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IRWIPI -- We have winners!
Feature -- Lurch's 2007 Memoirs
2008 Calendars
Images in the Forum
Santa's coming in a STOVEBOLT
Super Stars -- Keep us running
Gallery Additions

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The November subscription winner:

Jack Smith
Fowler, CO

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All of you.


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Nothing like an old truck calendar

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Santa is coming

Well I've been sorta worried
About Santa Claus this year
'Cause we live way down south
And it didn't snow down here.
But I'm telling you not to worry
'Cause I just got the word.
Everybody listen closely
And I'll tell you what I heard.

Santa's comin' in a Stovebolt
Instead of his trusty sleigh.
He'll have a truck instead of reindeer
To carry him on his way.
'Cause the weatherman had some problems
He couldn't get snow you see.
Santa's gonna come in a Stovebolt
When he visits you and me.

Santa can't bring his reindeer
He'll leave them far away.
But don't you worry 'bout him
He's gonna be here Christmas day.
He's got a big red Stovebolt
With four-wheel drive and all.
And there's gonna be a Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas for all.

That Santa is one smart Bolter!

Thanks to Jim Bow for sending this in!

No parts of this site, its contents, photos or graphics may be used without permission.

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Stovebolt Christmas
Hot or cold ... any way you like it




Grigg Mullen's 1952 Chevy 1-ton Longbed (Handsum)
John Ray's 1954 that "we lovingly call 'Sherwood.' I do truly enjoy your site. Best wishes for a joyous season.

It Ran When I Parked It Winners!
May we have the envelope please

        We had 53 entries for this year's It Ran When I Parked It photo contest, and some really darn good ones. Some hysterical. Some great tales and background info. Thanks to those who took the time to tell everyone just how easy it is to find such beauty in the wild.

        Judging was laborious but handled with calculating detail. The voice of motorheads far and wide for The People's Choice Award was tallied by the two beauties here (Joker's delightful Granddaughters). Thanks to them and Grandpa for their help in this annual artistic expression of our crazy hobby.

Here are our IRWIPI ’07 FINALISTS
(in alphabetic order)
  Thanks again to our prize donors.
The contest is always fun. But it's great to get a cool prize

Lisa "Tempest" Clement
Bob "49 chevy truck" Duncan
Jerry Fendley
Mike "Grizzly 34s" Grizzle
Don "down2sea" McLendon
Laura Oliphant
Kyle "641Workmaster" Pierce
Eric Radack


American Classic Truck Parts
Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
The Filling Station
MAR-K Quality Parts
Header Buddy

        So, now you need to know who won and what -- Read on ...

Stovebolt Feature ~ Lurch's 2007 Memoirs
Checking in with his Chevy buds, and sharing the love

        Lurch, the 1927 1-Ton Cattle truck, is quite the celebrity around Stovebolt and other parts, too!! Lurch had Dean "Rustoholic" Meltz pined to the computer to be sure we all had a real good account of what they all have been doing for the past year. And it's been plenty -- a gal with a REO, the rich and famous meets the rusty and infamous, bring the cows, and finding a distant cousin.

        A year's worth of adventures and a great read. Good writing, Lurch. Good typing Dean!

        Read on!

Looking at Stovebolts month after month
As if that doesn't go on already

        We have these calendars done so far, and have more entries coming in. Check on the Calendar Page to see all the details!!

        When I first saw your e-mail, it did not soak in -- thought it was just the announcement and would get to it later. Ten minutes ago, I went up on the site and see that Baxter is on the cover of the 2008 Large Calendar!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! Our place went nuts here -- you will get our order soon once I revive the check writer. Thanks so much -- he is happy to be of service!!!!!! John Lewis and Baxter, 1953 Chevy Pickup


Posting pictures in the forums
  Stovebolt Super Stars
The fuel that keeps us on the Info Super Highway

     The reason we ask for a LINK to a picture (rather than posting / embedding the image itself):

     1) it affects our bandwidth (which is costly)
     2) it makes the page download slower (which really affects people on dial-up, and we've got a lot of them)
     3) some European users have to "pay by the byte" (and we don't want to do that to them ... especially after they've seen the image once already!
     3) American Classic Truck Parts is paying our hosting fee and we want to be good stewards. Otherwise, we may find ourselves having to cough up some hard cold cash. Not fun. Not good.

      We've even taken the image button out of the menu to help curb this practice. Most of the gang is really good about not embedding an image and we greatly appreciate it.

      You may have noticed, we are including more pictures in the Gallery, but even in there, we are using links to the pictures (which are larger and hopefully more helpful) for those same reasons. A side benefit for your post then, is that you can post a link to as big a picture as you like and it won't affect the rest of the posts in that thread!

     Thanks for your cooperation!

Stovebolt Staff has expenses like anything else and we sincerely appreciate those that help carry this load. Keeping this site moving ahead and FREE for everyone, has been made so by contributions from many and some cold cash by some. We are all grateful.

      This month's contributors are:

  • The Hollister Road Company
  • Karl Nelson (2nd donation this year)
  • Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus (5th donation)
  • Marty "delux54panel" Flores
  • Tim Sheridan (3rd donation)
  • George "Wrenchbender Ret" Capito (3rd donation)
  • Mike "49 geezer" Stark (2nd donation)

Here's a contri for all the great work you do. Know that having been a forum member here has saved me a lot of $ over the years of re-doing the old Geezer -- so here's something back!
               Mike "49 geezer" Stark

Gallery Additions
The ones we added this month

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