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Stovebolt 2009 Events -- Mark your calendars!
New Staff -- The Gallery Heavies
New Tech Tips
    -- Seat Repair
    -- Windshield Gasket Replacement
    -- Advance Design Hood Alignment
Vendor Feedback
    -- Front Motor Mount Assemblies
New Links added
Stovebolt Supporters
We made the NY Times
Gallery Additions
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More shameless self promotion ...
STOVEBOLT.COM in the New York Times!

The Times recently ran an article about old trucks featuring Larrybear's "Lucille the Ferns Wondertruck!" The print article appears in a special section "Cars" on page 20...

Here's the shameless self-promotion part -- The article also mentions!!!

An online version of the article has less copy but includes a slide show with a picture of Robin talking with customers on the porch.

While we're at it -- a big congrats to Larry and Robin for winning the Massachusetts Retailer of the Year Award!

Must have been the truck ...

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it finds

Willy "kiwiwilly" Pelzers' 1959 Chevrolet Apache
Wanganui, New Zealand
  Mark Brazelton's 1960 1/2-Ton GMC Pickup
North America

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2009 Stovebolt Schedule shaping up!

Looking at the photos above, particularly Mark's, it's hard to believe we are planning the EVENTS CALENDARS for 2009! But we are!!

The 2009 Stovebolt Event Schedule is off to a furious start with the 1st Annual Stovebolt "Winter Classic" Junkyard Fest-o-Rama, hosted by the members of the Old Dominion Stovebolt Society, already behind us.

The rest of the calendar is shaping up to be equally exciting -- from the Stovebolt Homecoming, regional GABFests, the BC Bolters monthly ho-has, the Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City -- well, LOTS of events here, there in places all around the Globe. Stovebolters are going to have plenty of opportunities to get together and do that Stovebolt Thang!

2009 Calendars a hit!

Thanks to all who submitted hi-rez imagery for the 2009 calendars. We had an excellent selection and we even have a good start for the 2010 calendars!

It's not too late to order, just go to the newly redesigned Hoo Ya shoppe and check 'em out. By buying a calendar, you help support the site!

Here's what the 'Bolters are saying...

Got my calendar today. Very nice!
I will be flaunting it at the Chevy Dealership that I work at tomorrow.


Mine just showed up! They look great!! Can't wait to get them up on the wall!

I just got my Stovebolt Calendars and couldn't be more impressed with the quality! Buy 'em up boys- they're good to go!

Got mine today -- The calendar is sweet!

Thanks for putting it together. It looks great!
Bill B.

So be sure to check out the Events Page in the Features section as well as the events discussions in the Forums. Get that calendar out and mark it uuuuuuuuuuuppp!!!

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Welcome New Staffers

We've had a change over in the Gallery Guard, and fortunately two long-time Bolters have jumped into the fire (did I say that ??) to help pull the load. Much thanks to Lori "Lori66" Spencer, Therese Kingsbury and Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen for their help last year. They can have their lives back and get back to the fun part: wrenching!

Big welcome to John "John L" Lucas. He's taken on the mantle of Stovebolt Curator. Whilst Peggy is wrestling with the submissions that come in via email, John has the special Stovebolt Spyware aimed at postings in the DITY Gallery and Welcome Centre, to see what's easy pickens to get into the main Gallery. Not as easy a task as it may sound. But already, John has gotten us some very good stories and some impressive old iron.

And the third leg of this Gallery stool is Dave "1958GMCNut" Betker. He's got the Welcome Basket to drop by. He'll let the new submissions know their entry is FINALLY in the Gallery (and the details that go with it). While he's at it, we hope he can get more story on some of those pages that are still a bit short on info.

So, we have a happy three-some at work again. We hope to keep cranking out plenty of Gallery pages. You may have noticed we had a good Gallery stack for February with and some outstanding entries (January, too). Yea team!


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New Tech Tips

Seat Repair

Is your seat so bad that even your DOG doesn't want to hop in? Do you know what kinda of critters may be lurking there?

