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Replacing Oil Pan Gasket

Martin "Justhorsenround" Bass

For your six cylinder 216, 235 GM Engine

       The following steps may apply to other GM six cylinder motors. Some procedures may also apply to GM V8's.

       First let's assume you have already removed the oil pan from the engine.

Step 1

Completely clean all surfaces inside and out of all old gasket material, oil, sludge and metal shavings.

Step 2

If so desired, paint the outer side of the pan and set aside to dry.

Step 3

Clean the surfaces of the engine block where the oil pan sets. Make sure any old gasket material is removed.

Step 4

After the paint has dried on the oil pan, run a bead of any quality gasket sealer along the side gasket mounting surfaces. Let tack for a few minutes then place the long cork/rubber gaskets with the holes oriented properly with the holes in the oil pan in place and press into the gasket sealer. Let set for a few minutes.

Step 5

Put gasket sealer on the cork / rubber end gaskets and let tack for a few minutes. Then place the end gaskets up into the grooves on the main bearing caps, making sure they are completely seated in the grooves. Let set for a few minutes, then make sure they are still in place before proceeding to step 6.

Step 6

Put a bead of gasket sealer on the oil pan where the end gaskets contact the oil pan surface.

Step 7

Ease the oil pan into place and secure with a couple of bolts / screws on each side. Then install the remaining bolts / screws and torque to manufacturer's spec as found in your vehicles shop manual.

       If done correctly, your oil pan oil leaks should be a thing of the past.

Good luck and happy wrenching.

Martin Bass
1954 Chevy 4100 1.5-Ton Truck / Grain Bed

v. January 2006

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