Stovebolt New Stuff - December 2008
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IRWIPI -- The Winners
Tech Tips
  -- P30 Diesel / Driveline Swap
  -- Bellhousing for "Late 6" and V8
  -- The Great Oil Filter Debate
2009 Calendars-- 12 done far!
New Forums in Grassy Knoll
  -- Daily Drivers
  -- Stovebolt Volunteer
     Fire Department

New Forum Moderator
SOS Update -- Two truck loads!
New Links -- Now up to 747
Feature -- Two Boys and a Sawzall
Vintage Truck Winner
Need old truck pix
December Gallery Additions
Thanks to our Supporters

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New Forums in the Grassy Knoll

Daily Drivers

The Daily Drivers forum is a "Support Group" for those who use original / mostly original Stovebolts for daily / primary transportation -- The Stovebolt HARDCORE!! Unique issues and maintenance challenges arise for those who depend on antique vehicles for regular transportation, so we created this forum so you can discuss them with others in this unique situation!

Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Department

Own / want to own a FIREBOLT?? (A Stovebolt fire truck) -- Then you're officially a member of the Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Department. Stop on by the SVFD virtual fire house and get checked in! We're discussing issues related to antique Stovebolt-based fire fighting apparatus (unique maintenance and parts, operation, etc.). You don't actually have to own a Firebolt -- anybody interested in such stuff is welcome as auxiliary members ...

New Forum Moderator

Well, not exactly new ... George Moniz who has been moderating the Events forum, is pitching in the help the Zoo-keeper keep the Swap Meet neat, tidy and organized. It's a heck of a job, but we know the Zoo-keep will be glad to have a helping hand.

Since it's pretty quiet in the Events forums, George should be able to get a good feel for the new joint!

Thanks, George!

The Gallery

Here are the additions and updates we made to the Gallery in December.

Be sure the check the DoITYourself Gallery in the forums, too. Some neat ones there ... that will eventually make it to the main pages ...

Always a BIG Thanks

These guys help make this place work (we'll have a pile of IRWIPI prizes to mail ... so this is most helpful). Thanks to these and the others who have helped to keep the lights on here:

Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger     (donation #6)
Butch O'Connell
Steve Giminiani (donation #11 &     #12)
Dennis Adams
Don "down2sea" McLendon
Sam Johnson
George "Wrenchbender Ret"     Capito (donation #3)

Trev "37 Chevy Truck Guy"     Jensen (donation #3)
Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen
Bobb "3B" Williamson
Roger (3B's friend)
Dave "1958GMCNut" Betker     (donation #3)


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Thanks to this month's News sponsor

The Hollister Road Company is proud to announce their new store. Look around and feel free to ask questions.

Hollister has been selling used Chevy classic truck parts for several years now and decided to open their own store and pass the savings along to you. They do also sell on eBay but they decided that with their fee structure, it’s was getting too expensive for the buyer.

Hollister offers a variety of body panels from 1947 up to 2007 for Chevy, Ford, Jeep, Dodge SUV's, vans and pickups. Their primary focus is 1947 - 1972 Chevy pickups for which they have both new and used parts -- from transmission pieces to frame brackets; body panels and that no-longer-made lower fender bracket for a 1955-59 3100 that's always missing!

Some of their vendors lines are Key Parts Inc. body panels, Dynacorn Parts and body panels, Autoloc, Zirgo Fans and other Hoffman Group brands. They will be adding more truck parts, years and brands as time goes on. So if you don't see what you need, check back with them or drop them an email.

Hollister used parts are checked out prior to being shipped to you. If the part fits into their media blaster, it gets blasted, checked for usability and then listed for sale.

They have a feature on their new web site store that lets you select an item, put in your zip code and start shopping through the store. The cart follows you and calculates the cost and approximate shipping. Then when you’re done, you can use the check out button and select email as the payment method. The program emails Hollister the details, and they can call you or email you back with the best pricing, cheapest shipping cost and shipping method for your items. You can always give them a call for the hard to find items.

