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1941 Chevy COE

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30 January 2006
# 1396

From Tim:


          Jeepers Creeper's 1941 Chevy COE. It's big, it's bad, and it's the most recognizable vehicle in horror film history -- the Creeper's truck. A 1941 Chevy flatbed, the effects team from the movie "Jeepers Creepers," transformed this former beauty into a real beast. The rear box was a custom fabrication and painstakingly painted to match the original cab condition, complete with fake rust bubbles.


          The truck still has the original 6 cylinder engine with the four speed manual transmission and is a strong runner. The gas tank was removed and replaced with five gallon fuel cell for safety purposes and a modern fuel pump was added. The electrical system has also been modified to accept 12 volts for the headlights.


          Turn signals, dash lights, radio? No way! Just one ear shattering accessory -- that un-mistakable, heart pounding horn.


          The truck has had several different owners since the film's release in 2001. I spent over a year tracking down its whereabouts on the internet, finally finding it for sale in Florida. Wasting no time, I purchased the truck, had it shipped north then tagged it with the obligatory vanity plates from the film.


          This truck is one of three that were specially made for "Jeepers." The second truck was modified with a V-8, and the third, which didn't run at all, was used for static shots in the movie. The location of the other two trucks is unknown.


          Although the truck only appears in the first quarter of the film, it has created a lasting impact on horror movie audiences around the world. Check it out at your local video store. The disk contains extras with a behind the scenes look at designing the truck.


Tim Glace
Elkton, Maryland

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