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Another "first" for The Stovebolt Page
Our Guest Forum

        Bobby Baker, owner of Superior Chrome Plating Inc., chrome plating your Stovebolt, truck and classic parts since 1952, will be the host for our guest forum for the month of November.

        If you have a chrome plating question or need a quick estimate of chroming cost for your project, post it here in the forum. We look forward to some interesting exchanges here.

        All these good tips, then, will be written up as Tech Tips for easy reference later!

We did do two Tech Tips after the Guest Forum:

  • Chrome Basics - So you failed Organic Chemistry twice? Here's help for your next visit to the chrome shop! -- By Bobby Baker
  • Chrome Q's and A's - A compilation of the questions and answers from the Chrome Forum -- Good Stuff! -- By Bobby Baker and Stovebolters


A new Tech Tip - Multi-vac brake booster

        With winter and shorter days fast approaching, Bob Burgoyne of Peyton, Colorado, took a long look at his '64 Chevy C60 dump truck which was stripped down to a rolling chassis. He decided to push her into the back yard until spring and work on a few of the smaller parts he had removed during the disassembly process. Having already restored the heater box assembly, radiator support panel top cover, cab cowl vents and several other smaller items, he turned his attention to ...

The Bendix Multi-Vac brake booster

        Bob's got a great tech write-up, with lots of pictures plus a resource and a really good web site of his own. Check it out!

* You may be saying "fast approaching" -- what's with that? Well, as of print time (November 1), Bob reported in that they were "in the midst of our first winter storm here in Colorado. Cold, horizontal snow due to high winds, icy roads, the whole nine yards. It was a total white-out coming in to work, but I left home at 5:00 a.m. to beat the commuters." Gosh ... I felt a little bad to tell him we had temps approaching 80 yesterday! (No, I didn't ... snicker.)


2004 It Ran When I Parked It photo contest
Update - pix - prizes!

          Okay! The prizes are rolling in and so are some of the photos! Check out what we have so far. You've only got until November 30 to submit your your best IRWIPI entry. Be sure to check the details for submissions (yea, yea -- they've changed already. So we flip-flopped a little. It's election time, remember!).

          If you need a little motivation, here's a story (did we ask for STORIES?) from Koolkar. Okay, okay. It was funny and we hated to just dump it in the trash with a bunch of absentee ballots and hanging chads.

          "The story I got on this was that this truck was owned by an elderly gent who drove it for years. He had a history of near misses and minor scrapes for the months leading up to how the truck got to where it was "last parked." It seems he missed the driveway, and in trying to get out, made the situation worse, sliding farther down into the side ditch. He sat in the truck, unable to get out by himself until help arrived. When somebody finally came by to help him, he exited the passenger side door, and said "that"s it!" and refused to allow anyone to pull the truck out. It has sat there since. That was some time in the mid '60's. The old gent, I was told, has long since expired. But the truck appears to be EXACTLY as it was when it was "parked" -- right down to the key is still in the ignition. So, I guess it ran when it was parked." -- Dave "Koolkar" Feltner

Yep, must have been the truck's fault!

New November Links

  • MetalMeet -- The largest metal shaping community of Enthusiasts & Professionals on the 'Net.
  • Rico's Rods & Relics- - '47 to '02 GMC & Chevy Truck Parts
  • The Old Car Manual Project -- Car and truck manuals online -- FREE!

A new Saga

          The Hunt and the kill -- Here's our future, 'Bolters!

         At 17, Eric Radack hunts down his first Stovebolt ... and learns the joys of hunting (and getting) his first Stovebolt. Well, actually he ended up with several (including a nice panel)!

         And you need to check out his "creative financing" strategies -- pretty goot! Joy needs to include these with some of her tips!


2005 Calendars are in the making

          We've are collecting pictures for the 2005 Stovebolt calendars!

         Besides the one for the It Ran contest, we'll have a calendar for Big Bolts, Burbs and Panels, Stovebolts Before and After (make-overs, you know!). Maybe even Daily Drivers, Show Stoppers, Advance Design. The possibilities are endless!

         You send us the pictures, here are the details, we'll make the calendars.

          And don't forget the "personal" calendars. We just need an image (at least 300 dpi and 12 x 9) and whatever information (if any) you want on it.

         Here's a sample -- that's Rick Young's 1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton AK.! Keeping California beautiful. Good color for November, eh?


For your northern-hemisphere 'Bolters:


    Old Man Winter is coming.

    Is your truck ready? If not, here's Kevin to walk you through...


And in case you've missed any of these ...

The September Gallery Submissions

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