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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- July 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

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The Dog Days of Summer

      Well, everyone had the last few months to enjoy many of the spring car shows, swap meets and general GABfests (check out the report from Canada!). And they continue on and now include picnics and other hot weather stuff. Tyler Bolles is here working on his 1959 Chevrolet 1/2-ton Apache. (This was a shot from 2002. Great photo. We need an update, Tyler!)

      Some of the hub-bub on the site quiets down a little during June, July and August. We figure Bolters are on vacation, recovering from vacations ... or working on their trucks to get them ready for the Fall shows!! So, we are going to try to crank out some Tech Tips that may help. And if you've got one to send in, by all means ... do!

      Happy wrenching!


Canadian Report   From Greg Falls

      The BC Bolters still meet on a regular basis. Since our first meet in February, 2007, you can see the guys and gals have really come together. We all contact each other on a continuous basis via the Stovebolt Page discussion forums or email.

      A lot of new friendships have been established. Several of the fellows have been assisting some of the new and old members with their trucks -- either fixing mechanical or electrical problems or helping out each other by trading or giving away miscellaneous truck parts. The camaraderie amongst the guys and gals has been fantastic.

      Here are some of their recent events (with photos or discussion):


      In the upcoming months, I am positive more events will be happening with the BC Bolters.

Those Stovebolt Toppers!

      You probably noticed a big interest in the Stovebolt License Plate Topper designed by "Whizzerick" (see the Feature below). This interest occurred when the BC Group saw my truck's topper and all the fellows wanted one. Trev "37ChevyTruckGuy" Jenson, got the ball rolling on the 'Bolt and we are very pleased that Whizzerick will make the toppers again as soon as he is able.

      We all thought the auction for the topper was a great fund raiser (see Sock it to the Troops story below). Imagine, $150 dollars ... very cool ... and especially, that one of the Stovebolt members was willing to donate his Whizzerick piece of art for the auction. WOW ... very classy gentleman!

Best regards,

Greg "Niagara" Falls



Tech Tips

Get that ole horn blowing!

      It's all well and good to be safe. And letting people know you're there with a gentle blast of the horn is a great way to do it. But there's also something neat and complete about the nostalgic bark of these old 6-volt vibrating horns! And they do complete a restoration. Hard to do? No way! Here's Kip to show you that your name doesn't have to be "Horatio" to be a horn blower. You just need a little time, patience and the right parts to ...

      Read more of Kip "Kip's41" Bonds Tech Tip


Two Speed Rear Axle Dash Stickers

     Developed with the help of Bolters from the Big Bolts forum, KC Mongo ~ our HiPo Shop moderator ~ has developed these Two Speed Rear Axle Dash Stickers. Check out his site / Mongo's Garage for the Stovebolter Special Savings!



When serendipity strikes

      If you remember this story from last July about John and Peggy's road trip north, you'll be glad to know that John's got part one done of this saga. It's quite a long one. Good story. Great pictures. So, we thought we'd at least get on with the beginning ramblings of the Grand Poh Bah. ~ Editor

        Some trucks naturally find their owners. Others need a little help...

        They say life is a journey. And so, maybe, it is -- A starting point, a destination and a lot of meanderings (some purposeful, others not quite. But all the good ones bring us new friends) in between. Some of the best of those meanderings are the ones that just ... happen. This is one of those.

       Come read part one of this saga.


One of the "originals" drives Stovebolt past G2K

      Here it comes! Don "down2sea" McLendon's 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton pickup truck ~~ the Stovebolt 2000th Gallery Addition

Dreaming big

      My dream of owning an old truck was sparked back in 19 and 69 when my older brother, Tommy, returned from California, to our home in Florida, driving a 1946 1/2-ton Chevrolet pickup truck. From the moment I laid eyes on it I was smitten -- not only by the big fat fenders, crank out windshield and gaping chrome grills, but also by all of the adventure represented in driving it all the way across the country.

      I vowed to myself at that moment that someday I too would make an epic journey in an old pickup truck. Little did I realize that it would be over two decades before my dream of owning an Art Deco series pickup truck would materialize, and that half a lifetime would pass before the road trip would begin to take shape. This journey is about well-lit highways, detours, forks not taken, and rest stops (anticipated and not). The route getting here was not carefully planned, nor the maps completely drawn. I am at another junction in life and am excited to find out what roads lay ahead.

      In the middle of the 1970's I read a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:  An Inquiry into Values, by Robert M. Pirsig. In this book, Pirsig makes a journey across the United States and “explores the metaphysics of quality.” 

      Come read this great saga by Don "down2sea" McLendon and the trip he's been on and the one he's planning!


New Links

       We now have over 645 links in the Lots O' Links pages! Thanks to those who sent many of these in!


