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New Gas Tanks -- from ACTP
BC Bolters time travel
GABFests 2008
Stovebolt Topper Auction
Stovebolt Saga
-- a new one and an epic continued
Vintage Truck Another Winner
A whole new look in Features
Another Calendar 1960-66 trucks
Supporting the Troops Update
Supporting the Site
Gallery Additions -- 57!
Alternative Gallery

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Congratulations to our Vintage Truck subscription winner for January

James Payne
Howell, Michigan


Some new faces in the Forum

       A little something to help with your writing ... or whatever ...




Thanks to TooMany2Count for these!


New Look in the Features Section

We've been cleaning up

   As the site continues to swell with information, we've been trying to revamp some of the sections to keep things neat, orderly and somewhat uniform. So, we re-did the Features section into the Reading Room! All the great stories, events and contests are there. We hope stuff is easier to find now.

   And, of course, let me know if you find any "Whoops" pages! Thanks ~ Peg





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New Gas Tanks!


The picture shown << click here for a larger view >> is a 1955-59 gas tank. These tanks allow you to get the gas tank out of the cab! These replacements go between the frame rails! They hold 19 gallons, are zinc plated and very well made. We have them for the 1947-53, 1954-55 1st and the 1955 2nd-59. They have mounting hardware and bits. $295.00 each. Contact them for more information!

And now ... The NEWS!

BC Bolters slip back in time!

       The BC Bolters have been meeting regularly for over a year now. This past January they all braved the big snow forecast and frigid weather to take a trip back in time! Stovebolt Cub Reporter Trev "37ChevyTruck Guy" captured the day in story and several of the the BCB included pictures. You really need to check out the photo sites with the pictures. They are incredible. And viewing as a slideshow is a total WOW!

       We arrived at our meeting place, Shady Grove (Abbotsford), around 10:30 a.m. We were greeted almost immediately upon pulling into the driveway by an authentic vintage gas station , vintage general store and an amazing car museum. As far as the eye could see, there were period correct vintage signs on all the structures on the property. Be sure to check out the gas pump: 34 cents a gallon (gotta LOVE those prices!). Little touches, right down to two empty rocking chairs on the front porch of the "General Store." It really gave you the impression that you had slipped backwards to another place and time.

        (B)rrrrrrrread on!

GABFests 2008
The Gathering of Bolters far and wide

       Now that we have this good story from the BC Bolters, we updated the 2008 GABFest page, complete with the calendar (so far -- we have more coming). Check it out. Read about the growing popularity of this grassroots movement to meet face-to-face with members of the Stovebolt Collective. With Trev's story, we also hunted down old stories that were adrift in cyberspace. Now we have a place for them.

       You'll find some goodies to take along as you venture out this spring. Download a truck placard, flyer, and business cards to help you connect with other truck owners. With the flyer in hand, you may boldly go forth and discover how many others are out there!!


Stovebolt Topper Auction
Come place your bid!

Bidding ends Midnight, Mar. 5th

"Help me raise some support dollars for The Stovebolt page. I have two Stovebolt toppers. I have two trucks but I have never put the toppers on my trucks.

"I was looking at the feature on the making of the toppers about two months ago and this idea came to me then and a new topper thread pushed me to do it.

"I didn't donate to last year. No reason not too, I just never got around to it. I want to this year and I thought I could raffle off my second topper and donate the money. I will donate the highest bid for my topper to Stovebolt.

"The neat thing is my topper is the natural finish one. So only the '6' has the background black colored. The high bidder is able to color the "Inline Power" portion anything they want or they can leave it natural.

"The rules for bids is they come in the order the forum software puts them in the thread. Big high and bid often!

"Let the fun begin!"

~~ Bill Schickling

'60-66 Stovebolt Calendar is done
Another great Calendar

Check it out!

       Initiated by Lori66 before the end of the year, Lori solicited the forum-dwellers to see if anyone wanted to "pony up" a submission for an era-specific calendar. She had good response but unfortunately, not all the truck photos would work in a print format. But more submissions continued to come in.

       Then ... dang ... computer problems! We had 10 months done. We were sooooooooooo close!

       As a few more large images arrived with Gallery submissions, we snagged them so we could finish the calendar. By this time, CafePress offered us a new set up for the Hoo-ya shoppe. (You may notice the difference in this shoppe compared to the others. But we haven't done much with the design part of that yet. But at least now we can put all the stuff in one shoppe ... hopefully, or shoud I sent eventually!) The good news with this is we can have offer more than ONE of each kind of calendar item in a shoppe.

       So ... go back to the old format (11 x 8.5) or continue ahead? We opted to continue on. Also, we anted like to see how people liked the picture insert idea.

       So, this calendar took a little longer than it should have. But it IS here. Much thanks to the IRWIPI truck for being Ms. January ... since that month is HISTORY! And a big thanks to Lori "Lori66" Spencer for doing all the leg work on this!

