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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- March 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In the news ...

The Giving Bolt -- Special program offer from Vintage Truck Magazine
How you say .. "Stovebolt" The language of love. N'est pas? Zut alors!!!
American Classic Truck Parts has some new hood emblems (1956 and 1957) and a new shipping program
IRWIPI Triple Dog Adventure -- Builder is home safe, sound, sore and smooched!
New Tech Tips
   [] Windshield Crank Rebuild by Kip "Kip's41" Bonds
   [] Slowing down those Windshield Wipers by Hugh Spitler

New Staffers
   [] Welcome Charlie "Cletis" Hardin and Mike "Burgandybolt"Allen
   [] Thanks for STAYING Alan Horvath, Dave Gentry and Mark Smith!

Mail Bag
Thanks for the Support!
New Hoo-ya! Stovebolts at Work 2007 Calendar and a bunch of Bumper Stickers
New Links
New Additions to the Gallery
New Additions to the Alternative Gallery

Latest in the Hoo-ya Shoppe, plus we're on a Bumper Sticker blitz!

Stovebolts at Work 2007 Calendar

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The Giving goes 'round and 'round ...

          Vintage Truck magazine has initiated a "web site support program." We can dig that! When you subscribe to Vintage Truck magazine (or renew your subscription) through this program, Vintage Truck will make a donation to The Stovebolt Page, as their way of saying "Thank You."

One year subscription (six issues)

  • $28.95/US
  • $34.95/Canada
  • $47.95/other

           Chances are you subscribe anyway (the rest of us do!). Now you can can support The Stovebolt Page at the same time! AND ... Enter here for a chance to get your year FREE!!!

  This link will direct you to the special order page for the "web site support program." Be sure to include the code (referred to as the "Key Code" on the order form) for The Stovebolt Page -- W07TSP. Subscriptions and renewals are handled by McMillen Communications. When you click the button left, you will be transferred directly to their secure web site to complete your order. You'll need to provide your name complete address and your Visa or MasterCard number. Or you can call in your order at 1-888-760-8108.

           A lot of us already subscribe to Vintage Truck, and it's good to know that renewals are also part of this program. This is a great way to help support The Stovebolt Page, and get great information and see more cool truck pictures and stories (a little GM-diversity I guess is good for the sole ). This is a fine thing that Pat Ertel has done to help out sites that are involved in this love affair with old iron. Thanks Pat!

           Pat is giving us this help. And for signing on via this link, you are giving to this site. So, we'd like to give some back! Give give give. So, each month, there will be a drawing from the new and re-newed subscriptions via this program. The winner will have their subscription price refunded! One lucky winner each month! The proceeds from this effort will go toward getting our Stovebolt Flag(s) and banner(s) for this year's gatherings!

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No matter how you say it, it's gotta be Stovebolt

           "Quand je vais cruisin 'dans le vieux sourire du camion....women, les hommes pleurent et les chiens prient pour des tours" -- Niagara

           Last month, André Cloutier (1931 Chevy Stake Beer Truck) offered to help translate Stovebolt pages into French. Wow. We were overwhelmed and figured that would be an incredible task but also pretty cool. Then (if you haven't noticed), this month ... we have had several people coming from around the globe adding Gallery pages!. We always knew they were out there (check out this from our stats page) but now it's great to have this contact!

           "Reales LKW-Geklapper!" -- Rusty Rod

           Well, in checking an addition for the Lots O' Links page, we stumbled across a service offered by AltaVista. Babel Fish will allow our readers to translate passages of text or entire Web pages. And in nine different languages or the language of their choice.

           "Un uomo & il suo camion -- è una cosa bella!" -- a.d.-hawk

           We will be re-designing some of the pages to include the Babel Fish box here so that it'll be quick and easy to translate. In the meantime, feel free to use this link to translate a page or passages.

           "Si no es lo rompió, separa y calcule hacia fuera por qué." -- 39 AZ 3/4 Ton

           Once we get this all figured out, hopefully, we'll have a translate button we can start added to the pages.

           "Coolamundo" in French is coolamundo!

Something special has arrived

           ACTP has new parts arriving all the time. And we are happy to get the word out to you all as soon as we can. Two new parts stand out from the rest. They are new and NICE hood emblems

           The one above is the 1956 Chevy Hood front emblem V8. This includes fasteners. $175.00 -- (Part number FME56HV8 )

           This one is a 1957 Chevy Hood front emblem V8. It also includes fasteners for $175 --(Part number FME57HV8)

           And another new offer -- a Spring Special to all our Stovebolt Customers. Free ground UPS Shipping for orders over $250 from now until March 31st 2007, on all our in-stock, non-oversized items.

