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1963 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside

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23 January 2006
# 1385

From Morris:

         Here is my recently acquired 1963 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside. It still has the original in-line 6 engine (230), but my son and I recently replaced the stock 4 speed with a T-5 transmission.

         I acquired the truck from my barber for a modest sum after a random conversation while getting my hair cut. I made the comment that I needed to find something that my son (who will be getting his driver's license this summer) could invest some "sweat equity" into. He said that, as fate would have it, his son had recently graduated from high school, gone off to college and left his old truck sitting in the yard.

         We arranged a look see at the truck and I wrote him a check the same day. Turns out that before he was a barber, he did body work for the better part of 17 years. So the body of the truck is in pretty good shape. The stock gas tank has been removed and the hole in the cab fixed. In its place is an after market tool box / 50 gallon tank in the bed. With gas prices today, I'll have to finance the fill ups at the bank!

         There were a few problems to be sorted out before the truck could be put on the road (replace driver's side window, leaking rear main seal, grinding transmission, leaking radiator, etc.) but I am now driving the truck nearly every day to "get to know it" before turning my teenaged son loose on it.

         Plans are to replace the in-line 6 with a 305 or 350 (or maybe rebuild the 6 ... still undecided) and drop in a disc brake upgrade this summer. We'll drive it through next winter and then finish up the pretty work next summer. By the way, to all of those that are thinking about putting a T-5 behind their in-line 6 ... I love mine! Before, at 55 mph, the truck sounded like it was about to cough up its guts. Now it tools down the road at 65 mph like nobody's business!

         Love the site ... keep up the good work!


Morris Cox
Bolter # 9486
McKinney, TX

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