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1953 Chevy 3/4-Ton Factory Stakebed

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Jim Merritt
Bolter # 43
Oltruck, California
09 June 2008 Update

From: Jim:

           Hi. I just wanted to send an update for my 1953 Chevy 3600 Flatbed and show its new "old" grille. 

           This was originally a factory painted grill and in great shape. I bought it off the Stovebolt site from a guy that tossed it for a new chrome unit. 

           I also found the grille guard and the 4:11 gears on Stovebolt. THANK YOU!

           So, until I get the truck painted and since this grille is so straight, I decided to strip it and leave the front bars in bare metal. 

           I think it looks pretty nice, but I do spend some spare time with a little WD-40 keeping the rust worms away. 

           I've also included some pics of my 1947 coupe. Here's the scoop on the coupe: I've owned this car for well over 30 years. A school friend's Mother bought it new. It's pretty stock except for lowering the car front and back, disc brakes, 3:55 gears, tube shocks, 12 volt electrics. Oh it does have a truck motor, 235 High Torque with a pressure crank and full flow oiling. Running three BXOV-2 carbs, mild cam, Pertronics ign, Nicson valve cover and TALL Nicson side cover.


Jim also has a sweet 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton in the Gallery. This man's got great taste! ~ Editor

6 January 2006 Update

From: Jim:

      Hello again.

      Here's a good photo of this factory stakebed. Original color was a medium blue. Even the wood stake sides were painted blue. Lucky me the wooden stakes are all original except that some knucklehead sawed off the top row.

      The front corners of the steel bed frame are rounded as I'm told means that this is a factory unit, and not aftermarket. The same knucklehead welded a thin sheet of diamond plate over the original wood. I can't wait to see the top side minus the diamond plate.

      Are there any other 3600's on the site? I would like to see a nice restored unit.

      This is the baby of stakebeds. Most you see are much bigger.

      Two other good pictures: front driver's side and rear view.

      This truck is so far on the back burner, I'll be to old to drive by time it's done.  I removed the 'add on' rear duallys. I spent a week or so underneath it, doing a total brake job, new shocks plus other stuff.

      Zeke and I went for a ride today.

Adios amigos,


      Jim had just sent us some photos to go with a few Tech Tips and he included these updated pictures. This truck looks great to me! Appreciate Jim's help here on the site! ~~ Editor


From: Jim:

      This is my '53 Chev 3/4-ton factory stakebed. The duals were aftermarket but seem to work so I'm leaving them on. I wanted another truck to actually haul stuff in since my '46 (check it out) was done. Now it only hauls stuffed animals for the Christmas parade and cotton balls.

      The hidden beauty (you have to look real close) is that I don't have to worry about it getting scratched or dinged or dented. All that stuff just adds to the patina. Has a '54 full pressure 235, 12 volt electrics and new (used) tires.

      Will get the thing done someday.

Adios amigos,

Jim Merritt


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