Please mention Offer # ACA-010 when you place your order


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           Lord, I'm one ... Lord, I'm two ... Lord, I'm three .... ahhh ... 900 miles from home! No way? Yes way. But no more. The Erwhippe Adventure has come full circle and the man and his Stovebolt have made it home. All in one piece and no breakdowns! If you haven't read any of his journal -- from Count Down (getting ready to fly to Texas) to Count Up (ready to head North), you need to check it out (the actual saga will come later). This man of steel has a true passion for old iron.

           So, what did Builder take back from this trip?

           "I started out just to bring an old truck from Texas to South Dakota. Me and the truck made the trip okay (we had our moments). My girlfriend Laura told me how she could see my focus, my thrill, as well as my discontent on-line when I posted in forum. I told her that many times I really didn't want to turn on the computer because I was so tired. It was hard to disguise my troubles some times. It is especially hard to transmit that with only words -- when no one can see my expressions or hear the tone of my voice.

We ALL would like to have an Uncle Carl

          "Knowing that I had to keep going and that I couldn't just stop for a day or two was stressful. Having some sort of time limit didn't allow me to quit. But I chose not to quit anyway. In one post, a Bolter commented about how some folks take their truck all apart, have pieces laying around the garage, and then let it sit there -- sometimes never getting back to it.

           "Another Bolter told me to buck up and show 'em how them South Dakota boys do it. I guess when I see someone else struggling to get through something we can tell them to "Stovebolt Up!" (One new bumper sticker coming right up ~ Editor)

           "Sometimes it wasn't always about the truck. The real adventure was stopping to meet all the Bolters along the way who were cheering me on. I didn't meet a one I didn't like. Joker, Cletis, Beaver 53, Justhorsenaround, Terry B, Fatweed, AMT31, Tiny, Avette4me, Tony, Ron (the paper guy), sablesurfer, The boys at Lloyds Radiator Shop (and Lloyd), J Lucas, A.D.Hawk, CherryBlossom, and any others that I met ... You're good people to know. I guess it's easy to make some good friends if you just go out of your way to shake hands.

           "Thanks to American Classic Truck Parts for getting some parts to me for Erwhipee. Rico's Rods & Relics for the windshield and passenger window glass, A/OK Auto Supply for having the kind of service that some of us remember. Porky of Pig Performance in Rapid City, SD is always a support to me. Sometimes just a good laugh is just as good as a place to stay. If you are in Sturgis for the motorcycle rally, look up Pig Performance if you need help with your Harley...or just need a good laugh. Thanks Pork.

           "I want to make a special note to thank Uncle Carl for being such a great help and allowing me to use his shop and tools. He gave me a lot of help and probably got me through it by telling me it was time for a break. He was ALWAYS there to help me out. He's one guy I really look up to, get good advice from, learn something from, and learn a few things about myself from too. He helped me with the truck and located parts for me before I got up in the morning. We all should be as fortunate as me to have an Uncle Carl in our lives. Thanks Uncle Carl.

This sugar is better than coffee!

           "My gal Laura gave sent me emails and phone support. I think she's a keeper. She's certainly a good kisser.

           "Stovebolters are great people. (We have an "amen" to that ~ Editor) What a great site we have here ... that we can actually get to know each other like this. I can't wait to meet more of you all! Peg needs to save the rags for the next Triple Dog Dare!

           "I'm home, safe and sound. I have a few battle scars on my hands and arms ... and maybe a few in my brain, but all is well. Laura had been watching my house and had a few surprises there for me. My house had been cleaned, the fridge had been stocked with fresh milk, orange juice and some Starbucks Frappuccino cold coffee. I'm going to give that girl another kiss. I went to bed and crashed all night. I woke up in the middle of the night startled because I thought I was driving the Erwhipee truck and thought I had fell asleep driving. Whew!

           "This quote by Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey may help explain why I did something like this. She said

It is not the easy or convenient life for which I search ----
but rather life lived to the edge of all my possibility!

           "Some guy walking by saw the truck this morning and asked if the truck was for sale. He asked me for the trucks story. I told him, "It Ran When I Parked It."

Steve (Stovebolt Up) Vandenberg
Bolter #6449
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

           Well have to give Builder a good long rest (well, I don't really think he's going to get any rest. He's got a ton of work to catch up with). But when he gets this saga together, it'll really be a great one! ~~ Editor

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New Staffers

           Welcome Charlie "Cletis" Hardin as co-moderator for the General Truck forum. John Milliman attests that "Cletis will be helping Woog keep this ship running hot, true and normal. Most everybody knows Cletis as one of our stalwarts and general Stovebolt niceguy. He'll be helping folks who are new, folks who need help and folks who ... well... just need Cletis' help. I know that doesn't quite make sense, that's why I've been fired and we brought in a REAL old truck guy." Seriously, Cletis hopes to help keep this place in line, swept up, shipshape and Bristol Fashion. "I'll go back to being a figure head now" Milliman sulks.

