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Stovebolt Supporters

As always, a big thanks to those who help to keep the site on-line!

This month:

  • Ed "Forty9" Feldman
  • RJ Truck Parts / Rich Sisneros
  • Charlie "Cletis" Hardin (2nd donation)
  • Mark Smith (4th donation)

Vintage Truck
We have a winner!

Michael Hubbard
Saint Joseph, MO

has won a subscription to Vintage Truck Magazine. Congratulations. Who will it be for November?

From the IN box

I just brought home a replacement engine for my 1941 truck. The engine is a 1953. I had read through all (or almost all) of the Tech Tips and other posts on swapping newer 235 CID engines for the older 216 CID like the one in my truck. Once again your site was extremely helpful. I probably would not have tried this with out the info gathered here.

The engine I purchased is a 1953 and is a unique year for the 235. Barry Week’s Tech Tips cover the other years very well. I'll send some info on the ’53 to add to the Tech Tip on identifying these engines.

In our spare time we raise Lab puppies for leader dogs for the Blind. Mr. Red is four weeks old here in the back of my truck.

~ Kip "Kip's41" Bonds
1941 Chevy Master 3/4-Ton

Gallery Additions

In case you missed any of the Gallery additions from October, here they are!


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In This Issue    
  ~ Report from the 4th Annual Reunion
  ~ My Old GMC Trucks
  ~ Toto's first long run in decades
It Ran When I Parked It
  Photo contest is UNDERWAY
Tech Tips
  ~ Speedometer Rebuild for Art Deco
  ~ Fabricating door hinge plates

New License Plate Topper
Vintage Truck Magazine Winner
New Links
Stovebolt Supporters
Gallery Additions
From the IN box


Busy Bolts and Bolters

Stovebolt(er)s meet   Stovebolts work   Stovebolt travels  

The 4th Annual Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City was just incredible. This was our largest turnout yet. Check out all those purple shirts! Come read what's fit to print!

  My old GMC trucks!!
by Howard Keith

Driving a RARE 1936 GMC T-14 1/2-ton through a whole in the wall is just a small part of this multi-layered feature. Come read this great story.

  TOTO has been a farm truck all of its life and has seldom gone more than 20 miles from home. Until it was called into service for the Stovebolt Reunion. Read all about it.

The Great Corvette Adventure - concludes with pictures!

Steve was asked, "Would you do it again?"

"In a heartbeat"


It Ran When I Parked It Photo Contest is UNDERWAY
Get those cameras shooting

Not that anyone needed a gun-shot to get this contest underway (we had some submissions as soon as last year's contest was over!), but we finally have something in writing for the new folks who want to participate.

It's the GREAT STOVEBOLT BAILOUT! We don't promise a plan for helping the dismal state of global affairs, but we do have a bi-partisan, sure-fire plan to bail you out of any depression you'll have following the elections, fuel prices, weather turmoil, economic disaster ... or just the winter (summer for you Bolters in Oz) doldrums this year -- our annual photo contest !! It's the same fun year after year!

Three new things about the 2008 contest.

  • Judging will be done in eight basic categories, or genres.  This will give us a chance to give a prize to the four over all winners. And then winners in each one of the categories (MORE PRIZES!) Be sure to pick the category for your submissions!
  • We decided to post the images on a Stovebolt IRWIPI Photobucket account. This gives folks an option for viewing. The old submissions page downloaded pretty slowly as it filled up with pictures. The turn-out time on our end is faster now, also (no resizing and duplicating images).

We love the look of the slideshow version. So, let us know how it works for you all.


Tech Tips

Speedometer rebuild for GM Art Deco Truck
by Jeff "rustednuts" Erickson

So you've got some "dinkering around time" (as Jeff puts it) now that the days are shorter, eh? Well, find a warm spot and pull out a cookie sheet, some towels, and get a grip ... a steady hand that is! Jeff walks you through a rebuild on the speedometer for the 1941-1947 1st series Chevy / GMC truck. He's got plenty of pictures and lots of details. And if you're uncertain, just drop him a note.

You should see the "before" speedometer! Great job on the Tech Tip. On behalf of many ... thanks!


Fabricating door hinge plates

Fabrication makes it happen!
by Vic "vickraft" Leger

As is the case for many people that are fixing these old trucks, sometimes you need to hum a different tune. The hinges on my 1951 Canadian Chev 1/2-ton were re-buildable, but the face plates were partially rotted out and thin. After looking to all the parts suppliers for these old trucks, I found no replacements for hinge face plates

So ... Vic made them and saved a bundle!


A New License Plate Topper
Your's for the asking

From the fiery flames of the sand box emerges a new

Stovebolt Topper

These license plate toppers are a new design for your old truck. Their size alone makes a BIG statement! They are 4.75" x 6.75" (with a 2.5" x 3.75" mounting tongue), thick AND they come ready to be painted. So you can have them match your truck if you so please! Bob "thefoxesden3" Fox gives us all the fun details (including how to get one, two or many!).

Come read all the details. It sure doesn't look easy, but they sure do look good!


New Links
And testimonies ...

RJ Truck Parts -- A Stovebolter specializing in 1960 - 1966 Chevy and GMC Trucks, Suburbans, Panels


   I contacted RJ about some where tubs for my project and he ships me almost perfect tubs, that all I need to do is sand a little. If I'd found him back in 2000, I'd be finished by now!

   A few more parts and I'll have a whole truck! Things I've bought from RJ -- doors, hoods, wheel tubs, tailgate, right front fender. He's like the Energizer Bunny -- he keeps finding good parts! He ships quick and packs them well! .

Jake Groby
V-6 Fix Modelman
1960 GMC Pick-up ~ The Beast

  RJ is the man when it comes to '60-'66 Chevy truck parts and he sends a cool t-shirt along with your purchase.

   We have done some biz together in the past and I look to him for some hard to find parts for my 4-5-6 Chevy truck projects.

Tony Smith
4-5-6 Chevy Trucks
1964 C-10 Long Wheel Base Fleetside

(Lots of trucks ... this is just one!)


Friction Materials, Inc. is a place in Baltimore, MD that still can do brake shoe arcing. This procedure grinds the shoe to exactly fit the drum like a glove.It only cost me $40 for 4 drums and 8 shoes on the PW. They are very nice people, and do excellent brake shoe arcing work inexpensively.

Dave Langford


Rock - These guys have high quality, sometimes hard to find parts delivered to your door in days for a lot lower than the parts house. I rebuilt everything on the front end for around $200 shipped to my door.
Eric Anderson
Bolter # 10829
Prescott Valley, Arizona
1966 Chevy C-10 Longbed Fleetside


  • New Pig -- Absorbents for oil spill cleanup: absorbent pads and mats, socks, wipes, and spill kits (Parts)
  • Classic Trucks -- On-line resource for the magazine (Pubs)
  • 4 Wheels On-line -- kits (lift, lower, exhaust) and accessories (Parts)





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