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New Stuff -- January 2005

New things on the site you just might have missed

Thanks, thanks ~~

          With the close out of 2004, we need to give a really big Coolamundo to American Classic Truck Parts for the big part they play in keeping the Stovebolt Page connected to the world. We have a lot going on here at HQ, and we have super volunteers -- those who you know (Paul Schmehl/The Stovebolt Geek/Baldeagle, the Joy Pascarela/Siren of the Swap Meet, our former and current forum moderators), but there are a bunch who's names you only see here and there ... offering Tech Tips, sending in new Links, Feature stories, Sagas, and best of all -- helping follow 'Bolters in the forums -- and at HQ! But to be real honest, all our work would come to a big halt if ACTP didn't keep us plugged in! The site is just too big and costs money to run! ACTP likes what we offer here and want to do their part. And we can't thank them enough.
          Coolamundo! ~~ On that note, we hope for good things for all of you this year

~~ John and Peggy Milliman, and the Stovebolt Staff


          Besides closing out books, getting a new (Stovebolt!) calendar, remembering to write "2005," there were a few changes around the 'Bolt, too. We figure you've already noticed MOST of them!

The Forums -- It's just too much fun.

          Big thanks to George Moniz (GMONIZ) who we honestly coerced into moderating the Events forum. Rusty46 moved up in Stovebolt HQ to moderate the Interior forum (which will remain separate from Paint and Body). Following right behind him, KC Mongo offered to moderate the HiPo forum.

          If you didn't notice, we moved all the posts in the Rust forum into Paint and Body.

          We have two others pondering lofty positions - for the Big Bolts and The Tool Chest.

          After all that shuffling around, we updated the stats, histories. Plus a few other changes in the forums.

Introducing ...

          Well, we just couldn't resist. Plus YOU ALL couldn't resist. Admit it! You (mostly) like each other and probably talk more on the 'Bolt than you do to your wife!

          So the Greasy Spoon was relocated to the Bolt. "Relocated" you ask? Some of you may not know but many moons ago, we had the same problem with too much off-topic chatter in the ... ah, was it called the "Lounge" or something? Anyway. Mike Shehan came to the rescue and set up the Greasy Spoon for us over on Ya-Hoo chat. A few drifted in and out over the years. (John and Peggy even made a guest appearance one evening!) But, in general, the Bolters just would not leave the garage.

          So, after burning down the Lounge (those "hot topics" were the real culprit), we just knew you all needed each other too much to let it just totally drop dead. Not to mention that some folks were still posting off-topic stuff anyway.

          So, thanks to some beefcake Bouncers (it only looks like the affable and mildly famous Mr. Easywrench from the Tech Tips section ... it's his twin brother!), and a lot of pleading and crying to the Editor, we have The Greasy Spoon. A place to post your off-topic stuff, tell jokes, exchange recipes (recipes? what's this place coming to? - Ed.), etc. Whatever you crazies do when you're not working on your truck or lurking around the site. The "Front Porch" rules are simple and they're posted in that forum. And ... be careful ... our Bouncers are big, burly bolt-busters! So, play nice!

          We do think this is a good thing. We have had countless emails from Bolters who have met other Bolters. Even across oceans. It's been heartwarming. So, we hope this will be the good thing we intend it to be. If not, the Bouncers will make it so!!!

Stovebolt Hoo-ya Store

          Well, one 2005 calendar is done. We're working on #2.

          KCMongo is working on a "People of the Stovebolt" calendar (for this year or 2006) showing Bolters with their Bolt AND family members (pets included).
         "How about some great pictures -- could be with your wife and girlfriends (you can have a wife AND girlfriends???? Coolamundo!!! -- Ed.) in cool, retro style shots (nothing too risqué) as well as pictures of guys and gals working on their trucks or just family's standing around them.
         "I've always liked that shot of the red and white '54 with the two little kids sitting on the front on the main page of the site (Those are the Kipster's young uns -- Ed.). Also if there are guys in the Kansas City area who don't have camera's, I'd be willing to meet with them and shoot the pics. I've spotted several good backdrops around KC." (Read carefully -- that's Mongo offering help, ya know ... John's not gonna drive out to KC.) If you'd like to be included, contact Mongo directly.

Bullfoot lives!

          Many are screaming for t-shirts and the like. Well, we had a discussion in the 'Spoon the other day and decided that as a tribute to the coolest Stovebolter ever, Jerry "Bullfoot" Powell, we would make "Coolamundo" and "Manomano" the official Stovebolt Greeting for when Stovebolters need to identify each other at Swap Meets, Cruise-Ins, truck shows and the like.

