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Old truck history
   -- In the War
   -- In your blood

GABFests Galore
   -- Southern Style
   -- Going to see the Wizard in Oz?
   -- 4th Annual Reunion in KC

New Features
   -- Old Bolt Pizza -- delivered!
   -- Builder's Saga nears its end
New Tech Tips
   -- Replacing window rubber
Vintage Truck magazine winner
New Links
Super Stovebolt Support
Mail Call
Additions to the Gallery

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A brief on what's coming

We're going to see the Wizard

  Ed "Da Oz Tinman" Hoover is putting together the most recent addition to the GABFest list, and this sounds like some real fun. The Stovebolts will be bringing the Munchkins in for the OZtoberfest in Wamego, Kansas on October 4th and 5th. Read more about it in the Events forum thread. Check for updates, too!


The Annual Reunion

  This will be our fourth year to congregate in Kansas City at the All Nationals Truck Show in September. More info to follow very soon -- since it's almost time to start planning this one!


Vintage Truck Subscription Winner for June:

Ed "Da Oz Tinman" Hoover
Wamego , Kansas - The Land of OZ

Maybe the next can be you? Check here for details!

Help support Stovebolt by re-newing your subscription here! Thanks!

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Notes from Bolters

To our Stovebolt Geek,

  A simple thank you does not seem appropriate but in some small way I hope you understand what a great contribution you make to literally hundreds of us Stovebolters. While I can't speak for them, I do want to say how much I personally appreciate it. THANK YOU.

  Hope your project is coming along and if you are ever in or around Spartanburg, SC, my wife and I would love to take you out for some good BBQ.

Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris

  We're happy to show off our truck in the Gallery on the Stovebolt web site. You folks are really doing a neat thing.

  I could not have done the things I've done to Lucille without the help from all the knowledgeable people found on your site! She's better than what she was and improving every day!!

David "Lucille" Wolf



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Forums Update!

The 'Virtual Garage' forum continues to be a very popular -- and growing! -- section of the web site. We've recently knocked out a few walls, done some landscaping, moved some of the file cabinets and generally made a few changes and updates to accommodate the growth and popularity. Nothing major, but you'll notice the change.

       The new server is up and running well! Thanks to all who helped make this happen (from last month and this month). Thanks to American Classic Truck Parts for "doubling our pleasure" and matching each donation. Paul "Stovebolt Geek" Schmehl needed to get some extra what-nots to be able to access from home. Our final donation tally ended up to be $1520.

       BIG thanks to Paul for his continued dedication to the Stovebolt site.

Discovering the history of your old truck

       All of our trucks have a story. Even if it's just a matter of knowing which old dirt roads it's been down, who hauled what with it, why it was left in the field, those kind of fascinating details. Discovering notes and old match boxes in the glovebox ... yes! Uncovering lettering under that real old paint on the driver's door... now that's a real find, too!

       Not all of us are able to discover our truck's history. But for many who find information, it really is a special connection with the truck.

       That is one of our missions here at Stovebolt. We hope it's almost like going into a private garage museum to find out what you can learn about your truck -- not just the specifications -- but its lifeline, it's lifetime.

       We have a Gallery full of great stories. We have a Features section and a Sagas section with even more unique stories. And, it's always fun to add to them all! And so we do ... as we say, "Read on!"

In the War
Perseverance Pays
  In your blood
Wonderment never ceases
By Joe Smith
Linlithgow, Scotland
  By John Edwardsen

     When I moved to Linlithgow, a historic town in Scotland, I was intrigued by a shrine erected in 1944 by the Polish Army which was stationed in the town during World War II. Between 1942-44, my home town paid host to the Free Polish 1st Motor Ambulance Company (1st MAC). Having always been interested in military vehicles and history, I asked around and found virtually no information on this ambulance unit, which also included a group of female British volunteer drivers.

    What to do?

     Well, Joe did plenty! This story is great and another testimony of Stovebolters coming together, keeping the history alive.

      Read on.


      I have a truck. It's a 1946 Chevy 2-Ton with a 235.5 cubic inch six cylinder. And I have a story to go with her!

