Jeff Wisham's

1970 Chevy C-10 Longbed

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30 January 2006
# 1394

From Jeff:

          This is my 1970 Chevy Longbed C10 that my Grandpa gave me. Everything on the inside and outside is original. It has factory air and heat, I believe the first year it was made in the truck.

          My Grandpa bought it used in 1975 and it was used as the farm truck until 2003. He gave it to me in 2004.

          This was the first truck I ever rode in and drove in as a child -- I am 20 right now.

          I plan on restoring it pretty soon. It will be repainted and the motor worked on.

          If you would like to know anything else, just email me.





Jeff Wisham
Bolter # 10,125

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