Jim and Carol Rutledge's

1941 (?) Chevy Suburban

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23 January 2006
# 1379

From Jim:

          Enclosed are some pictures for the Gallery. It's a 1941 or 1946 Chevy Suburban.

          The Burb was purchased locally. The story goes that it was used as transportation from the train station in Cochecton NY (near the Delaware River) to take New York City vacationers to nearby Monticello NY. Monticello was the Vegas of the time. Lots of shows and movie stars.

          My original idea was to make it a driver for relatively little money. Well you know how that goes.

          There are very few new parts on it. The sheet metal was VERY poor but I used a roll or two of welding wire and a half sheet of tin and HOURS and HOURS and did the best I could. The biggest challenge was making the windows go up and down. Had to manufacture some window track and rollers that would work. Final result was up and down windows.

          The other big challenge was the tailgate. The bottom was almost completely gone. Lots of time and wire in that.

          This was not a frame off but I spent a lot of time under it before the POR. The engine has been all done except the babbits. I just adjusted them. Never even knew such a thing existed but I guess I did it right! There are no synchronizers in the tranny and that is the only disappointment. It is hard to drive for anyone but me. I am still thinking about a modern rear and tranny. I will never butcher it to the point that it can't be put back easily though.

          I guess it's a pretty rare bird and I hope you enjoy the pictures. For more pictures of this truck and other projects, check out our website.


Jim and Carol Rutledge
"46 Burb"
Bolter # 4247
Northeast Pennsylvania

          Definitely check out Jim's website. He's got some good detail on the work he's done. Plus, Jim and Carol have a second Bolt -- a 1952 1/2-ton GMC Pickup ~~ Editor

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