Hollister main site The Hollister Road Company Hollister eBay store



It Ran When I Parked It 2008

The Winners!

Here they are!

If you were waiting with abated breath, we hope you are still with us!
It was another good year of photo submissions and a great opportunity to hand out more prizes!

Plus, this will give us another 2009 calendar to put together.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to all who participated. Hope everyone enjoyed this year's contest!

Next year, we plan to start the contest at Christmas and work it over the winter months. What were we thinking???

The ubiquitous P-30 step van -- Finding the right P-30 donor vehicle is the first step in transforming your AD "Big Bolt" into a more capable, diesel-powered hauler. The good news is that after you remove all the needed parts, you either have a garden shed or you can sell the aluminum body for scrap and get a lot of your cost back!

Tech Tips a-plenty

We plan for December to be Tech Tip month! We have several in the hopper. Here's are the first of many:

The P-30 Diesel / Driveline Swap

          As any of us who own one know, the 1.5 or 2-ton Advance Design trucks aren't very practical for hauling or driving on modern highways. And if you want to take one to a show that's out of county, you have to haul it. The good news is that diesel upgrades aren't as hard as you think. In fact, most of the components are available -- all you have to do is find the right donor vehicle. Generally, the best donor for this swap is the ubiquitous P-30 step van. Be advised -- This is not a swap for everyone, but if done right it is a big improvement and almost necessary if hauling much of a load at today’s speeds on the highway. Here's Grigg to explain the basics of ... The P-30 Diesel / Driveline Swap.

Bellhousing for "Late Six" and V8 Engines

          Not all GM engines were created equal -- just because it's a GM engine, doesn't mean it will just bolt up to your GM transmission or driveline -- you need to mate correct bellhousings! Good thing Les Parker can tell you... Read all about it!

The Great Oil Filter Debate

          Well, this was a 33 page / over 60 image Tech Tip sent to us by Pat Doonan (D & D Antique Auto Parts). Pat did an outstanding job of presenting all the research he did on the differences and changes in oil filters, lines, bracket kits and has included instruction sheets. The Tech Tip covers 1933 through 1963, and has original images. When you are looking for correct, original externally mounted oil filters ... don't leave it up to guess work. Check out Pat's data.

2009 Stovebolt Calendars!

We've added more to our collection of 2009 Stovebolt Calendars -- GMC Trucks, '60-'66 Trucks, Art Deco Trucks and Panels & 'Burbs! You have plenty of time to have them by 2009! You'll find them in the Hoo-ya shoppe!

Our 2009 Collection so far

  • Firebolts -- Trucks of the Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Department
  • It Ran When I Parked It
  • GMC Trucks -- A sampling of Jimmies, from light duty 1/2-tons to behemoth road monsters!
  • 1960-1966 Trucks -- One of the most popular eras of trucks on
  • Panels & 'Burbs -- By popular demand, a collection of panel, canopy express and Suburbans -- even a school bus!
  • Advance Design Trucks -- A selection of Chevy and GMC's 1st Post War Truck -- the 1947-19551st series trucks
  • Big Bolts -- 12 medium and heavy duty Chevy and GMC trucks
  • Art Deco Trucks -- A sampling of the "juke box" Victory trucks, 1941 to 1947 1st series
  • Best of the Bolt -- A large format (17 by 11 inches!) collection of various Stovebolts
  • Task Force Trucks -- 12 representatives of the '55 - '59 era
  • Good Ol' Trucks -- Unrestored Bolts showing off their well-used patina

Coming soon

  • The Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Dept. -- A large format collection of Firebolts!


Two Boys and a Sawzall

What could anyone salvage from a pile like this? Ahh ...

Les Parker knows.

Come read this funny story.


We have a WINNER

Another free subscription to Vintage Truck magazine given away to

George Smullen
Waupin, Wisconsin 

Thanks for supporting the site this way!