       This beauty to the right is Barrie Swanepoel's 1961 Chevy Apache 10. "Apricot" parks herself in Johannesburg, South Africa and looks great in the 60-66 calendar.



Supporting the Troops

       Steve "Builder" VandenBerg has done a great job keeping the dialog going on our Support the Troops effort. He got a group to send 100 boxes of truck and car magazines!!

                                                                                                 On the other end, 'Bolter Marc Piccolo reports from Iraq: "The boxes have been coming in steady now, at least a couple a day. The troops really appreciate the magazines and are happy to have some good reading material. We appreciate all you've done for the troops. Please extend our thanks to those members who have been so generous with their magazines and goodies. We gave out a bunch of the pens and paper to some of the teachers in the local villages. They were happy to get the supplies."

       AND we are happy to tell you that Marc is heading home! "My replacement's name is Shaun Copelin with the same mailing address as I have now."

       Shawn arrived in early February and "he has agreed to keep pushing the magazines out to the forward bases." We have updated the Support page in the Features section with the new contact person (and Bob Burns is still there). We are in the process of updating the entire page, with some other cool information. It's quite a piece to put together. But we at least wanted to get correct information up there. We've been tickled to know that other folks have gone to that link to get information on mailing things to the troops. And I think there's some more good news to add about special postage for packages for the troops. We'll get it on there as soon as we can.

       Thanks for doing this! And keep it up!

       (Speaking of Builder, do you know it was a year ago this month that he launched out on the Triple Dog Dare Adventure? He's putting the story together on that, too!)

Stovebolt Sagas
Two Stovebolt tales proving that guts, stamina and unfailing drive are key elements in the restoration equation. Some just plainly put it: U R NUTS
      Meet Phyll the Phlatbed -- The regal coat of algea is the new patina, if you didn't know. Doing some bench presses with a steering column is a great workout. Not to mention bleeding your breaks solo. And the dumb little plastic piece that's all smashed to pieces -- is that important?

      David Knokey, know to Stovebolters as "Oly Kutznsandz," definitely has a restoration "challenge" here!

      Come read about Dave pumping iron!

         We are up to Part VIII in Steve "Builder" VandenBerg's epic Corvette adventure.

       Ever had alien jerky? How long can you go on a tire that's lost its tread? How long are you willing to drive 45 mph on the interstate? Do you miss a good Parts Chick? What does "This is Las Vegas" mean anyway?

       That's only PART of this chapter. It's a real hoot!

       Read on!


Supporting Stovebolt

       We always want to acknowledge and give a huge THANKS to those folks who shell out some of their hard-earned cash to help keep this site moving along. We are now looking at the unfortunate need to replace the HQ computer. We got our current PC a good while ago but this puppy is hurting to keep up.

       So, the donations from here out will go towards that effort. Thanks all!

  • Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus
  • Steve "Steve, Sr." Soper
  • Sabrina "Sab" Iturbe
  • Mitch "tangovino" La Fortune
  • Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris
  • Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (5th donation)
  • Les Parker
  • Denny Graham
  • Charlie "Cletis" Hardin
  • Brian "colettesbro" Johnson (3rd donation)
  • Matt "sixtyfive c-10" Hamilton

Gallery Additions
We had a pretty big stack!

       We added (or updated) 57 Gallery submissions this month! Shooo-wee! So rather than a long list (which will make this page even longer), we've added a link for you to check them out. A real nice bunch of writing this month. Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped get these together ... from Lori "Lori66" Spencer to Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen who helps beef them up. We've got a new volunteer in the works who is helping get some good stories out of the short ones!


Alternative Gallery

       The last time we were able to update this "cool entertainment" portion of the site, was back in August of last year!! So, doing some of that "winter" sorting, we thought we'd try to knock a few out. For your enjoyment:



       Jonathan Perry asked us to be sure to thank everyone who helped him out as he spent over two years -- a "Labor of Love" he says -- restoring his 1950 GMC. It sounds like he and Gwendolyn had a great time working on it. And she has turned out quite lovely.

       In response to an inquiry, Bergie copied us on this. Bergie is a top notch guy and has a really cool 1964 Chevrolet C-60 2-Ton Dump truck! " My favorite site is The volunteer staff are wonderful folks and the site is, in my opinion, the best source of information for old Chevy trucks on the network. The links pages are PACKED with valuable resources and the folks in the forums are top notch, very friendly and always willing to lend a hand…or keyboard to type answers."

       After a new Gallery submission was sent in, there was a good bit of discussion from a newbie. Turns out to be more than talk. "I get an opportunity to help out what appears to be a good kid and it came about because of your web site. Next time folks get upset from the some aggravation from the site, just think of the good that has come from it. I do. Best of days, Koolkar"

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