Stovebolt New Stuff - April
  'What we're doing around the site (It's a "Never-ending Newsletter" )

In This Issue

Mark-K Special! -- Made in USA!
Show Time!! -- Be there or be square!
New Tech Tips
   -- Cardboard Headliner Install
   -- Custom Inside Door Handle
   -- Spotting at Art Deco truck
   -- Side motor mount on a 235
   -- Old 'Burb, new bed (completed)
Shortcut added to Forum
New Staffers -- Some great new help!
Stovebolt Biz Card -- Handy to have
New Links -- And a new look
The Saga Continues -- Two parts
Feature -- Not all good deals are easy
Stovebolt Super Stars -- I love 'em!
Auction -- The help Stovebolt
New Hoo-ya stuff -- The Bolt Brag Mug
New Gallery Additions -- Alternative, too
Readers Write -- Hmmm ...

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Another Auction

     The was another auction that ended March 31, as a donation to Stovebolt. Ron "WE b OLD" Steltz had a 1954 radio that he auctioned. Dave "54TOW" Colter was the high bidder at $100. Thanks to all who participated!

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The word is out!
People want parts made in the USA from


One way we can help is to ship to you

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March 20 – April 30

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I know it may be hard to squash the feeling of winter. Peas remember, spring is soon to turnip.
Lettuce us prepare for warmer weather so that when when the thyme comes, we may be ready...


Spring is HERE !!! The apple blossoms are out!! And that can only mean one thing -- It's...

Show time! We're off to a fast start this year! Lots of GABFests to kick off the new show season. Here's a sampling of the great events our fellow 'Bolters have lined up for us this Spring! Be sure to check the Events Page for the complete listing of Stovebolt GABFests for this season!

Stovebolt Homecoming -- April 26

The Old Dominion Stovebolt Society is hosting the inaugural Stovebolt Homecoming on the campus of the Stovebolt Global Headquarters.

Details here!

Apple Blossom Beer Festival -- May 2-4

Join Jim "Virginia Brewer" Justice at the Virginia Brewing Company in Winchester, VA for the annual fire truck parade and beer festival!

Details here!

Redliners in Russell, Manitoba -- July 12

Lisa "Tempest" Clement has taken over the Redliners Show this year and hopes Bolters can make it!

Details here!

South Carolina Gathering -- June 14

Alvin "Achipmunk" is gathering Bolters at the Carolina Classic Car Club show in Boiling Springs, SC.

Details here!

BC Bolters -- April 26th

The Bolters in British Columbia meet regularly -- If you're anywhere near there, you should join them!

Details here!

Texas Bolters

The Texicans in the DFW area get together regularly. Join Cletis, Joker and the gang if you are in the central Lone Star State!

Details here!

New Tech Tips


Shortcut in the Forums

     We had a chance to learn a few more of the features in the new forum software. NOW ... whenever you reference certain words in a post, the program automatically makes a link. We have set it up for the main page of the Gallery, Lots O' Links, Features, and Tech Tips. So, if you are suggesting someone can find something in the Links page, when you type "links," when the post shows up on the thread, it has a link to Links! This will be a big help.

     It was April 2005 when we switched to the UBB forum. Then, of course, last year we updated that. So much to learn. But some cool stuff.


Welcome More Helpers !

     We've got some more folks who have volunteered to help with some tasks around the Virtual Garage. Looks like the "staff list" on the About Us page will be next for updating!

     Here's a brief brief. We'll have the fun stuff about this crew soon! Much thanks for people helping out like this. Our little gray cells thank you!

     David "54TOW" Colter [ 1954 Chevy 3600 Tow Truck ] was on temporary assignment in the General Truck and Greasy Spoon forums, working on the list of acronyms. We were looking for two separate lists. Ones that are specifically truck related and then ones that we use for short-speak. We hope to get a working list up here soon, so it can be developed "live." Ahh ... the beauty of the Internet!      Therese and John Kinsbury [ 1954 Chevy 3100 5-window ] have signed on as Stovebolt Snoops, gathering information on the really short Gallery submissions. They are also helping with Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen's "welcome" letting the folks know when their truck Gallery page is finally listed.

     BIG help!

