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New Stuff -- March 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

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We've got a new contest!


Stovebolt Poster Contest

We seem to have some very creative folks among us, and we generally don't get very far in creating anything new (or cool -- so I'm told ). Our last poster is the It Ran 2004 entries ... sheeze. So we're gonna pass the buck. And for some big BUCKS!

American Classic Truck Parts is passing out 200 big ones (that's $200) for the winner of the Stovebolt Poster Contest. Not a gift certificate but a take-it-to-the-bank check to do your own shopping spree. Gonna get some spring plants, ya say? Oh, okay. If that's what you want! It's your's to do as you please! But if you are looking for some truck-stuff, you need to see the new American Classic Store Front on eBay? Kinda neat. (Lots of good door stuff on there now ... gaskets, weather stripping, window channel and seals ... lots of stuff.)

Contest details -- If the poster is done digitally, it must be a minimum 200 resolution, 23 x 35 inches and incorporate the Stovebolt Page logo (if you'd like to try a variation of it, just let us know) and web address (stovebolt.com). Drawings should be 9 x 14. And other than that ... the rest is up to you and your ability to get it on paper!

Electronic submissions will be accepted in jpg or png format. Snail mail submissions should be sent to: The Stovebolt Page - 41370 Friendship Court, Mechanicsville, MD 20659-3853.

Deadline: Friday, May 27. We'll post the entries as they come in (similar to the IRWIPI contest). You all will decide the winner. (Maybe by then we can have a second place prize, too -- we'll do some scavenging for that).

So for those of you who like to dabble and dribble, here's a chance to pull together something cool for everyone. Feel free to get ideas from the gang in the Greasy Spoon. There have been some fun idea tossed around in there.

By the way, that IS one of Peggy's fine and totally cool poster creations above. So, come on, it's gotta get better than this!

We've got new staff!

There's more things coming up around here besides the daffodils and dandelions. We have a new bunch of "staffers" (volunteers) to assist in keeping the Virtual Garage running smooth, friendly and lively!

Alan Horvath

Alan Horvath is co-moderating the Electrical Bay (along with Randy Rundle) and Interiors (with John "Rusty 46" Tatman).

Since we've been talking about talent, you might like to know that Alan Horvath (formerly known as Alan Post) has been writing and performing his own songs for more than three decades. He has rubbed elbows with some of the most noted personalities in the music industry including David Bowie, Elton John and Johnny Cash ... and has co-written songs with some of Nashville's most prolific song writers.

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Alan has toured 36 of the United States. He finally retired from performing in 2001 and has returned to New Jersey where he still writes, records and releases his work via his web site, In addition, he does web and graphic designs.

Alan purchased his 1954 Chevy pickup / street rod via the internet and had it shipped from Humble, Texas to Milltown, New Jersey in January of 2003. Since then he's posted photo-tutorials of every project he's done on his truck. Alan has been a great help to many Bolters coming into the forums with questions.

"Electrical and Interiors" are his favorite places!


Dave Gentry

Dave "53 moneypit" Gentry is helping out Dennis "Boyo" O'Connor in the Engine and Driveline Forum.

For over 40 years Dave has had his hand in the automotive business.

Initially he broke into the business in a sales position with a now defunct body and hoist manufacturer. There he honed his welding, fabricating and fluid power skills, too. Attending engineering school along the way sure didn’t hurt and then he opened a business and for many years he sold, serviced and installed virtually everything that used mobile hydraulics.

He did steel fab and welding also. He had a driveline shop and was a Spicer, Borg Warner and Cleveland dealer. There he built hundreds of drivelines from Jeeps to sprint cars to off-road equipment.

A Gear Head since high school, he's always had hotrods, motorcycles and heavy equipment as toys.

The balance of his time has been spent representing various manufacturers involved in truck mounted hydraulic equipment. Dave hopes this varied background "offers enough insight to be of some value to the many, many very knowledgeable people I’ve come to know here at The Stovebolt Page."


