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1952 Chevy 3/4-Ton


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23 January 2003
# 1382

From Mike:

          Ok, I've just about lined out my plans for "Blacky." My two sons pinned the name on when I pulled in the driveway with it on the trailer. It's a '52 3/4-ton that I was able to buy from the original owner -- an 80 year old gentleman here in Louisiana. I had several trucks to pick from in different conditions but this one just said, "Me! Me!"

          We'll be installing a new 350 with a Saginaw 3 speed transmission, all new brake system, complete rewire with 12-volt, new wheels and tires in order to get "Blacky" driving again. It'll be a work in progress for me and the boys.

          The only sticky thing is the bed. Someone welded a full sheet of steel over the wood with almost a continuous bead around the perimeter. I can get it off the truck -- but having to cut the steel out without setting the wood on fire, plus trying to save the bedsides and all -- is going to be a job. Oh well, this ain't my first rodeo with rods and trucks. They're all a labor of love.

          The body's in great shape. It's got a couple of cracked glasses and dry rubber. The seat has no tears and is original. The original radio is coming out and will be shelved with the 216 (that runs), and tranny. I'm going to keep it original looking on the outside. I do like the two tone paint with the red fenders and black body though. I'd like to even have one of those sun visors, too. I haven't decided on the brush guard yet. It's not bent up so I may decide to put it back on. I'll try to keep ya'll posted. I don't have a website so maybe I can do it here.

          The picture above is of my 17 year old son who is on track to be attend West Point or Anapolis (his choice) after his senior year. He is a gear head like myself and loves working on old cars and trucks. This will be the third complete auto project for us. I started with him when he was six.

          I am so glad that I found your website -- tons and tons of "useful" information there. Not alot of bull either -- that's refreshing to find on a automotive site. Ya'll are doing a fantastic job, and I visit the site almost everyday and still haven't seen it all.


Mike Miller
Bolter # 9419
Captain, Shreveport Fire Department
Bethany, Louisiana

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