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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- May 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue:

Stovebolt Support for the Troops -- Two 'Bolters "over there" (that we know of) spreading 'Bolt Good Cheer (and goodies!)

New Staffers -- Gallery Gal and a new Bouncer in the Spoon

New Links

Stovebolters Supporting the Site! -- and a little something for doing so!

Stovebolt Factoids

May Gallery Additions -- with two "firsts"



May 28

Remember those who gave it all


      "The "Memorial" in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember our ancestors, our family members, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifice:

  • by visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes
  • by visiting memorials
  • by flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon
  • by flying the "POW/MIA Flag" as well
  • by participating in a "National Moment of Remembrance": at 3 p.m. to pause and think upon the true meaning of the day, and for Taps to be played
  • by renewing a pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our fallen dead, and to aid the disabled veterans

      "Return the solemn meaning back to the day, and return minds and hearts to think upon the ultimate sacrifices made by those in service to our country. Just one day out of the year to honor our loved ones, our ancestors, our friends who died in conflicts and wars -- not to honor war, but those that died in those conflicts and wars.

US Memorial Day.org


Stovebolters Supporting Troops

by Steve "Builder" VandenBerg

      I was not able to join the service when I was a young man, I have no real comprehension of what our troops go through in war. I do know they deserve more recognition than we give them.

      Every day in the halls of the Veteranís Hospital where I work, I see the veterans -- young and old, male and female -- who served our country faithfully. When I am feeling down because my life has a stumbling moment, or something just doesnít go as I planned, I walk through the halls of the VA. It doesnít take long for me to be humbled by what I see. They donít have to tell me their story for me to feel lucky that they paid a price of great magnitude for my freedom. They donít have to tell me their story for me to suddenly feel that my problems canít be overcome. Seeing these veterans is the jolt to my brain that tells me to “STOVEBOLT UP.”

      We read about some of our own Stovebolt men and women that are in a foreign land, put in harms way for us. I would think that some act of kindness or generosity from people that they have never met (YOU) would put a smile on their face and/or give them some simple thoughts of home. I can tell you it makes me feel good that I might be able to make a servicemember's’s day, hour or even a minute, and let them feel that someone cares. I know I would fell a whole lot better just knowing that some guy or gal from Stovebolt would think about me if I were in the same boat, airplane, tank or sandbox.

      Please read on. One of our greatest thrills is to see first hand the generosity of others on the Stovebolt site. It may be helping one another with not only their old truck restoration, but also in friendship and support. And we've seen it played forward, in areas that have nothing to do with our hobby at all. Here is another opportunity for us to demonstrate a love that is as basic as grease, oil and smoke ... to the care and support, which is the very least we can offer, to those who stand guard in service to our beloved country.  Please read on ... there's much more! And check the forum responses.

      A smart salute to our service men and women. May God protect you and return you all home safely. And a huge thanks to the families who have raised sons and daughters who are honored to serve our County.



      The way the Gallery is fast approaching 2,000 submissions, we bugged the busiest person we could find and beg, pleaded and cried out for help. And she fell for it! Naw. Only kidding. But we do have a Gallery Gal, known to you all as Lori66. She'll be helping to gather up all those straggler Stovebolt -- what was that thing called on the Florida ballots ... something Chad ... the Stovebolt version of that. There are really great stories throughout the forum ... that need to be in the Gallery! So, we couldn't have found a nicer, more savvy, dedicated person than Lori Ann Spencer for the job. So, if you find she's knocking at your Internet door, please pour out the whole story of how you found, got, fixed, swiggerd your Stovebolt - with pictures - so she can help crank 'em out. Thank you, Lord!       The Greasy Spoon has been running top notch and without squabbles (that we've heard of anyway). And to help keep things running smoothly during the summer, when it's likely our three Bouncers may be out ... working on their trucks or something crazy like that ... we've got another volunteer Bouncer. He's mild-mannered and carries a big stick and can find that DELETE button in a single swosh. Nah, it's not that bad. Like we said, things have been a might be peace-able around these parts. And we'd like to keep it that way! Thanks to our additional mysterious Bouncer, as well as the dedicated original three. It's not a bad job, especially since no one knows it's you.


  • Old Cars Weekly -- Well, an on-line weekly old car E-magazine (Pubs)
  • Rebel Wire -- Basic harness kits built by hand (with American components) (Electrical)
  • Skinned Knuckles-- A monthly pub written by and for auto and light truck restorers (Pubs)
  • Transporters Direct -- Vehicle transport resource for shipping needs nationwide (Services / Hauling)



      Hey gang! The flag is definitely a GO BECAUSE we got a really generous donation from the IRWIPI Triple Dog Dare Adventure, with Steve "Builder" VandenBerg and American Classic Truck Parts. This major adventure raised about $2,000! That was more than enough to get the juices flowing and wake up those little gray cells ... ON WITH THE FLAG AND BANNERS! Big thanks to American Classic for participating in this adventure and for Steve turning those parts into cash for the site. Be sure to read the story. Stay tuned for the saga!

      A big thanks to Ron Steltz, Brian "Collettesbro" Johnson, John "Bigbadswingdaddy" Christ, Randy "Mapleleaf" Jewers, Mike Rocheleau, C. J. "C J" Stoakes, Rob "TN One Ton" Baker, Mike "Dakota" Jordanger, and Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris (his fifth donation ~ he calls it "rent" ) for their donations to the site, also! If you guys haven't checked the "Thanks page,"  Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts is giving a 10% discount to these folks who have made a financial contribution to the 'Bolt site. We will send you the "discount code" to to use when you order from JC!

      With some of the Stovebolt funds, our Stovebolt Geek (Paul Schmehl) just got a BIG MEMORY STICK for a 72 hour back-up for the servers, in case something goes down at the host site. He'll be able to run back-up from home, too (saves him an hour drive to get to the servers). Thanks Paul! We certainly would be in a pickle without this big guy.

      We have second winner for the Vintage Truck Subscription for April (another measure to support the site). Congratulations to Harvey Shepherd of Evans, Georgia



      The Swap Meet has been in the forums now for two years (moved from a separate Classified Ads program in May 2005). We were having such a time with dual log-ins, that just seemed one less step to worry about. Since then, the Swap Meet has really gotten busy ... adding a hauling forum, plus eBay links, Spotting Alert, and non-GM stuff. So busy, we brought in a ZooKeeper to help Joy keep things tame!       Also it was in 2005 that Woogeroo and Laroke had the first draft ready of the Stovebolt Library. What a job they did getting a good start on books and publications used for truck restoration hobby. That BIG effort expanded our Lots O' Links page to include one specifically for publications.



      We had TWO "firsts" in our Gallery. The first "first" was a video !! Tom "Cartunman" Johnson (1930 Chevy Universal LR 1.5-ton sent an update for his Chevy -- one showing it being loaded onto the trailer and another with it running! It was very cool to see! The second "first" was from James Jenkins (1966 Chevy K-10 Short Stepside. James had a great, long story and was our first time to include a menu bar at the bottom. We LOVE those long, detailed stories Hint Hint ... shouldn't they ALL be sagas ? !

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