Looking for old truck pictures

American Classic Truck Parts is putting together another web site and they are looking for some nice, generic old truck pictures to populate the site.

Could be your's?

Send them your best shot. They are hoping to cover all the truck years.

What a better place to look for old Chevy and GMC trucks than here, eh?

Now this is Christmas!
Successful Sock Drive

Two full truck loads!

$800 in socks for the troops!


Well, goodness gracious me-o-my! What started out last month as a hope for a mere $250 to send another load of socks to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan ... well, it was just astounding. In the two weeks it took to end the month (November), the first truck was loaded ($500 = 300 pounds of socks) and another one was filing up quickly. Not only were Stovebolters making donations, but they were passing the word to other organizations and groups. We even had phone calls come in to HQ asking how they could participate also.

When we placed the first order with Alabama Wholesale Socks, they gave us a discount on the order (since it was a big one), that will help cover the shipping costs!

Once we updated the News page and listed the second truck, it took no time to fill it up! The third truck had a good load, too. We will wait a few more days to see if there is any more snail mail to come and we will place the final order.

This is truly awesome. We will move this to a Feature Story because so much has transpired since this all started! Plus Jason has sent us some on-site pictures we can use.

Truly amazing! Like we said: Now THIS is Christmas!


"Socks are always welcome because, as you know, keeping feet healthy is a top priority. This is especially difficult in the dessert. We turn in bulk laundry only once a week. Having extra socks will definitely help.

"When they arrive, I guarantee they will be distributed evenly to each those that live off of the main base -- they are living out on ECPs within the city with no PX, only a roach coach that goes around twice a month. They get only what we give them from back here on base. A full 100% of every box I receive (from donations) always is sent out to those on the ECPs.

1st Sgt. Jason Simmons

Thanks to this month's box-stuffers

Truck #3 on the right:

John "hotroddaddy" Pinson
[ from Club Hotrod ]
Theresa Wolfe
Ed "Da Oz Tinman" Hoover x 4
[ sock challenge ]
Johh Myers
Donnie Gills, Elite Signs
[ auctioned some of his prints ]
Marty at Maximum Torque Specialties
[ won a print! ]
Beth Bowman
Rich [ RJ Truck Parts ] Sisneros
STDog and fuzz [ from ]

Truck #2 (filled by December 7!):

Jim "Ziggy" Lowery
[ member of GPWA ]
Michael Rocheleau
Dan "Oldog" Trey
Ray Buck
Jeff Stuart [ Classic Parts of America ]
David Kaufman ~ Jim Bowman
Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus
Doug Moretz ~ Don Fahrenkrog
Joe Miller ~ Tom Hamblen


Updated December 29

New Links

  • Army Fire Trucks -- 'Bolter Bill Wolf's super nice site for World War II fire apparatus (Truck Sites)
  • BadBoy Blasters, Inc. -- Media Blasting, cabinets, abrasives, etc (Tools)
  • North East Chevrolet-GMC Truck Club -- A club in the Northeastern US dedicated to the preservation and restoration of GM trucks, vans/'Burbs and sedan deliveries. (Clubs)
  • SPAAMFAA -- Society for the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America (Clubs)
  • Old Dominion Historical Fire Society -- Dedicated to the preservation of fire service history in Virginia (Clubs)
  • Vehicle Transport Network -- Compare prices on vehicle transportation and save. Receive quotes from federally licensed carriers with one easy form. (Services)
  • Automobile Archives -- Specializing in GM NOS automobile & truck parts (Parts)
  • Collectors Auto Supply -- New parts for all years and makes of vehicles (Parts)
  • Move a -- Compare rates from vehicle transport companies (Services)
  • Pacer Page -- Resource site for AMC Pacer owners. Just goes to prove there's something for everyone online... (Other Neat Stuff)
  • Gas -- The online collection of gasoline logos from photos and maps. (Other Neat Stuff)


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