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looking for old trucksThe Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- October 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue

It Ran When I Parked It 2007 Photo Contest
Calendars in the making
Changes in the Forums
On-going Saga ~ a great tale by Steve "Builder" VandenBerg
New Links ~ and testimonials to go with some
Stovebolt Supporters
We've got mail
October Gallery Additions

Free media with Soda Blaster Purchase

It Ran When I Parked It Photo Contest
It's been a good summer chasing parts and old trucks ~ show us the pictures!

      Many of us have been fed that old saw about how that pile of scrap metal in the weeds behind the barn (and under the manure pile) "ran when it was parked." Oh sure! So that makes it worth more, right? Like it has any more chance of firing right up than a 2007 Bentley Continental GTC convertible has of appearing Dean Meltz' submission from 2006in John's garage in the morning!

      So there it is. The come on. The shtick. The big lie. Whether it's "all original" or "never been wrecked" or "no bondo" or whatever it is, we've all seen trucks that don't live up to the billing. We've all driven miles only to be disappointed. WE KNOW THE PAIN!!!!!!

      So this here is the annual search for the ultimate photographic expression of the Big Lie we've all heard when calling on a truck for sale ad -- "It Ran When I Parked It."

     We all know that IRWIPI is just a euphemism for "There's more chance of me doing successful brain surgery than getting this thing moving again." We KNOW you've had to have brung yer pitchur taker with ya on all those rusty iron chasing trips! And by now you KNOW we have this photo contest every year where we give away all kinds of really COOL stuff!!

     Plus, by now, many of us know of the infamous Erwhipee truck of Steve BUILDER VandenBerg, as he took an IRWIPI and drove it home! Not only does he have a great story, a t-shirt, but the man has a following (complete with autographs on the Erwhipee truck hood) and a vanity license plate. (I wonder if he has a photo for the contest? Hmmm?)

     So ya ain't got no excuse fer not havin' a killer shot of some derelict vehicle some wheres just itchin' ta be in our calendar and illustrate the sublime beauty of the the Big Lie.

After all these years, the rules are pretty much the same.

    • Submissions MUST BE THE ORIGINAL WORK OF THE SUBMITTER!!!! Submitters who turn in the work of others (which is DISHONEST!) will be disqualified. So don't go surfing the 'Net for a cool picture ... you need to go surfing the turf!
    • Include your name, address, phone number and Stovebolt log-in name (if you have one)
    • Give your picture a caption (limit 15 words) ... or we will!
    • Some of you have included some interesting stories of how you came across your treasure. Feel free to include it and we'll include it with the entries.
    • Limited to two submissions per Bolter; but only one prize for each winner. (First place, second place, third place, the People's Choice -- but if we get more prize donations, we may be creative with the winning categories, too!)
    • DEADLINE - Midnight, December 3. Winners will be announced December 11.

Sending it in:

  • Send your submission via email in jpg format to us. We won't do any cropping (except as necessary for the calendar print only). Send whatever size photo you have, and we'll re-size it. It's best to send a big image, as those work best in the IRWIPI calendar.
  • Or snail mail it to: Stovebolt.com, 41370 Friendship Court, Mechanicsville, MD 20659-3853

     Feel free to check out the previous years' contenders and see what's been submitted so far! Too fun!

Well, don't just sit there,

Git! Go take some peectures!


The BIG prize this year ...

$500 in gift certificates

From American Classic Truck Parts
$300 ~ first place
$150 ~ second place
$50 ~ third place

Plus one of their cool ACTP t-shirts

Other prizes donated by

Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
$75 in gift certificates
(a $50 and two $25's)

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

The Filling Station

Mar-K Quality Parts
A pair of bed side hole caps

Stovebolt.com Mall
A $50 shopping spree


      We have contacted some other vendors for prizes and haven't heard back from them yet. If you know of someone who would donate a prize, send 'em along! The more prizes, the more crazy winning categories we can have!!

Thanks all for supporting this fun event!

Stovebolt 2008 Calendars
We're getting started on 'em !

