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1956 Chevy 3200 Longbed


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06 January 2006
# 1357

From Earnie:

          I just found your web site and thought Id submit my two Stovebolts. Meet Thelma and Louise.

          Thelma is my daily driver. She's an all-original 1956 Chevy 3200, Longbed, 235, 3 on the column. Im keeping her all original. She runs and sounds like an old Singer Sewing machine. Thelma and I both turn 50 this year

          Under the cover is Louise. Shes a 1955 2nd series Chevy. She started life as a -ton, 3600, 235 with the old Granny Gear 4 on the floor. Shes had some major surgery on her. The massive -ton frame has been replaced with a '77, 1/2-ton Chevy short. The 235 was swapped with a 327 Vette motor and granny is now a 350 auto. She never came with a bed so now shes sportin' a '95 late model Chevy short bed. Shes got a ways to go before the bandaging comes off.

          All-in-all its been a real learning experience workin' on both of them. Fun to.

          Glad to find your web site and Happy New Year to all.


Earnie Nickell
Berea, Kentucky

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