Mark Smith

Mark Smith has livened up The Tool Chest forum since he took over (our first moderator in there).

He's got to own the most (and probably coolest) tool boxes of anyone on the site! He says he's "feeding a family of four" .. a shop box, one on his mobile brake truck, and two at home for his home tools. 

Mark is a District Automotive Mechanic for one of the largest electric utilities in the country. So, at least once a week you can find him on a Snap On or Matco truck, buying tools.

The shop he works in has everything from hand wrenches to machinist tools to an overhead crane.  Welders, sandblast cabinets, plasma cutters, steam cleaners, lifts, etc.  He works on everything from small honda generators to 80 ton cranes and everything in between. "We'd work on the helicopters but they have special guys for that!" 

His job covers a 50,000 square mile service area and provide power to 13 million people. 

"Does this qualify me from the tool aspect?? "

And just who is this Detailer fellow? Ah ... is it a fellow? Hmmm... ??? Someone did return an email compliment with a "kiss" (thinking it was going to Peggy) and the Detailer did not particularly care for the kiss. However, being a very effective communicator / liaison type person, he forwarded the kiss on to Momma. Anyways, it is a Bolter (as apposed to a Boltess) who's helping with the piles of emails that come in here and there. Peggy wanted to call him her "Sexy-tary" but decided not to embarrass him. Plus, "Detailer" sounds more dignified.

We've got new stuff!

Well, in a creative stroke of genius ... no, actually on the suggestion of Steve "Builder" VandenBerg -- here are some new bumper stickers in the Hoo-ya shoppe. This idea had come up before, and well, Steve was just the latest one to suggest it. The Chevrolet Sunset is a gorgeous shot of Mark "Egypsy" Robert's Canopy Express, that is a mini-poster. I've been working on one ... the few, the proud, the "in pieces" that Joy (the Siren of the Swap Meet) helped me with so far. It also is still in pieces.

We've got new Links

     We're up to 519 now!

We've got new Gallery Additions

We've got some new Alternate Gallery Additions

We've got some new Mail

Hello Y'all:

Sitting here bored on a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, I happened upon your web sight. I have been hard at it, looking up parts and info about old Chevy trucks. Since finding your sight, I haven't straid into to many other sights.

In my possession are a few old Fords, a '75 Chevy C10 and a '77 VW bus. I even have the sandles to wear when driving the bus -- it truely is a complete package.

I was given 1953 Chevy 3100. When I fly in, I will trailer it from Mississippi to South Louisiana. A lot my of questions were answered while sitting here with Hank Williams playing in the back ground, as my fingers remotely manipulated the arrow from point to point within the confines of your net space. It is a given -- I will spend many more hours perusing the wares of your sight.

Thanks for helping me pass the time!!

Todd S


Wow, you were a little too fast for me in getting my 1949 Chevy Stepside in the Gallery! I thought it would take a few days. Thanks.

You've got a great site. Just found it Saturday and I've already gotten a lot of useful information.  

Paul "pablos49" Burgett

(Now don't you all tell him it usually takes us months to get a truck in there !! ~~ Editor)

We've got some stats

Normally, we wrap up with the monthly traffic number for the site, but we thought we'd give you some other fun data that we retrieved from last month. AAMOF, the Detailer has been running a contest on this data to see who could guess. Now we are just curious to see who might catch the scoop here and take home the prize. Sneakkkkkeeeee.

Top 10
and / or

(Feb 2006)

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  • Gallery main entrance
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  • Lots O' Links - Parts
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  • Where in the World Wide Web are them there Stovebolters
  • Tech Tips Main page
  • Tech Tip - VIN decoder
  • The Hooya Shoppe

And here's the traffic report:

Hits: 5,234,166     Bytes: 64,497,447,819     Individual Visits: 164,992     Pages Viewed: 1,327,144

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