      I've done some research. I guess that's what happens to you when you run across a Stovebolt, art-deco, or old automobile of any kind. When it's in your blood, you feel it. Some people enjoy stories, others don't have time to read. For those of you that still enjoy a "read" ... here goes.

      I live in a small town in northern Wisconsin. My technical title at work is "mechanic," however over the years and through the travels, I have worked in many areas.

       Read on.

A Working 'Bolt
Form, function and fun !

      L'hai trovata l'America!!

      A Workin' Bolt is poetic -- function and form striking a harmony of purpose. Beauty! (Well, to 'Bolters, anyway...) But most 'Bolters work their trucks pretty much the same way they've been worked since they were new -- hauling hay, rocks, lumber, etc. Not Jack Flagge's 1942 Ton and a half ...

      Read on.


Southern Stovebolt's GABFest
Good fun, good fellowship

        It all started when a fellow Bolter, David "Lucille" Wolfe and I met for lunch one day. He saw me on Stovebolt and sent me a message. Turns out he lives close to me. I know several Bolters in our area and I had been thinking about a get together (not sure if it was GABFest size ... yet!).

        So, David and I agreed that the next move was to find an event to "piggyback" on, as that's how the GABFests work.

        The car club I belong to puts on a show each year and the more cars and especially TRUCKS the better. I asked the organizers of the show if I could rope off or save some spaces for the Bolters, and they readily agreed.

        Read on!


This has been a trip
A saga continues

      Steve "Builder" VandenBerg is on his last leg of his Corvette Adventure! After this episode of his epic, we will have PICTURES!! He's almost home ... seems he's dragging his feet a little here.

      Could it be that Parts Chick?

      Inquiring minds want to know. Read on.

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Tech Tips


Lots O' Links
We're up to 725 now!

        Here are some links that we picked up in brochures at the Tri-State truck show in Winchester last month:

        TJ Wheelman thought you might be interested in Dream Car Restorations -- Partial to complete restorations, wiring and electrical, suspension, custom fabrication, Vintage Air A/C systems and custom paint, all stages of resto from daily drivers to show "For $9000 you can buy a brand new 1950 Chevy cab with doors -- and it' s galvanized. That's really not a bad price. From what I gather, the outfit is GM approved or maybe owned. Lots of stuff for Cameros and Mustangs, too. Fun to browse through anyway."


        And then a bunch came in via email. Wow, we sure are getting a lot of transport companies!

Super Stovebolters
Many are grateful

        As we mentioned in the intro, Stovebolters hit the deck a running and in less than a month, we had what we needed to pay for the replacement server (see the story in the June News). We can't thank you enough. We say this often, but we just gotta say it again. We're not big into advertising (too much trouble ... we got plenty to do) and this sure saves us all the headaches that go with it. Someday, we'll figure out a balance. But until that day comes, we sincerely appreciate your willingness to keep this Virtual Garage functioning as best as we can!! You guys are incredible.

        Donations from last month are listed here. And these came in during July :

  • Joe " '54 Joe " Robinson
  • Allen Ervin
  • Nicole "GMChick" Hart
  • Ray and Donna "Oehm Jr.'s 46" Oehm
  • Jim McDermott
  • Bob Giles
  • Dave Dyehouse
  • Bop "Burgie" Burgoyne
  • Doug "midnight auto parts" Moretz
  • Ed "DaOzTinman" Hoover (2nd donation)
  • Dave "1958GMCNut" Betker (2nd donation)
  • Warner "cvett" Ettinger
  • George "Wrenchbender Ret" Capito
  • Jim Merritt
  • Mark "53jimmy" Roberts (2nd donation)

Gallery Additions
The new and updates for July

        The truck pictures and stories keep pouring into the Gallery. The write-ups and information keep getting better and better ... and that's been helpful to everyone! Our Stovebolt Supersnoop has been hard at work, helping get more and more details! We love it!

        We notice more folks are getting picture hosting accounts (Flickr, Webshots, Photobucket, and the like -- and here's a run down from our IT Bus Driver, Bill "red58" LePage) and that helps when there are a LOT of pictures ... and the readers want to see them all. We especially like being able to look at them as a slideshow. That's always fun.

        So for July, here they are! Enjoy but don't drool on the keyboard.

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