     And if one snoop wasn't enough, we have a second -- Tim "Slowmotion" Mayer [ 1968 Chevy C-20 3/4-Ton Short Bed Dually ] . Tim is the last man hanging in the Gallery Team. He's been on the phone getting info on short Gallery submissions. We figured some guys have a lot to say, but typing it all is a painful process. So, Tim's got that covered.      Grigg Mullen [ Grigg has many, but here's HANDSUM, a 1952 Chevy 1-Ton Longbed ] has agreed to take on our Technical Advisor spot. We get Tech Tips submitted regularly and we needed someone to do a first check! After Grigg looks it over, asks questions, then it's ready to go to the format stage.

This has worked out well, as you saw in March, we got a nice pile of Tips out. And more are coming!


New Links and a New look

     We converted the Lots O' Links pages into the new format of the site. We've included a navigation bar on top of all that needed one.

       We've had a NAPCO page but we've incorporated it into the other link pages. We got an update from Pee Wee Garrett (1958 GMC Napco Suburban Carryall). He is now the head honcho running the NAPCO Owners' Group. He's been updating the Napco site (it's slowly coming together). So check back in there in a few weeks and see what's shaking.        Can you add " Wheels of Time" to your list of magazines (Pub links). Some readers might not be aware of this neat magazine. It is one that I truly enjoy reading. I have visited your web sight several times this week, and have enjoyed reading the articles and looking at the old Stovebolts. I own several old Stovebolts I hope to restore someday. Your web sight is the place to learn some interesting information. It helped me find the serial number on one of my old Stovebolts so I could update the title and put it in my name. I bought the Chevy 1954 in November, 2007. Thanks for your time! ~ Bear

       (We added Wheels of Time which comes free with your membership in American Truck Historical Society - ATHS.)

       Grigg helped with a tech tip on Bolt removals. In response to a question about drill bits, he mentioned "all good tool supply catalogs or shops will have these short "screw machine length" drills. One good source is Travers Tool Company.

     Here's the list:

The Continuing Saga
The Great Corvette Adventure

     We now have Parts 10 and 11 in this epic tale by Steve "Builder" VandenBerg. He's a few hundred miles out of Las Vegas. It's hot. It's hotter inside the 'vette. He's got "not so good vibrations" ... but he has continued to run into some great help and interested locals. An interesting police presence enters in Chapter 11.

     Read on!



Here's one of Scott Ward's big bolts working hard. Love to see that!  
Not all 'good deals' are easy deals...

     The old truck hobby depends upon the kindness of strangers and municipal auctions, and turns, it seems, on the big circle of life that keeps 'good deals' flowing ... usually ...

     Except for the day when Scott learned ... something else.

     Read on!



Stovebolt Support

     As always, we'd be seriously plunking along if it weren't for the folks who were willing to shell out some cash mulla to help keep this site running on regular! We've got some piles of GABFest goodies to mail!! You all make my life!

  • Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris (2nd donation!)
  • Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (7th donation!)
  • Stuart "Stuman" Bohm
  • Brian "colettesbro" Johnson (5th donation!)
  • Sabrina "Sab" Iturbe (2nd donation!)
  • Todd "tabdoo" Coggins
  • Ron "WE b OLD" Steltz auctions a '54 radio with proceeds for the site. David "54TOW" won the bid!
  • Trev "37 Chevy Truck Guy" Jensen
  • Randy "Mapleleaf" Jewers
  • American Classic Truck Parts -- a donation to help with mailing the GABFest goodies!

Gallery Additions for April

           We had another big stack added this month. Check them out here!

           And here are the few additions we were able to get in for the Alternative Gallery:



Readers Write ...

           I enjoyed the "Oil Change instructions" [ from the March News page ] . There is one more step to the man's instruction you left out.

           Back in the day (read: I was a lot younger then) our family car was a GTO and I drove a restored Corvette to work. I found out the hard way that the GTO oil filter will fit perfectly on the Corvette motor but not seal properly. I changed the Corvette oil on schedule and mistakenly replaced the Corvette filter with a GTO filter. The FRAM number was only one digit different.

           When you get ready for the test drive and start the car (step 36 of the instructions), all the five quarts of oil are quickly pumped out on the garage floor. This adds several steps between step 35 and step 36 that you did not include, not to mention slipping and falling on the now increasing oil slick on the garage floor.

           I only did that once. Even a man will sometimes learn from mistakes.

Mark Sharp
"Mar-K tech"
(Mark moderates the Making a Stovebolt Bed clinic)

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