     Well, it looks like the year is running out on us pretty fast. So, it's time to put together our collection of 2008 Stovebolt calendars. We've got a nice stash of large image photos but if you'd like your's IN one of the calendars, be sure to let us know. Send us your photo(s) with your name and the info about your truck. The higher the image resolution the better (we need 200 rez). Check the calendar page for more details and the address (if you need to send it snail mail).

     We'll have several calendars again. We'll shoot for the Stovebolt themes like last year: Panels and Burbs, Working Bolts, Big Bolts, People of the Bolt (that one has never made it - you folks must be shy!). And, of course, we'll have the IRWIPI calendar as soon as that last picture arrives (hopefully).

    It'd be great to have a big calendar with the '60-66 trucks and another big one with the Advance Design trucks (seem to be the biggest Gallery pages we have)! I PERSONALLY would like a calendar of trucks that are still a "work in progress." Aren't we all?

    If you've got some favorite truck and truck buddies, round 'em up and we can make up a truck calendar just for your gang. The Virginia Bolters are working on an icon and it would look cool as part of a calendar just for them.

    Anyway ... as always, we are game. Got some help with these (can always use a fresh new approach), so if you're interested in helping, let me know. I'm the one with the frazzled hair chained to the desk. I want to start with the "Works in Progress" calendar. I may be needing some "clever truck sayings" from you all. Stop by my desk, especially if you see me slumped over!


Changes in the Forums

     We are about to move to the new UBB software (end of the month projection). We knew this time was coming and we have been trying to get the entire Forum area (our Virtual Garage) cleaned out, organized smartly and simplified.

     So, if you haven't noticed, the old "Lounge" area has been renamed to "Front Office", and a Dispatch forum has been added.

     The best way we can help you figure out what's what is to suggest you visualize all this like a typical big garage. The front office has someone working at a desk (Dispatch). There is a computer and some folks helping there (IT Shortbus). There's a big huge bulletin board with event information (Events). There are a few tables near the coffee and soda machines where people congregate (Greasy Spoon). All the major truck work is still going on in the restoration area (the Virtual Garage). The Swap Meet has it's own wall space! The Clinics will eventually be moved to the restoration area. And for anything special and temporary, we'll pull in a flatbed trailer or step van for the "Parking Lot."

     Dispatch may not have been the best title for that area ("Announcements" is such a boring word! ). The general idea for this forum is a place for info about things happening on the site (Gallery additions, announcements, contests, a welcome newbies, etc.).

     Make sense? Some of this is black and white and some will continue to be gray. We are just trying to keep it neat and as organized as we can.

On-going Saga

     When Steve "Builder" VandenBerg did the Triple Dog Dare Adventure to retrieve the Erwhipee truck, some of us thought he was a bit nuts. Well, after reading the first portions of his epic tale of retrieving a 1969 Corvette, you can see ... he was crazy BEFORE we met him!

     We are up to Part IV and he's still sending us story! You just can't keep some Stovebolters still!

     Come share the adventure: read on!




New Links
Some good sharing here, and 660 links now!

DuPont Paint

   Don't know if I'm the only one who hadn't found these but there are paint chips online from Dupont (go to color then historical color collection) -- many of the colors for our trucks. It's a great resource.
~~ Thrift Master

   I agree. Here is another link that might work. Dupont's library is much more user friendly and free than autocolor library.
~~ 57_StepSide

   Here is the direct link to the Dupont Historical Color Library.~~ tclederman


Custom Body Builders

   During our vacation, I happened upon a 1950 Chev Woodie, built on a 3100 platform. It was in a place called "Classic Convertibles" in Freeport, Maine. Here is a link to some photos I took. What is really interesting are the two photos showing the documentation by the original wood body builder.
~~ truckernix

   For more on these vehicles, go to:Coachbuilt Commercial Body Builders / Hercules-Campbell Company. Lots of pix of many years' production on a variety of chassis.
~~ 55Bookmobile


Transportation / Hauling

   We recently used Kiwi Transport out of Port Townsend. They moved a 1965 C-10 for us from Lost Wages, Nevada to Bellingham, Washington for $950. They were very polite, no problems. They did cost us an extra week while they were trying to fill either one of their three car haulers or a six car hauler. Finally, they did a special haul with a tandem axle trailer on its own -- no extra fee. They can be reached at 1-800-762-7973 or 360-765-0785. Ask for Lynn.

