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New Stuff -- April 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue:

The Stovebolt Page Expands -- oldest truck in the Gallery

Bolt Down the Hatches - Cyclone Larry tangles with Aussies

New Tech Tips

New Links

New Stuff in the Hoo-ya Shoppe

New Gallery Additions

New Alternative Gallery Additions

Mail Bag

Traffic Report




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   The Stovebolt Page Expands

     Well, looks like the site is having to add another notch in the old Bolt Belt. But hey, hey, hey ... we're not going NEWER ... we're going OLDER.

1916 GMC 1.5-Ton Model 31

     Check out John C's 1916 GMC 1.5-Ton Model 31

     John "always liked muscle cars and '60s and '70s trucks but never thought so much about early 1900's vehicles ... until now! I really love this thing! It truly is awesome just to see it and appreciate its character and charm."

     "The truck was used for parades in New Hyde Park, NY and opening ceremonies a Belmont Park ( the horse racing track in Elmont, NY). How cool is that?!"

     "As I understand it, only 398 (or 351 -- I have seen two conflicting sets of numbers) GMC trucks were built in 1916 and of those, only 57 were model 31's. It does run and with very little work can be driven. The truck is all original and seems to be missing only the original jack, tool kit, rear lantern and bracket, and needs an original carburetor."

     "I joined stovebolt on a Friday evening and I've already met some wonderful people. You should be proud of your website, and the people involved with it." (Thanks -- we are proud ! We do have some wonderful volunteers and some great truck nuts hanging around this Virtual Garage. Folks who enjoy helping one another ... just for the pleasure of it all.Glad you are now one of them!)


   Bolt down the hatches -- Cyclone Larry tangles with a Stovebolt

          Denis Samin sent us an update for his Gallery page and we were waiting for some photos. And waiting. And waiting (but that's nothing new ... some folks are busy working on their trucks ). Then we got an email from Scotty Reed saying big things were happening in the other hemisphere. So, when we heard from Zacca, we got the first installment of this story. (He is a Journalist, you know ... and he's been writing this story ever since Larry breezed into town.)

          He begins his story at 8.30 am on March 19, "because at this point, I was sitting in the bathroom just hanging on. The walls and roof of the house were thrumming and vibrating, groaning and twanging like Mick Jagger’s guitar. Cyclone Larry, a category 5 severe tropical cyclone, was extending his tentacles, feeling, searching for us and any weakness in the house structure. My mind ran a mental check on outside security: everything secured? Everything tied down or stowed away? I was happy about everything except the Stovebolt cab which was sitting on jack-stands under the verandah. A newspaper headline flashed through my mind: "STOVEBOLT BREAKS LAND SPEED RECORD OF 320 KM/H!" I wasn’t too confident that old girl was gonna make it. I could imagine her groaning and rolling off the jack-stands, the wind getting under her skirts and rolling her across the front yard, bumping over the fence and rolling and-a-tumbling down the Kennedy Highway, heading for town."

          "There are upwards 150,000 people in this region. Many hundreds of folks lost their roofs and it rained inside the houses. Saltwater crocodiles, man-eaters, are swimming in suburban floodwaters in the coastal sugar-belt towns. After a week of rain, the sun came out for one day, I pulled my Nissan out of the corn paddock after 14 days. It has started raining heavily again, been raining for a week, the Monsoons have arrived. Down south, the cities dams are drying up, there is drought. While we are drowning in water from the sky. That is the way in Australia. Best news of all - nobody died. And the Stovebolt is ... "

          Go read his story! Great writing, awesome photos, and an incredibly tale to tell.


   New Tech Tips


   New Links


   New Stuff in the Hoo-ya Shoppe

     In a continuing effort (maybe I should say struggle) to come up with stuff for the store (let alone get it actually organized), I've at least diddled with a few more things. Here is another suggestion (The Greasy Spoon mug and shirt) from Steve "Builder" VandenBerg -- I'm not so sure about the design, so it may (hopefully) get some help from the creative geniuses out there. The other is one that's been around a long time for you Apache folks. These are all in the main Hoo-ya store (and if you want the image on something else, just let me know).


   April Gallery Additions


   April Alternative Gallery Additions


   Mail Bag

     These old trucks are such a conversation piece. Everywhere I go I end up in a conversation with someone about my truck or one they had sometime in their past. My '64-'66 Chevy trucks break down barriers and start conversations with perfect strangers that would otherwise never take place. People are so much more friendly and talkative when there is a common denominator -- like an old Chevy truck -- or any old vehicle for that matter.

     I hope everyone has the fortunate experience of sharing stories of their past with perfect strangers, friends and family, like I have as a result of my '64-'66 Chevy trucks. Many thanks to the staff at the Stovebolt Page. I tell every person I meet about the site.

Tony Smith
Bolter # 5355



     I enjoy reading Stovebolts even though I’m a Model A Ford guy myself. 

     You guys have so much great info on your site.

     Our club is the Yankee Yesteryear Car Club

Alan Carignan


     Bob was looking for some information for his Klaxon Horn and posted it in the General Truck.

     Thanks for posting the horn info and pic. I will get more answers here than from any other list.

     This is a wonderful site - really great people and Chevy truck info.


Bob Wyant
1951 Chevy 1/2 Ton
1973 Triumph Spitfire


   Traffic Report

     It was a year ago this month that we installed the new forums! It sure seems longer than that! And Paul Schmehl reports that stovebolt.com is the 319,787th busiest website in the world.

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