Well, Roy "RoyV" Vaillancourt has another great tech tip for us this month ... the details of repairing a really battered bench seat!

Read the tip and story!


    Vendor Feedback --
Front Motor Mount Assemblies

After posting Don McLendon's great Tech Tip on front engine mounts, we asked one of the major parts vendors why the big parts sellers only offer incomplete front motor mount mount assemblies comprised of only two of the five parts needed for the inline 6-cylinder engines found in most of our trucks.

The answer? The parts sellers only sell what the suppliers offer/manufacture. Duh.

Most sellers only offer the rubber part and the shield. If you need the other two metal pieces and the bolts ... you have to find used ones!

If you'd like the parts sellers to offer complete front engine mount assemblies -- let 'em know!! The suppliers / manufacturers will supply what the retailers demand -- so let's demonstrate the demand!

Call, write or email your favorite parts retailers today and ask that they carry the complete assembly (including the bolts and castellated nuts).

Tim, at American Classic Truck Parts, has the rubber (part MM-11) as well as the shield (part MM-12). He says now that they know about the bolts, he’ll look them up as well.

If you hear from other sources, let us know so we can add any additional information to Don's Tech Tip. ~ Thanks!

Pre-War Windshield Gasket Replacement

It's not an easy task messing around with the windshields on the pre-War trucks (pre-1947). As with most old trucks, over time the windshield rubber becomes dry rotted, cracked and eventually leaks. On MIke's 1940 GMC one-ton flat bed / stakeside, this was the case even though it was always garage-kept. He decided winter was the perfect time to replace the rubber.

So, as he did it, Mike wrote up an excellent Tech Tip for fellow Bolters.

Read the whole article !


AD Hood Alignment

Just getting the front sheet metal hung on the truck is hard enough ... Then you have to align it at ????? There are approximately 20 bolts (all adjustable!) holding the fenders and hood to the front of an Advance Design truck. They all need to be just right or the front sheet metal won't fit together properly and the hood won't function properly. Yikes! How do you sort that out?

The good news is that Mac has already figured it out for you and will walk you through it. So Don't despair! There's hope! Check Mac's Tech Tip.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

New LInks

A Fabulous Featured Link for February ...

Now for the rest of the newbies...

  • Nuts and -- Specialty automotive fasteners and hardware assortments (Parts)
  • Pacific Brake & Clutch -- New, used and refurbished medium/heavy truck compressor, clutch and brake equipment (Parts)
  • Penrite Oil Company (main site) -- Lubricants especially formulated for antique vehicles (Parts)
  • -- Site for collectors , buyers and sellers of antique tools. Great discussion forum. (Tools)
  • Classic Vehicle Auctions -- Auction site for antique vehicles (Services)
  • -- "Utah's fastest growing car site." At least one 'Bolter found a truck here (Services)
  • Window Tint Laws -- A by state listing of window tinting laws (Publications)

Woogeroo sent us the link to the site. He included a neat note, with some pictures of this own you may enjoy.

Grandfather's Tool Box - 1975

The link above  goes to my photo album at Google. It shows my maternal Grandfather's toolbox and the tools inside. I'm curious about some of these tools. Maybe some of you know about tools. Maybe you have some family that might know... so I'm just throwing this out there to everyone. Check it out if your interested, or forward it along to some old tool folks if you know any.

My Grandfather passed away in 1975. So this album is a bit of a time capsule. There's nothing fancy in the box, really, but there are a few interesting pieces there. Most of them just seem to be plain jane parts store type tools... but I'm merely curious as to how old some of them are. Besides, I'm sentimental about it, even tho' I was a baby when he passed. It is cool to have his tools.

This is one tool in the box I'm trying to figure out what it is. I'm guessing it has something to do with shoeing horses / mules or maybe it is for cutting the heads off of a nail? I dunno...

This is the other real interesting piece, my Dad says it is a "tack hammer".

Anyway, if you have any interesting tidbits to add about any of the tools, I'd love the read them. I've got a thread going in the Tool Chest forum.

Thanks... check 'em out and enjoy or send it along to someone you might think will enjoy.  



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