Steve Keith's

1944 Chevrolet M6 Bomb Truck
towing Saginaw M5 Bomb Trailer

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30 January 2006

From Steve: 

      Here is my 1944 Chevrolet M6 Bomb Truck towing a Saginaw M5 Bomb Trailer with BDU-12 10kt nuclear training bomb. I paid an old farmers widow $100 for this truck!

      The Bomb Truck is one of about 7,000 made during WW2. It has the Chevy crashbox 4 speed transmission and a 2 speed transfer case. It was designed to pull M5 Bomb Trailers. It would sometimes tow up to five of them in a train up to bombers on airfields in WW2.

      The Bomb Trailer is carrying a BDU-12 practice 10 kilo-ton nuclear practice bomb.


Steve Keith
"Dr Deuce"
Bolter # 5270
Pembroke, NH

      Steve also has a 1943 GMC Deuce and a Half / CCKW-353 and a 1945 GMC CCKW Deuce and a Half with a Schield-Bantam Crane in the Gallery. ~~ Editor

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