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New Stuff -- March 2005

New things on the site you just might have missed

Tyler Bolles working on his 1959 Chevy Apache

    We usually begin Stovebolt March Madness with John Smith's article on bringing your Bolt out of winter storage. But this year, we thought we'd better grab your attention BEFORE you grab any tools!

    We've updated our Shop Safety Primer thanks to some additional input throughout the year.

    Whether you are a seasoned and experienced restorer, or new to the old truck restoration hobby, you should always practice safety in the shop. The following story and safety primer should help the novice, as well as the expert, remember that Safety is Job 1 in the shop -- always!

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A Shop Safety Primer

       We all know that working on our old trucks is dangerous! But sometimes, either through lack of knowledge or complacency, that danger can rise up and strike even the most competent and skilled restorer. Living to enjoy our finished work demands safety awareness, common sense and care. For your own safety, as well as that of those around you, please read these safety tips and be familiar with the safe operation of the equipment in your shop and its proper use when working on your vehicle. Even if you're an old shop vet, re-reading safety tips can keep you from the clutches of complacency

       Every year, people die while working on their vehicles and more are injured. Almost without exception such accidents are due to human error.

       The three commonly observed factors contributing to these deaths and injuries are:

    • Lack of knowledge
    • Inattention or distraction
    • Violation of safe practices

       Serious hazards include dropping heavy components, improperly secured loads, and incorrect use of equipment and tools.

       Thanks to Tony Pascarella, Jim Proffit, Kip, Racecarl, Chief, Boyoconnor, TT, Barry Weeks, Joe H, Ken, Jeff Nelson, Phat, Stingray, 52CHEVY, and Dakota for contributing to the following. Please learn from our experience -- there's no need to learn these lessons yourself the hard way.



Destined for a crusher and a future as a soda can,
a left-for-dead '52 1-Ton turned rat rod
helps Dad by...

Motivating the next generation

           The truck was built on a whim because of a rat rod the boys saw at a car show that was built by adults for little money. They thought it looked unsafe and poorly built, and commented to me that they could build one better.

           So I challenged them to do it.

           I knew of a '52 GMC 1-ton I could get for free if I hauled it away. So we had their truck and a starting point.

           Because they decided an 8-lug 1-ton would not be very cool AND the boys wanted to show the truck at the local car show, the Cowlitz County 30th Anniversary Unique Tin Car Show, the clock was ticking and the job was on!

           To make this come together quickly, I donated my wife's 1984 Monte Carlo (bought at an auction for $200). It ran and drove with a V-8, power steering, power disc brakes and the body was shot.

           In five 10 - 14 hour days, we put the '52 on the '84 frame. The boys got all the bolts holding the truck to the frame off in two hours and then we lifted the cab off with a tractor. It took another three hours to get the Monte off its frame. We left the Monte's engine, transmission, and brakes intact on the frame and welded new mounts on. Then we set the cab.


  There's plenty more to Dale Holt's story ... with lots of pictures.



Green-light specials from the Stovebolt Hoo-ya Mall

Prompted by a suggestion from In2Deep and Buddy in AK, we now have a new design in the hoo-ya mall
(maybe we should make our "school colors" black and red for blood and grease?):


Order directly from the Hoo-ya mall if you like.

You can order this
dimage e
on a t-shirt, ball cap ... well, anything you want.


AND ... we can add your name to it if you like!



If you want something customized, you'll need to contact us!

The "Living t"

Thanks to Ray Oehm, Jr. for helping get the list of names started. And if you'd like to be included ... this is a "living shirt" so we'll keep on adding names ... even if we are crunching them in there! So, get in while there is literally "space available."



And here's the latest version of the

Greasy Spoon Hanging Out

(or whatever you want it smacked on)



And we have the

It Ran When I Parked It 2004 Wall Poster


Our next design undertaking is a cool idea for those Texas Stovebolters!



