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New Stuff -- February 2007

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In This Issue


      Developed with the help of Bolters from the Big Bolts forum, KC Mongo ~ our HiPo Shop moderator ~ has developed these Two Speed Rear Axle Dash Stickers. Check out his site / Mongo's Garage for the Stovebolter Special Savings!



He's CRAZY!!! It ran when someone parked it -- I triple dog dare you to drive it home!

You gotta be KIDDING!!  Drive THIS???  900 Miles???      Later this month, Steve "Builder" VandenBerg is leaving Souix Falls, South Dakota and heading to Decatur, Texas to pick up a sight-unseen 1965 Chevy Pickup -- a true "It Ran When I Parked It" contender. A typical Bolt nut would trailer it home and spend nine months to nine years restoring the truck. Not this hardcore Stovebolter. An insatiable explorer of people, places, things and ideas, he's going to drive it home, fixing it "on the fly" as you might say. What guts!

      "I'm going to work on it in Texas to get it road worthy (brakes, tuneup, tires, oils, etc.). Then I will attempt to drive it home. It has an automatic, who knows if it will last. I will fix it where ever I can and continue until I am home. I did this a few years back on a '69 Corvette that sat for 18 years in Carlsbad, California. I had a few incidents along the way, but was able to count on strangers along the way to give a hand if needed." A few "incidents" ??!! -- you should read the forum post about that trip.

      "It's one heck of a test drive and education to boot." Builder is planning on one week to get there and get it road worthy and then a week to drive it back, fixing any problems that might arise.

      "I figured I would have to fix all of those things when I got home anyway. I might as well spend the money fixing it instead of paying to have it delivered. I just spent some money on some cheap tools to bring along.

      "The unknown is a thrill, and the ability to move forward through trouble is a challenge." The Corvette trek was a priceless adventure (Builder will have to write this one up sometime for us). And this time, he's got BOLTERS to boot! It's just gotta be good!

      Is this a story or what? As folks began offering their place (even for just a chat, cup of coffee, encouragement), we thought we could help some by providing a forum just for the Triple Dog Dare, so Builder could keep all of us informed of his adventure (with pictures of course ... I mean LINKS to pictures). The folks who had met up with him could give us some take on it also. Cool winter project for Stovebolt HQ.

Anybody out there?

      When Builder first mentioned this in the forum last November, he was looking for a few good Bolters (with shops / garages hopefully -- at LEAST tools, a spare set of hands) that he could call on along the way. "The truck has been sitting for some time, and I plan on getting it running and driving it home. I am hoping to have some contacts along the way in case I break down and need some assistance."

      This trip will start in Springtown (Parker County), Texas (where Uncle Carl has the '65) and Builder will clean it up enough to get to the big Swap Meet at Decatur. From the looks of it, he'll meet up with many of our Texas Bolters -- Cletis, Joker, Texmo.

      From there, he'll head to Durant, Okahoma -Oklahoma City, OK - Topeka, KS - Omaha, NE - Council Bluffs, IA - Sioux City, IA - and finally home to Sioux Falls, SD.

      So far, Builder has heard from Avette4me, Fatweed, Joker, JustHorsenAround, Fireballev8, J Lucas, Rezman, Cletis, Wckaner and some others.

Vanity - All is Vanity

      Since this trip was shaping up to be something special, Builder was tossing out ideas left and right. He was going to need a tag in order to legally drive it. Ahh ... what could it be? He had several to pick from but not the one he really wanted (Builder). So ... he got IRWIPI. THAT's got to be the first in the country. And who (but fellow Bolters knowing our secret anocrnyms would know what in the heck is an Irwipi. Fruit? -- close ! ) And signs on the sides of the truck: stovebolt.com / Builder. (We were trying for a flag until we saw what they cost - ouch!) But a a a a -- t-shirt! That's the ticket. With the truck on the back and IRWIPI Triple Dog Dare on the pocket, so the folks that Builder meets up with can sign off! Who needs a girly book. PLUS, he's got his Stovebolt Topper to go on the license plate, his Chick Magnet and It Is Painted stickers. He may even let the fans he meets along the way sign the truck in the silver marker he has gotten.

You have to be crazy

He's NUTS!!!      All this is very exciting, we thought. Getting a Texas truck. Hooking Nuts 'n Bolts up to get it running and moving along the highway. Had some great theme music in mind (for the video version). Then I opened up the attachments. Have you seen this truck? He's really starting out "on a wing and a prayer." This guy's got four flat tires for starters. And the seat. Ahhhh. He's gotta drive 900 miles on a seat, that's just not hardly there, if ya know what I mean. I thought "you have got to be ca-razy to do this" and he is ... doing this, that is. So, I had to ask.

