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1953 Chevy Pickup


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17 January 2006
# 1373

From Sean:

          Here are a few pictures of my truck. When I was 16, I bought a 1949 5-window. I restored the '49 and put a small block in it. I put my heart and soul into that truck. Boy was I proud. It was the coolest truck around.

          Then like a dummie, I traded it for a hotrod and wrecked the car shortly afterwards. Every time I would see an old Chevy around, I would say to myself "I am going to get another one some day." My mom and sister would call from out of town and say, "I saw an old truck today and thought of you." My wife would do the same.

          Well, I think God was listening and the planets came together. I was standing out front of my work and here comes my truck on the back of a trailer with a for sale sign on it. I was not able to read the phone number as it went by. So I thought, "Oh well. There will be others."

          I came into work on a Saturday for a few hours and needed a cup of coffee. When I was leaving the store and heading back to work, I looked up and here is my truck again on the same trailer. This time, I turned the car around as fast as I could. Breaking the speed limit by 40 mph or so, I caught the guy and pointed and asked him to pull over. I looked at him and said "This is my truck!" He said he didnít know why he was still pulling it behind his truck. I told him because he was going to run into me.

          We made the deal on the side of the road and a handshake. I went home and talked to my wife and told her the story. She was in. "Go ahead and get your truck. You have been looking for 15 years for it." I have named it "Elinore" (thatís my wife's middle name).

          I brought it home and cleaned the fuel tank and changed the spark plugs and the ol' girl fired right up. Wow Ö. the smell of that truck took me back. Now this will never leave our family. My sons have sat in my lap and we have gone around the block with each one taking turns at the wheel. It will be an honor to restore this with my sons.

          Thanks for you site and the help so far.

Sean Sammon
Bolter # 9612
Netune Beach, Florida

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