      "I am very exited to get my truck on the website. I appreciate all your time and your effort doing this for people and not charging to post. I think it's awesome what you are doing and I hope never dies. Thanks again!! ~~ Andrew Bogle / 1961 Chevy Apache 10 1/2-Ton


      "I followed your advice and requested a restoration package for my '70 CST-10. I spoke with a Lynnette Evans who I told was probably one of the most courteous and helpful people I'd experienced in a long while. I know it's her job but it sure was a breath of fresh air in today's world. Thanks for the tip and keep up the good work! I've been enjoying your site for over two years years now. ~~ Michael C. Moffett / Chantilly, VA


      "I am from Bloomington, Indiana. I did post under the General Truck Talk forum (1957 Chevy Bread Truck Questions?). The members on this site are amazing! The information they gave me has led me to pictures and articles and now I know quite a bit. I booked a flight to Providence for the 23rd and can't wait to see the truck in person. I will be sure to send new pictures as soon as I get her home and cleaned up a bit! Thanks again for the great site and all your efforts. ~~ Chris Foster / "JupiterCoyote"


      "I really enjoyed doing the project (1952 Chevy 1/2-ton) and could not have done it properly without the help of all those great Stovebolters! ~~ Ken Adams / "Shoeless" / Oklahoma


      "First I would like to say THANK YOU to The Stovebolt Staff for all the hard work that goes in to maintaining this site. I must also say how glad I am to have found this site. I mostly just lurk quietly in the corner because I am not much help with any technical questions and there are so many more knowledgeable people than me here. 'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.' I have owned my truck for two years. I bought it to satisfy a longtime desire to own one of these trucks, even though I had next to no practical working knowledge of it and initially I felt alone and uninformed.
      "Searching the web for info I stumbled upon this site. Hallelujah! Here were people just like me! (except they know the answers to my questions). I read all responses eagerly to hopefully gain some insight into my own truck. I have learned that any question I might ask has probably been asked a hundred times before and will probably be asked hundreds more but you know what? Someone will always be there to answer patiently every time! This place is amazing. So many people willing to give of their time and know-how to perfect strangers and expecting nothing in return except maybe a "thanks."
What a GREAT PLACE. The Stovebolt Page is like a favorite T.V. show. There is drama, comedy, excitement, and a cast of thousands. The cast of characters is ever-changing. They come and go, though some have stayed for the long haul it seems, and of this I am glad. I want you all to know that I consider many of you my friends even though we have never spoken or communicated directly. I still look forward to hearing from you daily. Sorry to ramble. Really just wanted to say I LOVE THIS SITE [Big Grin] P.S. To all newbies - Be polite, say please and thank you. Thanks all. ~~ Jeff Moore / Hays County, Texas

We've been posting new links, tech tips and gallery additions as we get them done (don't want anyone to have to wait for the first of the month, like your mortgage payment), so in case you missed any in February ...

February New Links

February Tech Tip Articles

February Gallery Additions

David Hennessy's 1948 Chevy Thriftmaster
"Climbs dam walls and negotiates washouts with ease. Awe-inspiring when driven in a spirited fashion."
Duane Wilhelm's 1941 1.5-Ton Art Deco Firetruck
"Methuselah" has a little history on his Stovebolt including some work done on it by "prisoners at the Elmira Reformatory back in '41"

Russell Miller's 1930 Chevy Delivery Truck

Our first 1930 in the Gallery! Neat story; neat truck. Russell got his Dad's old truck back ... and now back on the road again!

