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1936 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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17 January 2006
# 1372

From Robert:

          Hello fellow Stovebolters of the world. This is "36 Huh Pa"' in Eureka, California adding my photo to the gallery. I have been very blessed to have inherited this 1936 1/2-ton from my wife's family (no, that's not why I married her). It belonged to her Father and at the time of his passing, my Mother-in-law (God love her) honored my request to keep this gem in the family.

          It originally belonged to my Grandfather-in-law who purchased it in '37' as the second owner. He and his son (Dad) used it to take the family trout fishing in the Sierra Mountains when there were only dirt logging roads into remote lakes. I have a wonderful old photo with Gramps in it. If I ever get around to scanning it, I'll share it.

          The truck is all original minus the few modifications Dad and Gramps made over the years. Gramps was a mechanic and machinist so he mostly added things to suit his needs. The camper shell is all hand-crafted out of plate and rod steel, overlaid with airplane fabric treated with dope. There is a second gas tank mounted under the drivers seat and Gramps mounted a second spare tire on the drivers side fender. He hand crafted the hardware to factory specs and one is hard pressed to find the difference between the factory mounted spare.

          The one annoying modification ( I believe Dad is responsible) is that they mounted a winch on the front just in case they should get stuck in the hills. This meant constructing a new bumper (an ingenious design) but also cutting the grille work and shell and removing the splash apron. Very unwise. I am currently hard pressed to find these replacement items -- in steel as I am a purist at heart. I would welcome any help and suggestions in my quest to restore this beauty.

Glad to know ya!

Robert Koeppel
"36 Huh Pa"
Bolter # 7180
Eureka, California

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