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Work in the Forums


The moderators of the Swap Meet (Joe "2ManyTooCount" Weimer and George Moniz), spent the winter months clearing out all the clutter. More than 7,000 posts were deleted that had been sitting for some time. So they don't pile up like this again, posts will be removed after 30 days. Feel free to re-post if your item hasn't sold or you haven't found what you're looking for.

We remind users of the Swap Meet to NOT including images embedded in the post (for these reasons). Using links works best for everyone.

The moderators have asked folks to list prices in their subject line and there has been a good show of support for this. Might as well get the hard facts up front.

EVENTS forum

We finally had a chance to mess around with the Calendar in the UBB program. George Moniz, the Event forum moderator, has been adding major events to the Calendar as they have been posted in the forum.

Due to the amazing number of Swap Meets that occur around North America (and other places ...), George has also added a sub-forum to the Events Forum just for Swap Meets!

Stovebolt Supporters
Thanks for making so much possible!

For those who do not know, is an all-volunteer force. We are ever so grateful for those who help in all areas ... including expenses.

We always appreciate these folks who keep the sanity level near normal around here!

BC Bolters
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Brian "colettesbro" Johnson
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Sabrina "Mexico Sab" Iturbe
Alan Gudroe
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John Lucas
Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris +1
Dave Dyehouse
George "Wrench Bender Ret" Capito
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Alex Erickson
Old 'Burg Lover
Joe Miller
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"If you can't be a Stovebolter, you can be a Stovebolt Supporter! "
-- Principle McGee
Rydell High


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In This Issue

The Sixties -- A little history; a lot of info and a forum special!
Tech Tips
      -- Installing a Sway Bar
      -- Resto Front Fender Supports
Product Reviews
      -- Motive Power Brake Bleeder
      -- Harbor Freight Plastic Headlight Restoration Kit
Glovebox Manual Update -- Forum Users Guide
Updates in the Forum
      -- Changes in the Swap Meet
      -- Event Calendar activated; Swap Meets Subforum
New Gallery Additions
New Links
Stovebolt Support -- Keeping the place alive
St. Patty's


(L-R) Three cultural icons of the 1960's in America -- An elated Neil Armstrong after walking on the Moon in 1969, a motivated John Kennedy speaking at Rice University in 1962 (the "We choose to go to the Moon" speech) and a dissatisfied Country Joe McDonald asks the Woodstock crowd "What the Hell are we fighting for?" in 1968. Interestingly, all three men share common ties -- None are currently registered users of but all three served in the United States Navy.

The Sixties
New in the Grassy Knoll

In the United States, "The Sixties" was a period of counter-culture and social revolution. To some, it was an era of irresponsible excess and flamboyance -- "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there," said Paul Kantner, co-founder of the era rock band "Jefferson Airplane."

The 1960s have become synonymous with all the new, exciting, radical and subversive events and trends of the period, which continued to develop through the end of the 20th Century.

In North America, Canada celebrated its 100th anniversary and got it's new Maple Leaf flag and the United States elected John F. Kennedy as president.

Amid the social upheaval and political unrest, the era was also a period of great technical advancement and achievement -- Mankind took it's first tentative steps into space (low Earth orbit) at the beginning of the decade and was striding boldly on the surface of the Moon by the end of it. Down to Earth, the "Jet Age" became a reality for travelers as modern jet-engined airliners went mainstream and gave us a new term -- jet setters.

Technical Advancement

But towering above moonwalking, transistor radios and jet airliners was, for Stovebolters anyway, arguably the penultimate technological marvel of the decade ...

The crowning achievement of the 1960's was the introduction of jet and rocket styling cues, as well as independent front suspension and torsion bar rear suspension in a light-duty production truck -- full six years ahead of Ford!

GM also improved its truck line through a complete redesign of the frame, giving a wider, lower overall stance that increased load volume (in the bed as well as the cab) and dramatically improved the ride.

Indeed, the great technological leap of the 1960 model year was a watershed event for General Motors and the public responded -- the echoes of which reverberate today here at Beginning in 2009, we've seen the numbers and they're telling us that the '60-'66 Gallery pages have become the second most popular section of! Of our overall page view count of 1.7 million for February, nearly 60,000 were of the '60-'66 Gallery!

New Forum

Because of that surge in popularity, we've opened a new forum on the discussion pages just for '60-'66 trucks!

Look for it on the Grassy Knoll with the Daily Drivers and the Fire truck guys (who are pretty nice and will move over to make room for you!). Come and check it out if you are an owner/restorer of a truck from this era. From pickups to semi-tractors, all aspects of the '60-'66 trucks is open for discussion here.

The Sixties are alive and well at!! Remember, ask not what you can do for your truck, but how can the other '60-'66 truck guys at help you! Find out in the '60-'66 forum!


Tech Tips O' Plenty
You don't need any luck with this kind of help.

Installing a Sway Bar

Lilting side to side, swaying gently this way and that is perfect for the dance floor -- less so for the open road. But not all trucks have factory, or even after-market kits available. What to do? Check out the modifications, details and tools for installing a sway bar to a1937 Chassis.


Front Fender Supports

Stuck in a place that sees some of the harshest conditions of any part on your truck, It's a wonder, after 60 years, the fender supports are even still there at all. And when it comes time to restore your truck and you finally let them see direct sunlight for the first time ever, whoa!! What a mess! No worries, Mate! Roy Vaillancourt has got you covered

Product Reviews by Irwin Arnstein    
From the man who has given us hours of entertainment ... from steam powered calliope, cleaning your truck seats with bathroom toilet cleaner, Weird Uncle Irwin's Trading Post, and on and on, Irwin has found time to write more for the site. So, if you hadn't recalled this picture of him in a little thermo dynamics, we thought you'd enjoy it again. We did!

Motive Power Brake Bleeder

  Harbor Freight Plastic Headlight Restoration Kit


A Glovebox Manual
The forum user's guide

When we first switched over two a new forum format many moons ago, well, it was VERY different from the old one. So Bill "red58" LePage pulled together a handy-dandy Glovebox Manual for the complete operation of the New Stovebolt Forum. Cleverly written, with great directions (arrows and everything), this answered every question that came up.

Just like any industry, planned obsolescence hit us and we were going to have to upgrade the Forum software. Many of the instructions in the Manual were now just a smidge different. But in the WILD WORLD of the WEB, a smidge can leave you in the dark, or on a WHOOPS page (same thing). When the heart of winter hit Canada, Bill went to work updating the Manual.

So, whatever you are looking for, in order to navigate the forums, you should find it here. And if you don't find it in the Manual, let us know. We don't want anyone lost around here.

New to the Gallery

With the New Gallery Team in place, we are humming along! Added 40 new trucks or additions to the Gallery this month! Check them out here if you missed them!

New Links
About to break 770

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Old news is still good news!

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