          It works like this -- You walk up to a guy you suspect might be a Stovebolter and say "Coolamundo!" If he/she answers, "Manomano" then you know! Bolters have been sending in ideas and art work. Mongo designed the sticker above (and we can personalize them). And John's got a mug in the works. Ahh ... a fine way to remember Bullfoot without having to run naked through somebody's campfire in the middle of the night!

          So, look for related stuff soon in the Hoo-ya Mall.

WINNERS 2004 It Ran When I Parked It

          Okay, okay. Even though our theme was "no voting allowed here," we softened up a bit. I mean, how can we have a "People's Choice" winner unless we actually hear from you all (geez, politics again). So all the votes were cast and professionally counted by Fred Scott ("joker").

          Here's the line up:

1st place - Dave "Koolkar" Feltner
2nd place - Ty Menzel
3rd place - Jeff Nelson
The People's Choice - Eric Radack
Honorable Mention - Ben "Popcorn" Corn

Check out how they divvied up the prizes!

          Kevin Wren from Temecula, CA sent this additional picture with his submission. (Check the woody! John thinks it's set in concrete...). The Stovebolt "ran when parked" but the washing machine (according to Kevin) ... still works!

          As for the actual judging, we elected to go with in-house talent this year. John judged, along with our new resident columnist, Steve "The Madman" Gude. Look for the Madman's biting automotive commentary in the Features section soon!


Tech Tips



          "I have inherited a 1926 Chev truck and know nothing about it. Can you give me any information about this model?"

~~Thanks. Robert Currie

          "Robert, Wow! Congratulations (depending upon the circumstances of the inheritance, of course) on the truck! The only vehicle *I* ever inherited was a '73 Pontiac Grandeville...
          "Any vehicle built before World War Two, other than Ford Model T's and A's, is getting to be quite rare. You have a truly unique and historic vehicle. What you need to know really depends upon what condition the truck is in -- is it running? Restored? If you look in our Tech Tips page for the FAQ's, you should be able to find the number to call GM for their "Restoration Package." All you need is the year and the VIN. They will send you a wealth of information.
          "Also, there's a couple of books you should find -- Tom Brownell's "How to restore your Chevrolet Pickup" now in its second edition. Even if you're not restoring the truck, there's still a lot there for you to know and it will help you understand this new vehicle of yours. Another book is the "Standard Catalog of American Light Duty Trucks."
          "Be sure to check out our discussion forums -- we really have a great bunch of guys who have a wealth of knowledge -- I'm sure what ever questions you have will be answered. Also, we'd really love to post photos of your truck to our Gallery. We don't have too many pre-war trucks so yours would be a welcome addition.
          "Be sure to stay in touch! Ask questions, we don't mind at all. Be advised, though - Peggy and I may not know much about all old trucks, but we know people who do. Regards and thanks for stopping by!"

~~ John Milliman

Stovebolt Stats

          In the year-end wind up, thought you might be interested:

          Busiest month --- Jan 2004 --- 3,489,319/hits --- 97,834/visits --- 673,086/page views

          And where are they coming from? Canada / US / Australia / Netherlands / Mexico / Finland / United Kingdom / Old-Style Arpanet / France / Brazil / Belgium / Norway / Sweden / Japan / Austria / Israel / Chile / South Africa / Germany / Argentina (Hola, Lucas!)/ Switzerland / Russian Federation / Poland / Italy / Brunei / Darussalam / Portugal / Trinidad and Tobago / Paraguay / Lithuania / Hungary / Luxembourg / Turkey / Slovak Republic / Estonia / Denmark / Spain / Costa Rica / Greece / Peru / Venezuela / Sri Lanka / Latvia / Czech Republic / Colombia / Croatia / Iceland / Taiwan / Cuba / India / Seychelles / Indonesia (Oops, looks like we lost our Stovebolter from Vatican City... - Ed.)

          Woog -- we need to work on that Stovebolt Stargate!

          And if you're our Stovebolter in Cuba, we REALLY want to talk to you -- we bet you have access to a lot of great parts!!!

And in case you've missed any of these ...