      "I had a set of tires and rims sent down with my Uncle Carl when he went home to Springtown, Texas after Thanksgiving. He had to place a couple of them on the truck just to load it and get it to his shop. I instructed him to do absolutely nothing to the truck, with the exception of getting it in his possession. The junk in the truck belongs to me. As is, where is.

      "For the seat, I will probably put a pillow in the hole and use a roll of duct tape to hold it in place. Maybe a cheap seat cover over that. I had better add that to my list of parts. The headache rack and box rails I believe the original owner wants to keep. I would like to keep them, They are home made and done very well from what I'm told. The front grill guard apparently are homemade and solid steel that was chromed. It will be interesting to see it all in person."

      So Builder continues to make plans for the big day, and Stovebolt HQ has set up their end to bring you "almost live" action coverage of this first ever event -- The IRWIPI Triple Dog Dare -- Texas to South Dakota. So, come join the action!

Saga is Finished! ~ I never wanted to be a fireman

      If you read the first part of John's story in the November news, you don't need to remember where you left off. You can start over. John wraps up the story and prefers to forget about it all.

      John may have convinced the little wife that he needed a "Portable Pond" for the farm (a/k/a a 1965 GMC Firetruck), but it sure wasn't going to be an easy go fetch of his prize! If you thought Part One was difficult, go on and read the rest of the story.

      (While we're here, we might also mention that John has an update to his Projects page for the frame-off restoration of the 1949 Chevy 4400. ~ Editor)

Tech Tips

Electrical Upgrade -- We all face it with our old trucks -- that rat's nest of wires, complete with splices upon splices upon splices for who-knows-what kluge job or after-market add on that no longer is there. Yikes! It's a regular electron rodeo! If that's where you are, here's a good example of a complete re-wire. Yes, it IS do-able! It just requires patience, diligence and fortitude! With thanks to Richard "Truck26" Rosielle for helping us look over the draft of this document, here's Morris "Texmo" Cox to walk you through his journey towards gettin' all those wayward 'trons marching in formation and keeping everything happy, functional and... safe!

Timing a 6-volt vehicle with a modern timing light -- Time. It flies, it marches on, it waits for no man. And when it's up... BUT, as it marches on and leaves our old trucks behind, the modern tools we take for granted also leave us behind. Or do they? Here's Thomas Dermody to answer a dilemma of this modern age.

Home-made Mini HEi (Iigh Energy Ignition) -- Trons. They go with gas and air to make your engine work. And you need to move 'em where they need to go without letting all the smoke out of the wires! You can never have enough 'trons, but if you're handy with a lathe, have some engineering smarts and a few hours to kill, you can forget letting other folks have all the fun. Be your own Tron master! Here's Fred "woodwindow" Lorio to show you how he fabricated his own.

Reading Indented Numbers -- So there you are, stuck upside down in your engine bay, flashlight in your mouth, pencil in your nose, paper in your back pocket and both hands trying to keep yourself from getting impaled on the breather tube. You're stuck and you can't even call to your spouse for help. Good Job!! Why this self-induced waterboarding torture (no water, but the effect is similar....) Silly! You saw the great VIN Buster on The Stovebolt Page, or the Casting Number breakdown on the Inliners' site and you just have to get that number off the block. Only after 60 million years of getting plastered with prehistoric goo..... it's IMPOSSIBLE TO READ!!!! Never fear -- Woogeroo posted this in the forums in September 2005, solicting "what's your trick for reading indented part numbers?" He offered his and a host of others joined in. The Woog did the "wrap up" and now we've got this nice tidy tech tip. (Too bad I can't write indented ... that would be a great effect). Save your pride! And your back! Try these...

The 1960-66 Chevy / GMC Buyer's Guide Update -- Woogeroo has gathered more information and we are hunting down some additional images to go with this very helpful (and very popular) guide.

Adjustable Draglink, Pitman and Steering Arm -- an upgrade for pre-1953 Advance Design trucks. Started as a good discussion in the General Truck forum as some "steering adjustment questions." Jim "Caroline's Truck" Wilson did the research and since he was facing the same issue, he worked up a great Tech Tip for everyone. Straighten up and fly right!! And, to go along with that, Jim tracked down a good tip from Chevy Truck. org for Tie Rod Replacement done by Wayne Osborne and Paul Franchina which "ties" in nicely with hisTip.

New Links

Victor Chavira 1954 Chevy 3100 5-Window -- recommended Blasting Specialties and Powder Coating, Commerce, CA -- "relieve you of the tedious, messy job of stripping paint, bondo, and rust"

American Truck Historical Society Discussion Forum -- Another place to hang out!

