Odin Turner's

1958 Chevy Custom Pickup

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23 January 2006
# 1378

From Odin:

          Here's my 1958 Chev full custom. It has been chopped four inches, sectioned four inches, and shortened eight inches. The whole process is still in the works of being finished, but the bulk of the roughing in was done in a week (the sectioning and shortening) by myself and my good friend Bob Parsons.

          I ran it without the chop for a summer and then pulled it back down for some much needed rust repair. That escalated into the chopped lid and a ton of other work.

          I am hoping to have it done in a year or two but will wait to finish it right.

          Thanks for looking.

Odin Turner
"1958 Custom "
Bolter # 9845
Longview, Washington

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