m not making this up) “…Operator (name) related that she turned onto Park Row and got a frisbee stuck in the wheel … could not correct the turn and struck Bearfield’s vehicle …. she was cited…” 

Unfortunately, I had to retire Lucille. But not before she became an organ donor to Bella, our 1955 Second Series Chevy Panel truck – the new Ferns WonderTruck. What we didn't use in Bella, lives on in other Stovebolt trucks we sold via the Stovebolt site.


30 October 2008 Update
# 1398

From Larry :

Today's New York Times has an article about old trucks ... and features "Lucille, the Fern's Wondertruck" !

The print article appears in a special section "Cars" on page 20. The online version has less copy but includes a slide show - with a pic of Robin talking with customers on the porch.

However, the story unfortunately was inaccurate as it had me as Ferns Proprietor when, in fact, I'm co-proprietor with Robin. One of the challenges of working with the Press!



Larry, cool intel. And ... what a surprise to see listed as a source (along with Pat Ertel / Vintage Trucks)! In The New York Times. Shazamm!

This is a very cool shot of the store with the '56. (If you all are any where NEAR Larry, you need to stop in. It's such a treat. Such great folks. Such a cool little town.) ~ Editor

30 January 2006
# 1398

From Larry:

         Greetings! Finally! Here are pics of my 1956 Chevy Task Force series 1/2-ton.

         In the winter of 1999, my wife (Robin) and I took a ski trip out west. We made a stop at my buddy Clay’s house in Montrose, Colorado to visit and hit Telluride. Clay is originally from back east and it was good to see him. When we arrived, I saw the old '56 Stovebolt sitting in his yard. He and his late brother Bruce were the second PO’s of the truck. They had bought from a nearby farmer. Although he started it up every now and then, it had basically been sitting in Clay’s yard for about 10 years.

         Now, I’d never had any kind of yearning for an old truck but when I saw her, I was just enthralled. Although it was in pretty decent shape with minimal rust through, it had an interior that’d seen better days complete with hornet nests, a patchwork of mechanical fixes, busted windshield and side glass, a rotted bed and the other usual problems. We talked a lot about it and finally Clay up and asked if I wanted to buy her. I immediately agreed. The only stumbling block was my wife who didn’t quite have the vision I had. That, and the fact that the bed was loaded to the hilt with elk legs and hides. But I knew once the body parts were removed, I could convince her.

         Business woes delayed any action for a few years but my good friend stuck by his word and let the truck continue to sit in his yard. Finally, in the fall of 2004, I had her trucked east and she promptly took up residence in my brother Jim's garage for six months. I’m incredibly fortunate to have an older brother who’s an ASE Triple Master Mechanic and enjoys the challenge of old vehicles. Early on, I made the decision that because she was to be my daily driver, it would be a resurrection rather than a restoration project. But my overall goal has been to have her retain her outer character. As a result, all work to date has been mechanical upgrades to make her a reliable, old friend.

         Right off the bat, although she had been running all along in Colorado, as she was being loaded onto the trailer she quit. It was as if she didn’t want to face the unknown. As it turned out, the circa '59 235 engine had an extreme distaste for the old gas in the tank and she arrived with five bent pushrods -- what a start.

         Once we got beyond the initial hurdles, it was a matter of ticking off the to-do list. Work to date has included a complete rewire, HEI electronic ignition, rebuilt starter, carb, master cylinder and alternator, new king pins (which make her feel like I now have power steering!), new rear pinion bearings and seal. I've added a radiator overflow tank, oil filter, windshield washer system with a new electric wiper motor, new roller bearings, turn signals, mirrors, a new windshield and side glass. I completely redid the interior with some "modern comforts" like added carpet padding, floor insulation and new seat upholstery with front storage pockets. And let's not forget the all-important cup holder!

         A good friend crafted the wicked cool bed rails. Of course, there's lot's more! And at this point because she arrived with a fairly decent body and all of her emblems intact, a coat of primer is all the make up she needs for the time being to step out in style (It IS painted… for now!).

         Now on the road since April 05, she's been nothing but a pleasure (well, OK so we have our periodic "moments"). The old Bolt has become quite the celebrity around town and elicits many a friendly wave and honk of a horn. She's been a great addition to our old country store where she proudly enjoys the attention she receives when she sits out front.

         Throughout the process all of the great folks here at The Stovebolt Page have been a phenomenal resource. Thanks for all of your help!

Larry Bearfield

Ferns Country Store




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