           Well, "Margaret" is pretty stoked with her new "right hand man" (ah, yet another ). Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen has been recuperating from some surgery and somehow (how she whiles) got conjured into helping Ms. Margaret with notifying the new guys in the Gallery that their page is FINALLY there for all to see. It's been a big help to have this extra set of eyes (Mike is good at spotting the few mistakes here and there ) but also has a great way of being the Welcome (Panel) Wagon, as he calls himself. He certainly can talk "truck" with these new guys. And that gives Margaret a chance to work on some other stuff. Mike likes the added benefit of being one of the first to see the new Bolts as they steam in! That's better than a paycheck, right Mike? Mike ... Mike?

           And a happy one-year Anniversary to Alan Horvath (Electrical and Interiors), Dave "53 Moneypit" Gentry (Engine and Driveline) and Mark Smith (Tool Chest). These guys have hung in there for a whole year and have been a big help. Thanks for the big job ... to you and all our moderators!

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

New Tech Tips

[] Windshield Crank Rebuild --  For that special pre-'47 truck with the killer crank-out windshield,
           Kip "Kip's41" Bond has figured out how to rebuild the windshield regulator

[] Slow Down those Windshield Wipers -- Upgraded to electric wipers? Now you need to keep them on the arm.
           -- by Hugh Spitler

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

New Links

Hi Guys! Remember me? I had the 1955 GMC 450 dump truck that took a nose dive into the creek. I mentioned a while back about a web site I was dreaming of starting. Dreams really do come true! Of course I had to endure some nightmares to get here. Anyway, Elderly Iron is now a reality.

Best regards,
Jeff Bradshaw
1955 GMC 450 Dump Truck

 KBS Coatings was formerly a POR store. After nearly 10 years, we've closed the two sites and have moved on to a superior rust preventive product similar to POR 15....but better! Also, slightly less expensive and it comes in colors.

Jim Krolak

I am member of The Piston Ring – a classic car club here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some of the members have some very interesting vehicles with wonderful histories!

Barrie "61lorrie" Swanepoel
1961 Chevy Apache 10

(And with Barrie's addition, we changed the Clubs page so that they now are listed by Country. So, if you've got a club to add, let us know. ~~ Editor)

  The American Hot Rod Foundation is all about the early days of hot rodding. a.d.-hawk  
My name is Craig Anderson and I'm from RoadstersWay, the social network for the Roadster lovers. It is an online place where you can connect other Roadster addicts, share thoughts, pictures, knowledge and news as well as support others, celebrating the passion for the top gears.  

Scroungeman, a site done by Galen "Dachshund" Mommens
1946 Chevy 2-Ton Grain Truck

If Marines didn't invent scrounging, surely it was Bolters or farmers! ~ Editor


A good link for customizing Chevy trucks and parts. Yogi does mostly hot rod stuff but he carries a full line of replacement bed parts, sheet metal, IFS kits, brake conversions, etc. for Chevy trucks. Located in Calamus, Iowa, he is smack dab in the middle of the Midwest. Nice guy and highly recommend.

John "iowafarmboy" Slater
1949 Chevy 3600

The Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks Of 1947-1954 Parts I & II

I have built a set of web pages around 1984 articles published by the now defunct Light Commercial Vehicle Association.  The two-issue articles provides a description of Advance-Design Chevrolet trucks on a year-by-year basis. On my site, the articles are broken down by section/year with a page for each year.  On each page is included the hood front emblem and side emblems and a few pictures of trucks from that year (from The Stovebolt Page ~ Editor)

Tim "tclederman" Lederman
The 1954 Trio: Chevy 3106 1/2-Ton, Chevy 3104 5-window 1/2-Ton and Chevy 3104 1/2-Ton Deluxe


I personally do all the stock and custom upholstery for the cars and trucks.  A Glass Enterprise has been in the glass and restoration business since 1975. We have a pattern wheel for glass for every make and model of vehicle made, starting around 1927-28 thru the mid 1960's (domestic and most foreign) for all flat glass. Glass on a 1934 Ford 5 window coupe, 1929 AA truck, or 1955 Chevy car or truck -- we have all of the original window glass patterns.  We even do custom fabrication on glass, upholstery, all weather stripping , channeling, parts, etc.

