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Hood Prop

Randy Baumann

     All information, illustrations and specifications are based on the best information available at the time of publication. The author cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this publication. Corrections are welcomed, and can be submitted to Randy. We always consider our Tech Tips to be "living documents" and appreciate feedback. This Tech Tip is available in pdf format also, which includes very detailed illustrations.

Additional Contributors: J. H. Proffit


     On early Chevrolet™ and GMC™ trucks with 4-piece hoods, one question often is raised: How to securely hold the hood open? There is nothing more aggravating (and possibly dangerous) than to have the hood slip off the cowl and come slamming down.

     The other solution is to open the hood completely and rest it on the hood panel on the other side. This can scratch the hood panels, and does not allow both sides of the hood to be opened at the same time.

     The best solution is to prop the hood open. From all indications, the hood prop shown in this document may have been a factory item, but in many cases these have been lost over the years.


Hood Prop - Supporting Hood


When the hood is opened, the prop mounted on the core (radiator) support rod is pivoted up, and the hood latch rod is placed in the notch at the end of the prop.


(Photo by Jim Proffit)

When lowering the hood, the hood prop is pivoted in. The tab welded on the arm will rest against the cowl to hold it in place when not in use.


(Photo by Jim Proffit)



NOTE: In some applications, items mounted high on the firewall may not allow the hood prop to rest against the firewall when pivoted to the storage position.

     The hood prop is mounted on the core support rod, and is held from moving front-to-rear by a jam nut in the opening formed at the end of the hood prop arm. To install the hood prop (see pdf file - the installation drawing goes along with these instructions ):

NOTE: Before removing the core support rod, record the amount of threads exposed beyond the outer (engine side) nut. This will provide a starting point for adjusting the hood during assembly.

  1. Remove the hood.
  2. Remove the core support rod (1).
  3. Remove the outer nuts (3) and flat washers (4) from the core support rod (1). Save all hardware.
  4. Insert a 7/16-20 jam nut (8) into the opening formed at the end of the hood prop arm (2). Place the hood prop and jam nut onto the threaded ends of the core support rod (1). Thread the jam nut onto the rod.
  5. Install the outer nuts (3) and flat washers (4) on the core support rod (1), adjust the nut to the expose the same amount of threads as recorded before removal.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to install the hood prop on the other side of the core support rod. NOTE: Hold the hood props in position while installing the core support rod, this may require an assistant.
  7. Install the core support rod. Do not tighten the inner and outer core support nuts until the hood position (gap) is correct.
  8. Install the hood. Adjust the hood gap as needed, turning the outer core support nuts in or out as needed. NOTE: Some slight front-to-back position adjustment of the hood prop may be required. Adjust the jam nut as required.
  9. Tighten the inner and outer core support nuts.

     For installing drawing and the Parts and Assembly Drawings, download Randy's pdf file. The images and layout are excellent.

v. January 06

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