Conrad Martel's 1954 GMC 100

Radman announces this is his first project and "My wife paid $50 for it. Yes, $50 !! (She bought it for Valentines day!)"
Tom Carver's 1954 Chevy 3100
The "before" and "after" on this Stovebolt is an incredible read. Tom ought to be a good source of info!
Gray Carlson's 1954 GMC
Gray got this second GMC from eBay. Perhaps a bit too "shiney" for him :)
Dennis Weatherald's 1965 GMC 910 1/2-Ton
Truck abandoned for 30 years in the field -- Dennis has big plans. And his "Red Baron" is here in time for Valentine's Day!
Steve VandenBerg's 1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside
This is a GREAT story. I can't even tell a portion ... you just have to read this one! A Stovebolt Mystery unfolds.
Jon Christensen's 1965 GMC 1/2-Ton 4 x 4
This 'Bolt was used for "mud drags" and Jon had a lot of cleaning to do before he got started on the project
Jon Kehoe's 1966 GMC Alaskan Pickup
"I have wanted one forever" and the handyman next door kept tempting "jonkehote"
Mike Shott's 1961 Chevy Apache
"Mike with a Stepside" says she dives nice. "I will be fixing it up myself so that I have a nice ride to go off to college in."
Wess Schramm's 1940 Chevy 1/2-Ton
Another Texas Stovebolter -- this 'Bolt was pretty ruff when he got it two months ago
Bill Schickling's TWO 1940 Chevies
Bill's got a 3/4-ton he's keeping original and a 1/2-ton that he's upgraded some; and a web site showing some of the work he's done and more pictures!
George Rebuck's 1966 Chevy Stepside
"She also does great 360's on the snow with little effort at all."

John Kennedy's 1950 Chevy Suburban
"Haven't been around much in 2004. This is why! I've been busy!"

Norm Zabala's 1964 Chevy Crew Cab Longbed
"Crew-zin 64" has quite a saga on finding his Stovebolt. Are you all ready for "The Grumpster?"
Andrew Hunter's 1942 Chevy 1/2-Ton
"Apart Hillbilly" tells a good yarn on finding his Stovebolt. Obviously -- for now :) -- he's got an appropriate Stovebolt handle!

Mykk Hannan's 1936 Chevy 1/2-Ton
"HotRodRocker" in between singing gigs is slowly getting it (and two others) rebuilt from the ground up

Chris Foster's 1957 "Truck"
JupiterCoyote has his "truck" up one evening and is already singing the Stovebolt Theme song -- and grateful for all the help!

Dave Hemphill's 1941 Chevy 1.5-Ton Stakeside
Found this truck when he was just driving in town .. "it stopped me dead in the street."
Dean Brown's 1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton
CanyonAg77's "16 year-old daughter will certainly have the most unique rig on the high school parking lot."

Bruce Michaels' 1951 Chevy 3600 NAPCO Conversion
Bruce has an update ... with a whole new web site with lots of photos.
Bart Tilton's 1947 3/4-Ton Chevy
Bart's been driving her every day for three years. Looks good in this parade shot!

Larry and Sandra Tallant's 1957 Chevy 3800 1-Ton
A good picture of what a Stovebolt does best ... working!

Brian Stormer's 1950 Chevy 6400
"BStormer" has a neat story about this boom truck ... and a few questions

Ken Shirey's 1970 Chevy Longbed
Ken is restoring this truck in loving memory of his Dad
Ronald Rancatti's 1952 Chevrolet COE
"1952 COE" tells us "she has been on the road since late summer 2004 and has proven very handy with some moving chores and a real blast to drive!"

Keith Pankratz's 1947 Chevy Loadmaster
"Pakrat47" -- This Stovebolt is part of their family tree!

Tony Moore's 1950 4400 1.5-Ton
"50-4400" bring us "Lazarus" which was originally a Coke delivery. Tony's looking for some ideas about the bed
Dale Holt's 1952 GMC 3/4-Ton
Gallery Entry #1000 !! Young Stovebolters at work ~~ A great project; real teamwork!

February Alternate Gallery Additions

Marc Collins' 1956 Studebaker 1/2-Ton
Gary Cornaglia's 1970 VW Karmann Ghia turned Dune Buggie "Daily Driver" ... can this be?


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