   Next time you guys want to ship a vehicle, you should check with DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers). I am shipping my 1950 Merc to Los Angeles from Tacoma, Washington for $330 ... another $100 for insurance. (Shipping estimate on-line ~ Editor)
~~ Arlin


Misc New Links

  • Classic Generator ~~ I have been restoring antique starters and generators for around 17 years. I DO NOT work on late model applications, only antique and I specialize in the Chevy "Delco" units. I am a restorer of starters and generators, not a rebuilder.
    ~~ Kenneth Warner, Classic Generator
  • TNT Inc. -- "The oldest and most reliable auto transportation company in the United States" (Services / Transportation)
  • National Transport -- "If your looking to transport your truck, here's an option for you." (Services / Transportation)
  • Classic Generator -- "Restoring antique starters and generators for around 17 years, specializing in the Chevy "Delco" units" (Electrical)
  • Sneed Insurance -- "Sneed has been insuring Street Rods and Classic cars since 1973" (Insurance)
  • License Plate Search -- "This site might be of use for various reasons -- if you're seeking information on license plates, or license plate owners." (Services)
  • Eastwood Shop Talk -- Eastwood Company's pretty active discussion forum (Trucksites / Forums)

     We had a few requests come in for sites about Lemon Law help. Sir Links-A-Lot said "Ney on these. Why would we need lemon law sites?? Most of our trucks are just a little bit past warrantee!!"

Stovebolt Support
We couldn't do this without ya!

     Thanks for continued support for the site. See who else has been financing this operation! The new UBB software should be up and running by the end of this month. Thanks to all that helped make this happen.

  • Terry "27 Capitol" (second donation) Kirberger
  • Fred "Joker" Scott
  • Randy "Mapleleaf" Jewers (second donation)
  • Brian "Smittys 3600" Smith
  • Jan "pipercubjan" de Graaf
  • Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris (tenth donation)
  • Mike "oltrucks" Taylor
  • Chris "glamis4x4" Dooley
  • Rich "RJ" Sisneros
  • Mark Smith (second donation and a staffer)
  • Denny Graham
  • Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (three donations this month - total of 11!)
  • Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
  • Mike Rocheleau (fourth donation)
  • Ed Blouch (one of our regular helpers around here)

      Winner of the September subscription to Vintage Truck :


      No subscriptions came in!

      New or re-new here and you will have a chance to win. One every month (if there is someone!!



Stovebolt Mail
We love to hear from our Peeps

First attempt

     As you can tell, my restoration was not a off-frame restoration but close to it. It's my first attempt at a car / truck restoration and I have learned tons over the years. It has turned out more than I expected. I had no idea what I was doing. I could not have done the restoration without my mentor and friend Rod Adams. Rod basically guided me through the entire process. Being technically and mechanically challenged, I had to rely on him to tell me what needed to be done during the entire restoration. For any parts my truck was missing, I received help from Stovebolters. I found everything I needed just from posting a "Parts Wanted" ad in the Swap Meet. The truck surpassed my expectations in many ways. It is not a competition show truck or a frame off restoration, but bringing back the ol' girl to life and giving her a second chance for future generations to enjoy was my greatest reward. Jim Carter's Classic Truck Parts was also a big help in supplying reproduction items -- which were many. Tom "tgp7220" Pryor, 1951 GMC Short Bed Pickup Truck

Never to young to get 'em started

     My son sleeps with a matchbox version of my truck. Not long ago Ryan, my 2.5 year old (one of the twins), made the great transistion from his crib to the "big boy bed."

     One of the reasons I got him to sleep there were his "Daddy truck sheets" that my wife bought some time ago. I got a few great pics.

     They look staged but believe it or not, this is how I found him at naptime on Saturday. Chris "SWEET" Sweet, 1951 Chevy 1/2-ton


October Gallery Additions
In case you missed any of them


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