Jake "Modelman" Groby (1960 GMC 1/2-ton pickup "The Beast") came across these -- Hood ornament / Car Mascot -- From Streamline to Jet age 1933-1966 -- "hood ornament online reference pages." Hot Rod Girl -- custom accessories. The hood ornament shown here is from Jason Hutchison's 1955 GMC 1/2-ton (like it Jake? )

John came across this one when serching for some stuff for the '65 GMC Firetruck -- Precision Rebuilders -- Remanufacturer of a wide variety of parts for medium and heavy duty trucks (brake boosters, etc).

I recently had a little trouble finding someone to cut glass for my '50 Burb. After searching all over trying to find someone with patterns, I came accross this guy with Classic Flat Glass.com. I called him and he has over 10,000 classic glass patterns including all the Chevy and GMC trucks from 1932 on. He called me about a week after I ordered all the side and door glass for the Burb and said it was done! I thought it may be a good link to add. ~~ Brian Davis, Auburn, California

Motorheads Performance -- "Performance upgrades, repairs and restorations for street rod, muscle car, classic car, hot rod, antique car, classic truck or custom truck from 1920 through 1970.

Matt Daenzer was looking for some information for his classic sedan delivery. Denny Graham suggested Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) Chat room. Dave "53 moneypit" suggested Chevy Talk Chat room -- heavy on V-8, light on trucks.

H. A. Umanos (1952 Chevy 3100 Stepside) just submitted his truck for the Gallery and added ... "As I toured through the Stovebolter site and the various links, I couldn't help but notice the Naval Academy site -- the West Point of the south.  Let me suggest you visit the real West Point" -- the United States Military Academy. Hoo-AHH!

John Black (who sold a Holmes W45 in the Swap Meet) reported that "There is a place in Nebraska that has thousands of old truck parts, C & H truck parts. They have all kinds, and ages of wreckers, and other trucks."

Paintless Dent Repair, Removal Training classes and tools by The Superior Auto Institute.

Keith Hardy reports great progress on the OLD ONLINE CHEVY MANUALS project. Now over 130 manuals with over 13,000 pages of information for the Pre- and Post-War Chevrolet Passenger Cars & Trucks.

And lastly, I'm not sure where this came from but I would venture to guess it's a gem tracked down by the ever-watchful Kookar. Have you been fitted for your Tin Foil Beenie? This is serious science!

Mail Bag  
Stovebolt Blood Donors / Supporters



      Thank you for posting the pictures and the short story about our “sympathetic” frame-off restoration in the Gallery. I don’t think I could have accomplished this restore without the help of the forum members.

AfterJohn Clark
1953 GMC 1/2-Ton Pickup



       We always want to recognize those folks who made a financial contribution to Stovebolt. We have yet another update goal we are chasing. Several folks have suggested ... and we think it's a GREAT idea ... to convert some of our pages (especially Features, Tech Tips, Sagas) into a pdf format so they can be printed out and included in the "reading pile" in, aaa, various locations around the house. Yes, that's it. The garage I suppose.

       So ... we checked into what we need. And yikes! We just need more software. So, just to let you know, the contributions that come in will be going towards getting the Adobe software that will make all this possible (without a lot of extra work at HQ - hopefully!).

       We'd like to recognize these folks who have contributed in February:

Kelsey "Thruwurkin" Farrell
Mike "Dakota" Jordanger *
Pete "Petmil" Miller
Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris

Bold indicates second donation

Global Warming ?

      Lots of folks were complaining about Global Warming. And zap! We all get clobbered with some serious snow. -- Thanks to Bart Tilton 1947 3/4-Ton Chevy for sending some nice photos for winter -- The Abominable Stovebolt

A few new things in the Hoo-ya shoppes

      Always fiddling around in the shoppe. Here's a few things recently added. We missed big time for Valentine's Day (again). Oh well.

"Chick Magnet" Boxer Shorts
Stovebolt Zone Postcards
A 10 x 3 bumper sticker to go with your boxers
February Gallery Additions -- record number!
Stovebolt Stats

      Well, we have always wondered about the difference in the activity on the entire site compared to just the forums. It's been hard to find any stats from the forum program, compared to what we have set up for collecting stats for the site. But FINALLY last month I saw some numbers. So, this was a nice surprise. For January, here are the page views for the entire site:

      Forums: 993,318       Other: 74,3030       Total: 1,736,348

       And for January, we had 7,104,401hits -- We are obviously into our winter wonderment! December was 6,366,535 and November was 5,789,172.

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