The December Gallery Submissions

Bob Rankine's 1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton / Flatbed
          Mozzie's "practical daily driver and great fun" -- and a gorgeous bed!
Jerry Armato's 1949 3/4-Ton Chevy Pick-up
          Finished Old Blue in October ... sweet truck!
John Warner's 1946 Chevy 1.5-Ton Flatbed
          "I bought the truck to fix-up to take my apples to the farmers market in the fall."
Roar Midtskog's 1942 1/2-Ton Pickup
          Roar sends us a story about his 1/2-Ton Chevy in Norway
Tor Haugli's 1945 Chevrolet 2-Ton
          A Norwegian wartruck with workshop
Kris Schneider's 1972 Chevy Cheyenne / 20
          Another "daily driver" ... "Going to give the local Hondas and Mustangs a run for their money, that's for sure."
Slade Kagebein's 1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton
          "I have always wanted an old truck to restore of my own so here she is."
John Kornmann's 1946 Chevy DP 3100 1/2-Ton
          "46 In Progress" sends us the story of finding his farm Bolt
Bert Green's 1.5-Ton Chevy 216 Grain Truck
          BC Bert spent eight months searching for a truck he found less than two miles from home!
Irwin Arnstein's 1959 Chevy 1-Ton
          This is such a good write-up with lots of good pictures ... I can't give it a BRIEF intro ~ Editor
John Litsey's 1972 Chevy Suburban
          "I started looking for a project about 2-1/2 years ago and just wanted something a bit different than the standard Chevelle's or Camaro's."
Jimmy Bryant's 1948 Chevy 1/2-Ton Thriftmaster
          "We were traveling to see my daughter and son-in-law up in Louisville, Kentucky and spotted this '48 at a craft fair."
Jorge Rodriguez's 1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton
          Jorge plans "on driving her in-primer for a few years until I work enough off-duty to do a complete frame-off restoration
Ned Leuchtner's 1951 2-Ton Chevy Wrecker and 1953 Chevy 3600 "Old Sally"
          Ned's got a neat story here. Ned's got a 1929 Mobile station in Arizona and invites all Chevy enthsiasts to stop on by a set a spell.
Randy Wilson's 1951 Chevy 1-Ton Flatbed
          "Blue" sends us some pictures of "Blue" -- his great-looking working truck!
Rob Holden's 1962 Chevy Fleetside
          " ... intended to drive it somewhat daily. However, a lack of familiarity quickly bit me in the quarter panels"
Tom Beasley's 1939 GMC 1/2-Ton
          "Through several years of anxiety, sweat, money, money and more money, the truck has reached its current state of a work in progress."
Mike Walls and Lisa Clement's 1945 Chevy 2-Ton
          "The bullet holes were relatively small ... " (You gotta read this story ~~ Editor!)
Mike Hennequin's 1957 GMC NAPCO Panel
          Nice truck with a PTO winch in the front. "Great fun to own."
Don Graham's 1971 Chevy C-20 Custom Deluxe
          Almost four months in the shop but going home soon. Don's done some serious bed work.
Ove Hamre's 1959 Chevy Apache

          Another Stovebolt checks in from Noway. Ove hopes to get this '59 ready as a daily driver
Paul Toth's 1965 Chevy 1/2-Ton Fleetside
          The Truck Tinker's got his third Stovebolt but this one will be his daily driver - finally!
Glenn A. Foster's 1946 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton
          We finally have a picture of GAF and Ol' Blue ~~ thanks to some help from Stovebolt Sluths!
Anthony Smith's 1966 Chevy K-10 Longbed Fleetside
          This is Anthony's second '66 in the past 45 days! "Rediscovering a passion for old Chevy trucks that has been repressed for the past 16 years"
Jim Merritt's 1946 1/2-Ton Chevy
          This "truck-aholic" has sent us an updated picture of his gorgeous pickup
George Downing's 1969 Chevy 1-Ton
          "This new beast is not the prettiest thing on 6 wheels, but I think she has some potential." She's going to be a "work truck."
Justin Piper's 1940 Chevy 1/2-Ton
          "I stopped one day and looked at it (the truck in a neighbor's yard) and that is when I got hooked on it"
Will Kay's 1941 Chevrolet COE
          Will was told "it ran when it was parked" -- about 25 years ago. They were right as it fired right up when he got her!
Garrett Hestla's 1959 Chevy Suburban
          Something a little different for the catering business -- plus Garrett's has an entire web site with more pictures!
Steve McNeil's 1972 3/4-Ton Chevy
          Purchased the truck when he was 17 and has had it ever since!

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