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Cecil Margosian's

1951 1/2-Ton GMC Longbed

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         In August 2007, Cecil added a 1953 GMC 5-window 1/2-ton pickup truck and reported that he sold this truck. ~~ Editor

08 June 2005 Update

From Cecil:

         Here is my mug shot with a big grin holding a couple of prized trophies. The smaller trophy is for first place in Truck Class. This one I felt I had a chance of winning something. But the large trophy, Best of Show, was a real shock. There where several cars that I thought would win out over me. They had a Boyd Coddington look-alike that I was sure had it in the bag. But, it's like judging apples and oranges. This show had about 250 vehicles and a smaller show that I went to, with only about 75 vehicles, I didn't win anything. You never know.

         Other than winning a trophy, what I really enjoy, is meeting people who tell me stories about when they were kids, or how they remember their father with the same truck. People will come up and just start talking about their life back in the early '50's and how my truck reminds them of that era. When they get a smile, I get a smile. I love to hear their stories.

         When we build these trucks, we not only build them for ourselves, but for others. There is no greater compliment then that from another person -- telling you what a great job you did. This is what it's all about.

         I have plans to enter about six more shows this summer, so my summer is pretty well taken up.

Cecil Margosian
Bolter # 3627
Aptos, California

         Cecil was one of the first to respond to June newsletter -- offering space for "mug shots" for the Bolter's profile. So, when Cecil sent this photo, we need a little 'splaining ! And Cecil is right -- nothing beats those smiles we get when people see our trucks -- no matter what their condition! ~~ Editor

10 November 2004 Update

From Cecil :

          I have some updates for my 1951 GMC pickup truck.

          It's been a year now and I have done a cab off restoration. Still a few items left to do, but it is on the road. It's painted a commercial Miami Sand of the era.

          The bed is actually Yellow Pine that has been stained with ebony stain. Of course, several coats of clear were added with sanding between coats. Leave the stain on a few minutes and then rub off. If it's not dark enough for you, then add stain again. You can't make a mistake.

For specifics on any part of my build, just contact me and I will be more than happy to help you in anyway that I can. For further pictures of my build you can go to my web site.

          Thanks to this site and the GMC site for giving me advice when I needed it.

Cecil Margosian
Bolter # 3627
Aptos, California

          Now THAT's how to "make" a bed ~~ Editor

20 September 2003  

From Cecil,

          These are a few pictures of my newly acquired 1951 GMC 1/2-ton. My plans are to completely disassemble the truck and restore it to original condition. Almost every part will have to be redone including paint inside and out.  The paint, upon close inspection, has many flaws, along with most everything else.  This is what I enjoy doing and I look forward to the project.  

          Some of you have already been contacted by me and I appreciate your responses to my questions as I get ready to start this project.  Any of you that have photos or other material that might help me get a better idea of the GMC's of '51 will be appreciated. Please mail them to me at the link above.

          I've seen what's on Rob English's Old GMC Trucks site and it's been a great help to me.

          I go by "51Jimmy" on the forum, but I haven't yet posted anything. Hopefully, by this time next year I will have new photos of the finished product.  I also just finished my work on a '63 Nova street rod.  It's built for show and go and if you would like to see, it let me know. 

Cecil Margosian
Bolter # 3627
Aptos, California

          Cecil, thanks for the great pictures - looks like you have a pretty straight truck to start with . . . keep us posted on the progress! ~~ Curator

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