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Supporting the Troops Update
  - Stovebolt Homecoming
  - The Call of the Burb
  - Corvette Saga continues

Tech Tips
  - Spotting an AD Truck
  - What's my truck worth?
  - Manifold and Headers
  - Passenger Mirrow Install
  - Rusty Screw Removal
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Gallery Additions
Vintage Truck Winner
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Memorial Day
observed May 26


To honor the men and women who have died in military service

They have names


Update on Supporting our Troops

Stay tuned as we have more planned!


Lots of Features

1st Ever Stovebolt Homecoming

        Rocks. Beer. Fellowship. Coming Out. Running out of gas ... Okay, so maybe we'll try to forget that last one ( yeah... RIGHT! ), but who'd a thunk hangin' out down on the farm would be quite this much fun??

       The first ever Stovebolt Homecoming started out as a crazy idea hatched by John Milliman and Billy Marlow at some point during a series of stressful work weeks. They hastily started planning for what would eventually turn out to be a halfway decent event, all things considered. The "Old Dominion Stovebolt Society" had enjoyed hanging out with each other at places like Winchester and Clifton, VA. So, John and Billy thought it would be fun to have a Spring event but without the bureaucracy of being at a car show. The idea was simple -- just a fun time with our fellow Bolters to relax, hang out, enjoy the farm and some chow, have a good cigar, drink some beer and generally just chill. We'd get up Sunday Morning and head over to the Leonardtown Car Show.

       And that's pretty much how it worked out, too! Come read the story and see lots of pictures!

The Call of the Burb

     Having survived lounging super models, fires, accidents, a trip out of Africa and home to Sweden to recover, the Celt hears

    The call of the Burb in the Bush ...

     Read on ...

  The Great Corvette Adventure

     We are now up to Part Twelve ~ Lord, just get me home, pahlease!

     Only 38 hours out of Vegas with 45 minutes of rest ... So which one of these two ruggedly handsome dudes do you think is builder?

     Read on!


Shop Eastwood for your Auto Restoration Needs!  


Tech Tips
The good ideas keep rolling in

     AD Spotting -- Kip "Kip's41" Bonds and a host of other Bolters continue to add to the Tech Tip describing all (or most) of the subtle differences for a Chevy truck through the years from ’41 to early ’47. This is information gleaned from a forum discussion, and it's proven to be a great way to "build a tech tip!" (hint, hint for any of you who may like to try this -- go for it! )

     Bed Roll Plugs -- Bill "olblu49" Jesse has a cool solution for plugging those wholes while saving for those lights and deflectors. Now Bill's had these for five years, so we think he likes the look!

     What's my truck worth? -- Getting rid of a truck? Here's some thoughts by Barry Weeks

     Manifolds & Headers -- What manifolds and headers fit or interchange? By Barry Weeks and Dave Alama

     Mirror (Passenger side) Installation -- How to install a mirror on the passenger side of your Advance Design Truck

     Rusty Screw Removal -- Some more informaton added to our Bolt / Screw Tip -- by The Crew

     So pull on over to the Tech Tip page to check these out!


705 and going strong

     Tim Mayer had nice things to say about Classic Instruments. If you missed the update on his 1968 Chevy C-20 3/4-Ton Short Bed Dually, you might want to check it out. Those are some pretty gauges!

     JA Ceschin has a neat site (We Love Old Trucks) with some great info on truck history, buying, restoring, and even making money with your old truck. He's given us permission to use some of his info here. It all fits very nicely. And JA's comment is that "it makes me proud to have anything I created being placed on your great site." So check his out. Some good stuff!

     Here are the additions so far:

  • Car Parts. com -- "Great parts cheap"
  • We Love Old Trucks -- Tips on buying, selling, restoring and even making money with classic cars and trucks (Services)
  • Wolfgang Publications -- A variety of pubs (sheet metal fab, wiring, kustom techniques of the 50's, trucks and tractors (Pubs)
  • Classic Instruments -- Aftermarket gauges and custom work (Parts)
  • TC's Truck Parts -- Retired guy selling truck parts for 1947-1972 Chevy and GMC trucks (Parts)
  • TM9-801 -- A web site on WWII GMC and Chevy trucks, discussion forum, too (Truck Sites)
  • Freecycle -- Changing the world one gift at a time - giving and getting stuff for free around the globe (Services)
  • Slick 60's -- Discussion forum for 1961 - 1966 Ford F-Series Pickups (Truck Sites)
  • Buy More at Tom's -- Various parts (Parts)
  • John's Pickup Truck Pictures -- A variety of pictures of old trucks from 1910 to 1972 (Truck Sites)


Gallery Additions for May

     In case you missed them, here are the new additions and updates that we added to the Gallery pages in May! Fast approaching 2340 trucks in the Gallery. Some great stories.



Stovebolt Support

     Thank you for thinking of us! You are the electricity that keeps these lights on!! (Speaking of, it was a year ago we were able to get the UPS thanks to your donations! Now, spring time power failures are no longer a dread and I can keep on working away!)

  • Sabrina "Sab" Iturbe (3rd donation)
  • Brian "colettesbro" Johnson (6th donation)
  • Scott Telford
  • Steve Owen
  • Mark "53jimmy" Roberts
  • Drew "DrewP" Pierce
  • Steve Battaini
  • Denny Graham (2nd donation)
  • Jerry Whitfield
  • Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (8th donation)


Readers Write ...
This is such cool stuff

     This email made my month! Not only neat drawings, but such a kind gesture! Bolter #6088 is Joe "Lockland41" Newton (an art teacher). He's been with us a long time. He just added The White Knight, his 1941 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton, to the Gallery last month. Yet another reminder of the Stovebolt Relationship Creed! ~ Editor

Ain't No Better Bolter

     I am new to the Stovebolt site. I can already tell it is a really great idea though. Not just the trucks but the people.

     Recently I saw an add where someone was parting out a truck like mine and I sent an email to a guy who had the brake parts I was missing. Not only did he have them but he went out in very cold weather to take them off and ship them to me. Charged me a fair price, too.

     Later, I got stuck for another part and asked him if he had it. He didn't but he knew it would interchange with another year and sent me one. He hardly charged me shipping cost.

     When I got home that day, my kids met me at the door with a package that had drawings on it. You gotta see these. [ Image "on the road again" ] [ Image "to Texas" ]

     When I thanked him for the drawings, he took time to draw us another picture, which is absolutely amazing. Check this out -- The Tiner's Texas Truck!

     They just don't get any better than Bolter #6088!

Marshal "4D6" Tiner
New Bolter

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