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1971 T-60 Chevy Hay Hauler

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Gerald Krahn
Bolter # 2140
Warroad, Minnesota
and a

1962 C-60 Chevy Grain Hauler
which has now (2008) gone to another farm

12 June 2008 Updates
# 1361 and # 1362

From Gerald:

           Hello Stovebolt Crew! I finally did it. As of June 1, 2008 I have retired. Itís sure a good thing I did because this past week, I would not have had time to go to work anyway. I was too busy on the farm!

           Gerald has let the 1962 Grain Hauler go down the road to another farmer. But don't cry for him. He's picked up a 1955 1st Series 6400! Congratulations on the retirement! Let the fun begin ... well, reading on the '55 page, looks like you are already OUT OF CONTROL!! ~ Editor

11 January 2005
# 1361 and # 1362

From Gerald:

          I tend to forget the faithful service given by the old trucks I have at home on the farm. The oldest is a 1962 C60 with a 235, 4 speed transmission and 2 speed rear axle with a grain box, hoist and roll top tarp, 69,000 miles. It is currently filled with high moisture corn that was frozen on the cob before I combined it. In the back ground you can see one of his grain-hauling partners, a 1974 C60 with a 350, 4 speed and a 2 speed axle as well as a hoist and roll top tarp. The other grain hauler is a 1973 C65 with a 366 big block, 4 speed and 2 speed real axle. It does not have a tarp so it is in the machine shed.

          Then there is the “it ran when I parked it" 17 years ago 1971 T60 Chevy hay hauler. I bought and pulled it home a couple of years ago but was unable to get it started. No brakes. The clutch was stuck (had to replace the release bearing and the slide on the front of the transmission) and the oak bed was rotten. I have a friend that was at one time a mechanic in Africa. After several discussions on the condition of this fine truck, he agreed to come and help me for a week. (It couldn’t be any worse than what he had faced in Africa, ha ha.)

          About $750 of parts later we had some brakes and the clutch worked. Amazing as it may seem, the gauges all worked. You can see the rpm’s and the oil pressure in the picture. It has a six digit odometer that shows 320,000 miles. The 366 has a Quadra jet 4 barrel. All we needed there was a carburetor kit, remove the valve covers and loosen a couple of valves that were stuck open and the engine ran. It has a 5 speed Clark transmission, an 18,000 pound 2 speed rear axle. The 24 foot tilt bed has a hydraulic wench and a hydraulic tilt on the tail [ pix ] . The hoses are rotten so at this time I only haul hay -- up to 17 big round bales at a time. You can see his 1978 C65 hay hauling partner in the background.

          I hope to do a little painting, replace the wood bed and add new Hydraulic hoses so I can use it as an implement hauler as well as hay. Maybe use it to find another old Stovebolt to haul home.


Gerald Krahn

          Gerald Krahn is the Special Projects Manager for Marvin Windows & Doors. Part of his job was to find and restore a 1951 1.5-ton Chevy truck for the company. And he sent it in for the Gallery. What a truck. What a job! What a Company -- "Things got a little exciting at work as we had the biggest profit sharing ever. Over $50 million was split between somewhere over 3,500 employees." Looks like some more Bolt $$ for Gerald! ~~ Editor


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