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A Cool Old Truck

Merlin Bellinger's

1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton

22 November 04

From Merlin:

          Found this 1946 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton w/216 C.I. 3-speed farm truck in Stillwater, OK and trailered it home to Grand Blanc, MI. Spent a lot of days and nights doing a "frame off" restoration and ... although there were a few disappointments along the way ... after it was finished (is it ever really finished?) ... I sure enjoy it!

          It is especially fun to have the "old-timers" ask questions or tell me what is "wrong" with it at the cars shows.

          What fun to keep these old work horses runnin'!

          It took me two years to restore (didn't work on it in the winter - brrrrrrrr), but I did spend a few cold nights completing some of the assembly. A few of my "good" friends have asked to borrow it to haul some gravel, etc., but I had to turn them down.

          I enjoy looking at all the pictures you have on your site. You guys do great work.

Merlin Bellinger
Grand Blanc, MI

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