       Happy Independence Day from Dixie! I read the link on "WW II Stovebolts" and wanted to add an additional website: Non Vi Sed Arte -- Not by Strength, by Guile -- The LRDG Vehicles

       The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was a British Commonwealth unit involved in the desert campaign in N. Africa. They used 1941-1942 Canadian Chevrolet trucks, right hand drive, India format, with a Stovebolt engine. There are many good photos and drawings on this website and the Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society's site. The Society is a group in California that has a reproduction Chevy truck and a WW II Jeep. They use them in parades, shows, etc. to promote WW II history. Mr. Jack Valenti of the LRDG Preservation Society is a friend of mine and a wealth of information on the LRDG.

God bless America,

Harvey Shepherd

       Harvey won the subscription to Vintage Truck magazine in April. Thanks for the additional link. We already had the LRDG link, plus several Gallery submissions sent in by Jack Valenti, and an IRWIPI submission, too! You are correct -- great guy! ~~ Editor




The Story of the Stovebolt Topper

      Some of you all may have missed this big event last year (January 2006 as a matter of fact!) But (opps!) look how long it's taken us to get this story onto the site!

      Last year, Rick "Whizzerick" Bacon offered to make up a limited batch of Stovebolt Toppers (they mount on top of the license plate) to help raise funds for a much needed Stovebolt (backup) server in Texas. These toppers went like hot cakes and after covering his costs, Rick was able to send over $300 to Stovebolt.

      Besides the work of making up the Toppers, Rick put together a great presentation of how he did it. Come check out his supply of Wheelium! A great, informative and pretty funny piece to go along with his impressive and creative product.

      Such creative genius. What a lot of work!! But he said he had fun doing them and everyone LOVED them. Last month, Tim Sheridan (1947 First Series 1/2-ton and 1946 Chevy 1/2-ton) offered to auction one off his toppers. Mike "65PanelMike" Rocheleau (1953 Chevy 3100 Shortbed) had the winning bid at $150. That coupled with another donation was used to "sock it to the troops" in Iraq (see the story here). Tim commented that he "would not be too surprised if the parts suppliers don't call him to stock these. They are extremely nice and I can't wait to have my truck together to actually be able to "install" it!!! As always, the "Bolt" is a great place!" We do have some great folks here!

      Rick included in this generous gesture a topper for each of our volunteer staffers. HQ got a mounted topper which hangs proudly in the living room! It IS impressive and we know people are chomping at the bit to see Rick open his shop again and start another batch. But don't rush the man. He needs a break (and probably some help). Stick around and you'll see when he's ready to fire up again. Thanks to Rick and all of you for this show of support! ~~ Editor This man has talent galore!! And yes, the picture looks great but the actual topper is incredible!

      Come read the story!


Sock it to the Troops!

      As a follow-up to our story last month on Stovebolt support for our troops. As mentioned above, Tim Sheridan (1947.1 Chevy 1/2-Ton pickup) auctioned one of his Stovebolt Toppers that Whizzerick made to go towards this effort. Mike "65Panel Mike" Rocheleau was the winning bid at $150!

      We did some surfing to find some good socks, and to find someone who'd be willing to work with us so we could get a LOT of socks for the money. Well, Alabama Wholesale Socks in Ft. Payne, Alabama was GREAT. We were able to get name-brand socks (without the name or wrapping, naturally) ... 750 pairs for $200. Two other donations came in to help cover the additional costs -- they wanted to send as many pairs of socks as possible! Stovebolt picked up the freight charges.

      They were sent to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation office at Camp Habbaniyah as recommended by Tutts 59. MWR will distribute them to the troops there. We've written a letter to MWR to let them know they are coming as a show of support. We aren't looking for a thank you from them but wanted to thank them for what they are doing. We hope to get a photo to include here. We even hope to be able to do it again. It would make a great Thanksgiving idea!

      Alabama Wholesale socks even sells socks by the pound. For $150, you can send 100 pounds of socks! Wow, there's a crazy world of sock people out there. (I saw a video - when I was surfing for this info) where a bunch of college kids did this deal. It was funny to see all those socks and people getting socks by the handful. Some of the kids were saying it was easier to get new socks than to try to locate their dirty ones!! What a world. (What would their Mothers say!!)

      This is so much fun.



    Again a big thanks to those who have financially supported this site during the month of July.

    Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris - has made donation #7! That's one every month! Steve (JIMBO59CHEVY) Giminiani has made donation #2.

      And if you haven't checked the "Thanks page," we have some "giving back" to our "givers!"

      Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts is giving a 10% discount to these folks who have made a financial contribution to the 'Bolt. We will send you the "discount code" to to use when you order from JC!

      Rebel Wire -- Basic harness kits built by hand (in America with American components) is giving a 15% discount for Stovebolt Supporters. Call Glenn (618.395.8216) after 5 pm Central Time to request the "Stovebolt Supporter's discount."



    Jim Franklin of Grand Junction, Colorado has won the free subscription to Vintage Truck magazine for June!

    New or re-new here and you will have a chance to win. One every month!

      Thanks to Vintage Truck magazine for having this project to support the old truck hobby!


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