Dave and Cheryl McCoy's

1964 Shortbed Fleetside

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02 January 2006
# 1348

From Dave:

          I found your site this day. Very cool. I have a 1964 Shortbed Fleetside that I would like to put in your Gallery.

          My Stovebolt started as a birthday present from my Dad. She was a daily work truck till 1995. The rebuild started with a complete tear down. We sandblasted every thing and started ordering all the goodies. My UPS driver and I are on a first name basis!

          I have to admit that things got a little carried away. Every nut and bolt is polished stainless steel. All the seams are welded and filled. Fire wall smoothed, inner fenders smoothed, rear tubbed and inside of the bed smoothed. In all 38 months and a very sore back -- she was ready for the shows.

          We had a great time showing her off. This winter she went back on the blocks for some more add-ons. I had to c-notch the rear and install AC. Not to mention about 50 other details to work out. We should be back on the road this spring.

Thank you,

Dave McCoy
"Dave 5137"
Bolter # 10394
Antioch, California

          Dave had so many really good pictures, we wanted to be sure to include them without loading down the page so much. What a lot of work -- what a great looking truck! ~~ Editor

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