Curt "restoman57" Ivie
1957 GMC 1 ton Napco

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Thanks for the continued support

      We always want to recognize those folks who made a financial contribution to the operation of The Stovebolt Page. All of our staff (including John and Peggy) are volunteers. All contributions go directly to the operation, maintenance and upgrade of the site. We are setting aside the current donations for the flag(s) and banner(s), software to convert the files to pdf, and then an uninterrupted power supply.

      For March we have a nice donation from John Lucas (plus he renewed his subscription to VT through the site AND got two Stovebolt Up bumper stickers), second donations from Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus and Don "down2sea" McLendon and a three-time giver: Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris.

      And a neat surprise -- the BC Stovebolters have been getting together on a regular basis. At Vancouver Island, they took up a collection for the site! Mighty generous of you all to think of us! Greg "Niagara" Falls provided us with the list of 'Bolters from the "Island Love-in" and the Langley, BC "Meet & Greet" that was held in February.

  • Boyd "BC52"Wylie
  • Dee Ann "Blue Ghost" Bump
  • Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen
  • Jeff "Coolchevy" Burton
  • Eric Eric's46PU
  • Tim "Freedo" Gottfried
  • Mark "Hotshoe36" Zambrzycki
  • Jeff Liot
  • Lother "Killerknight"
  • Greg "Niagara" Falls
  • Bill "Oldblue49" Jesse
  • Mike "Oldblue58" Davey
  • Don "Oldkoot"
  • Al "Roadman" Planiden
  • Paul "Super55" Stanley
  • Keith "Workinonit"

      Thanks guys. Here's a green beer for ya!


Spring's a-coming ... Bolts in Bloom







           Well, if this doesn't get you ready to pull your Bolt our for Big doings ... Tom McCreary sent this in to us a good while back. He said the truck is used by Stalcup Hardware in Vienna, Virginia.

           What a great way to deliver flowers. (Plus this is a nice switch from our snow pictures!)

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Another Calendar and a Bumper Sticker Binge


      Some of the Stovebolters have come up with rather funny, inspiring and creative bumper stickers over the years and we've decided to take the plunge and work 'em up. So, we've got a few for starters and more on the way.

This one came from Steve "Builder" VandenBerg as he was slogging along in Texas in the Triple Dog Dare Adventure. If "Cowboy Up" doesn't work for you ... this one will!


      John "Gasandaspark" Cox made this one up last year! This was our first one to moving out on the limb to "bulk" purchase! We want to do a "farm truck" version with real chick(en)s! (My first attempt at this was plain words, so I'm glad John put some creative genius behind this!)

      Wow, this Working Bolts Calendar has been a long time coming (over a year). But it's been worth the extra push. We have some great shots of Stovebolts still hard at work, many as their regular routine. Totally impressive.


      This was our first bumper sticker and a common theme in the early days of the site --


      These bumper stickers are durable vinyl and measure a generous 10" x 3". Printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks - means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. We've ordered a stack of these so that they are a flat $5 with no postage or handling fee! So, send in your request (check, money order or cash works -- be sure to send your address) and we'll mail it out from HQ.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

From the Mailbag

           It sure is a pleasure to see our truck on that first page (index). It’s like the cover of the Rolling Stone. I already wrote to my mother! And to the fellow I bought the truck from, he thinks it is pretty nifty, too, to see his old truck in the pictures after it sat there in the garage 25 years. When we pulled it out of there, he didn’t seem to think there was any hope for it.

           I can’t wait for the weather to work its way warmer again, so I can get it back on the road! What a lot of new gallery entries! I guess we all know a good thing!

Karl Nelson
1953 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton
Bolter # 11172
Lidköping, Sweden


            When talking to Beaver53, he stated he really did enjoy the site. I told him we have so much neat stuff on here that I don't even know where all of it is ! I don't see how you keep up with it all. (That's what you all are for, Fred ~ Editor )

           There is no site like this one. It's so easy to read. Nice big screens. Really a first class job. This one is my mine, baby. I recommend it to anyone and everyone that likes old trucks.

           I hope one day to get me a Big Bolt that I can keep at our country place. I almost did about seven months ago but could not get approval 

           We appreciate all of you so much.

Fred Scott
1952 Chevrolet 5-Window (PO)
Bolter # 2830
Mesquite, Texas

           Fred's got a new ride but he'll always be a Stovebolter. He his a lifetime membership! And we'll be seeing him in Kansas in the Fall! ~ Editor

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

March Additions to the Gallery

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

New Additions to the Alternative Gallery

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

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