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Boeshield T-9
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       If you own an old truck you certainly know that rust can be a real problem. Rust is an unfortunate reality for many vehicles as they age. Furthermore, if left untreated, rust will take over your vehicle and turn a valuable investment into a bunch of rusty parts.

       Fortunately, you don't have to sit idle while rust consumes your vehicle. I started The Rust Store after I realized that both my classic cars and my woodworking tools were rusting faster than I could fix the rust.

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Stovebolt Produce Review

      When The Rust Store first contacted us, they were looking for a Stovebolter to evaluate one of their products -- Evapo-Rust. We posted it here for "volunteers." Well, as of August 10, Dave "Koolkar" Feltner and Paul "Inky05" Yacabitis will be our Produce Review Team. Rusty is going to send them some Evapo-Rust and we'll see how it does. We will keep you posted!

Learn more about Evapo-Rust

Heads UP ~~ Tools for Cure Raffle drawing is August 27! Brian Moore has a great list (over 60) of donated prizes for the raffle, the proceeds of which go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for research. The ticket prices have been reduced to $5. So, get yourself some -- either by mail or Paypal (check the link). Not only is it a good cause, but you could win a great prize. Tools!! Tools! TOOLS!!

What to do?

Some easy stuff



It Ran When I Parked It 2005 Photo Contest


It's that time!

      The Six Annual "It Ran When I parked It" photo contest is on!!!

      For you newcomers, this is the annual search for the ultimate photographic expression of the Big Lie we've all heard when calling on a truck for sale ad -- "It Ran When I Parked It."

      We all know that IRWIPI is just a euphemism for "There's more chance of me going back in time than being able to get it started, even MOVED, let alone restore it." And we know a few of you have just gotten a new digital camera. So, scour the land for that picture-perfect IRWIPI shot!

      Check for details and deadlines!






      We are ready for the People of the Bolt Calendar. KC Mongo thought it would be a cool idea last year and offered to help make it so. (He's a bit busy right now with the Sixth Annual Midwest All Truck Nationals / Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of Kansas City event, ya know.)

      The ideal picture sixe for the calendar is 200 resolution, 11.5 x 9. If you've got something smaller, we'll add a few to a page. Any aways, just send 'em in! If you can't do the email thing, you can mail them.

      KC Mongo already has some that were sent to him earlier. So, if you've sent them to him -- is goot! We are working on this together. So, we might actually have them ready for Christmas for a change!

      That's Stu Sanderson above with his family and his 1951 Chevy Suburban. And then we've got Mike Albens' little one with his 1951 Chevy 1/2-ton. And right is Lenny Hart, President of the Parkertown Fire Company with their 1949 GMC 250 Firetruck.


Stovebolt Reunion at the All Truck Nationals

Stovebolters prepare to gather in Kansas City - September 10-11, Riverside, MO
Mongo has spaces reserved for the Bolt / Forum Special for Q's and A's / The first Stovebolt trophies

      Man over the last ten years, we've all seen threads about Bolters wanting to get together in person ... and it's happened in small doses (some mano-a-mano) and some a little bigger. But now ... the Kansas City Boys (well, KCMongo, our HiPo Moderator) thought it sounded like a GREAT idea. And since this year, Mongo (Steve Mosley) is the Director of Operations for his club's charity truck show, we're gonna try this!

      The Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of Kansas City hosts the "Midwest All Truck Nationals" and Mongo thought it might be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! (This "two-birds" concept is something The Stovebolt Page has been pushing for some time!). So, after some discussion with the Stovebolt Staff, it sounded like just the ticket! Mongo brought in more birds for killing. He met with his club and everyone figured it would be a good way to provide a venue for a Bolt gathering, helping his local club with some promotion AND get muchos toys for the Marine Corps' (Oooh-RAH!) Toys for Tots program. Mongo already has a block of spaces reserved for Bolters and part of one of the shelter houses. Remember when you register you put "" for your group or club on the form. We will set up a special forum so people can talk about what's happening with the event, see who's coming, talk about traveling together, awards ... all that stuff.

      This 6th annual show is located at E. H. Young Riverfront Park in Riverside, MO and is open to all years and all types of trucks and vans! The proceeds of this show buy toys for the Toys for Tots. And are they good at this? Well, shazamm ... last year they donated more than $8,000 worth of toys.

E H Young Riverfront Park, Kansas City, MOCoordination lookin' good

      The park is large, newly designed (see the image at right) with permanent shelters, bar-b-que grills and tables, an amphitheater, play equipment for the children, and a great view of the Kansas City skyline. The large amount of space and the permanent shelters, affords us the ability to make a separate space for Stovebolters so that we will be able to have an "event within the event." So, we want to fill this entire park with STOVEBOLTS! ... or at least Stovebolters!!

Trophies? And THE icon for a year ... coolamundo!

      You can visit the show website for full details. Steve was able to get some special “Stovebolt” Trophies. One recipient will become the official Stovebolt logo truck for the next year! Details are still being worked out. Be sure to download this registration form ... (or you can register on line) it's got details and a a cool picture of the 2005 "logo" !

      Steve is also looking for some volunteers as he's going to be pretty busy with the show overall and won’t be able to spend all his time in the Stovebolt area.

      So, right now, we're looking for some feedback and input. What things would you guys like to do, see, etc. This is OUR event ~~ let’s brainstorm a little on what you want. We've got a whole forum dedicated to this event. We've started a "who's coming" list to see how's things are shaping up. And as of August 16, Mongo has designed the official Stovebolt trophy. Good work. Now you NEED to go to get one of the FIRST STOVEBOLT TROPHIES!

      So ... get ready to hop in your truck and come visit with the Stovebolt Class of 2005! If your truck can’t make it, a toy donation gets you in the show so come anyway. Help us help the Marines make Christmas a little better for needy children.


      We've got some more wonderful Bolters to thank for their donations in July. The Bolters with the * -- this is the second time they've made a donation! Sheezam!

Stuart "Sublime" Watts *
Cecil "51 Jimmy" Morgansian
Barry Weeks *
Ed Needham

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