Neil Sayre's

1934 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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22 August 2005

From Neil: 

       Well, here's my 1934 Chevy 1/2-ton. I bought it back in March and have yet to begin work on it. My plans (for now) are to simply restore it back to original with a few possible exceptions for safety's sake.

       I found it in Central Oregon and bought it from a friend of a friend. The guy I bought it from literally collects antique cars and trucks and uses them for yard ornaments. Some are in pretty bad shape, but I was able to save this one from a fate of slowly rusting out in some back pasture.

       I first got in contact with the guy when I drove past his farm and noticed an old 1/2-ton for sale. I slammed on my brakes and pulled into his driveway. The caretaker of his property, which was as run down as much of his vehicle collection, let me take a look at the old truck. It turned out to be a 1935 International that he wanted $1,000 for. After considering where I'd be able to get parts for the thing, I passed and asked the old caretaker if the owner had any more old trucks for sale.

       "Oh, heck yeah. At one time he had over 600 old vehicles scattered all over the place. He's sold most of 'em by now. Give him a call."

       So I did. My first question was if he had any old Chevy 1/2-tons laying around. He told me he thought he might have one out in his farthest back pasture. I was free to go take a look and he told me how to get to it.

       I was amazed. I drove past numerous old 1-ton, 1.5-ton and 1/2-ton "other" brands (Ford, Mercury, Chrysler) of trucks. Most, as I said, were in pretty sad shape. It's still sad to see some of those other trucks just sitting there, having played out there lives.

       Finally, about a quarter mile back on an old dirt road to nowhere, I came to a cattle gate and I could see the truck, sitting off all alone, and hooked up to a really old horse trailer. I'll be you that horse trailer was at least 75 - 80 years old. All wood. So I negotiated the deal and hauled it home a few days later.

       It's missing the radiator and the rear end had been swapped out for who-knows-what years ago. It wouldn't even roll. But those old tires held air, for the most part, and we were able to get it onto the trailer and unloaded it in my back field. I had to chain it to a tree and drive the trailer out from under it.

       So there it sits, waiting for its turn at new life. The sheet metal is in remarkably good shape. The usual surface rust, but I've found no rust through anywhere so far. It seems really solid. All the cab wood needs to be replaced but it shouldn't be too bad, given the foundation I'll be starting with.

       I'm just proud to be the one who saved this gem from where it was headed.

       If anyone is interested in any of those other brands or anything else this guy has, just drop me a line. I took pictures of almost everything I saw and I can send them to anyone and they can get in touch with the guy. He's willing to sell just about anything.

       Thanks for posting my truck in the Stovebolt Gallery.

Neil Sayre
"3 Girls' Dad"
Bolter #5790
Bend, Oregon

       Neil has a great 1940 GMC 1/2-ton long bed in the Gallery, too. ~~ Editor

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