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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- June 2007

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue:

Goodbye to The Stovebolt Page

The Event Horizon
GABFest Toolbox and Expansions

Stovebolt Dress for Success

Supporting the Site
Contributions, Jim Carter & Rebel Wire Discounts, Vintage Truck Mag winner

New Links

Gallery Additions for June

The Alternative Gallery







10% Stovebolt Discount
15% Discount for Stovebolt Supporters

Rebel Wire harnesses are all assembled in America from American made components, using only heavy duty SXL wire, labeled and bundled for easy installation. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and tech line information. Great for everything from basic, traditional, hot rod or custom to highly-optioned street rods.

Call Glenn after 5 pm Central Time to get your Stovebolt discount

618.395.8216 / sales@rebel-wire.com

After 12 years, we're saying 'Good Bye' ...

      To "The Stovebolt Page."


      Over the next month or so you'll be seeing a transformation of the site! We are retiring our old name of "The Stovebolt Page" which has served us well since the beginning. But the Internet, as well as those who use it, has changed since the heady days of Listservers and non graphical user interfaces! We've come a long way! This site is no longer merely a "page" (that's soooooo '90's, anyway!) we have truly become an online community! Users of this site refer to themselves as "Bolters" and the site as "Stovebolt" or "The Bolt." To reflect that, as well as the amazing way you all have evolved the site, we are going to embrace change as the future brings it to us. We are what we are:

The best doggone site going for old GM trucks

      Because YOU continue to make it so!

      So, with all these GABfests (see below) and what not, we are moving ahead with redesigning the Stovebolt logo and Flag. We've been working with Rob "Ezhaulin41" Carney (1941 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton pickup), an outstanding graphic artist, to come up with a new representative theme and look for the site. We'll be launching the various updates to our theme throughout the rest of the Summer. (We'll have more information about Rob's work. But if you want to see some neat stuff, check out his submissions for the Poster Contest from 2006!)



T H E    E V E N T     H O R I Z O N

Auctions, Swap Meets, Tours, Cruises, Cruise-ins, Picnics, Parades...

      LOTS going on ... everywhere! Stovebolters are into the summer-work schedule ... working on that truck and getting her to the show! Or working on the truck, and going to the show with pictures! Whatever works! Whichever is the case, the constant theme seems to be ... Everybody's wanting to get together! This is GREAT.

      George Moniz, our Event Forum moderator, has been super BUSY keeping his event calendars up to date, tracking down as much information for us as he can! Kudos to you George, from all of us! He'll want feedback from you all ... so please feel free to contact him.

      It's great that Bolters aren't waiting for HQ to organize them ... they are just doing it! We say: Hurray! So we're calling them GABFests! Here's some info and handy items for you this Summer -- The Stovebolt Summer of Gab!


What's a Stovebolt GABFest?

      GAthering of Bolters Fest. As the site grew in popularity and size, it was a normal progression for some of the blokes to want to meet each other. That happened on a tiny scale, especially when one Bolter lived fairly close to another. But for the last few years, it's gotten more serious than that.

Stovebolters from Canada
The British Columbia (Canada) Bolters have been meeting for several months now!

      And rather than all the trouble of creating a Stovebolt Event, we have just piggy-backed on existing major truck events.

      Check the Events forum for folks who are planning to meet up at various events around the area.

      But we've set aside a few specific events that we hope will be key ones. So, if you have to pick and choose, and want to meet with as many as possible, this is the place to check.

    Don't forget to take your camera with you. We hope to capture as many of these events and the great Stovebolters as we can and compile them into a music DVD!! This should be fun and great to look at when winter starts rolling back in at the end of the year.

    As you are coming / going to some of these gigs with a camera, you never know when you'll run into a candidate for the It Ran When I Parked It contest...


Your Stovebolt GAB Toolbox

      With the GABFests already happening (but not yet given an official name), we thought we'd better get some nifty neato handouts for you all to pass around and share. We'll try to change out these images every month so more of our Bolters can have their truck showcased.

      Our latest handout is the Stovebolt PLACARD. Last time we all met at Winchester, Virginia, John made these up so we'd have some of the pertinent information about our trucks for all who stroll by and drool. Helps us (initially) to remember each other's names, too!

      The sought-after FLYER. See a cool Stovebolt parked on the street but have no idea who it is or where to find the owner? No prob! Just stick one of these flyers under the windshield wiper. OR if you happen to meet the owner, hand him or her one. It'll be an easy reminder ... and a quick peek of what goes on here and just why he/she might want to join the Merry Band of Bolters.

      The BOLT BIZ CARD. It's a generic card so that you can keep a few in your wallet. Just print and cut! If you are computer-saavy enough, you can include your name and phone number on the card. Pass 'em around.


Expansion -- More in the Works

      With all this stuff on the horizon, there'll be more things changing on the site. Probably little by little. Be sure to stop by often to see the latest:

      * We've working on a comprehensive Events / Calendar that can be easily accessed, sorted, and read. George has most of the data; Steve "OldSub" Hanberg is working on the scripts. We are tweaking -- or should we say BETA testing!

      *There'll be a big shuffle in the forum line-up. We will try to encourage folks to post in the Calendar / Events forum. Before AND after. We wanna see those photos!

      * Tim Lederman has volunteered to put together a Stovebolt DVD of the GABFests and other informal gatherings so we can have a nifty slide show by the end of the year. If you want your event included. We have details (BETA testing). It won't be hard or complicated. It will be cool to be able to site back and watch a huge Virtual Rally on your telly. Bolt after Bolt after Bolt!

      * The Where in the World page will also be automated and incorporate the map that Frank "Fumblin46" Anderson made. So, when you are looking to put together an GABFest or informal gathering in your area, you'll know who's nearby.

      * Bill "Red58" LePage set up a Stovebolt Account on Webshots so we can use one location to hosts all the event photos, with various albums. Then with one-stop, you can do your Bolt-buster screening! (More info on this is coming.)

    *See the GABFest page. We'll be updating it also.


Stovebolt "Dress for Success"

    One Stovebolter has solved the hassle of asking 900 different swap meet vendors the same question!

   When the Coastal Vintage Truck Swap Meet was coming to town last May, Trevor "Trev" Jensen decided "to make a t-shirt complete with a "real" picture of my truck on the front of the shirt.

    "On the back of the shirt (actually a tank top because it was supposed to be very hot out there that weekend), I had a stylized (painted) photo of a 1937 Chevy Truck that I did from a real picture.

    "My primary reason for doing this was that I knew there could be as many as 900 vendors at the Swap Meet and didn't want to have to ask each and every one of them 'Do you have parts for a 1937 Chevrolet pickup truck?' I also didn't want to do what I had seen before at this swap meet. It is common for guys to walk around with a piece of cardboard hanging around their neck with what they are looking for written in felt pen. It looks goofy and uncomfortable and is NOT my style. I felt any vendor with parts for a truck that 'looked like the one on my shirt' would come forward. The shirt also says '1937 Chevy Truck Guy' on it so it was obvious it's MY truck.

    "I added 'www.stovebolt.com' and 'The #1 Online Info Resource for Pre- '73 Chevrolet & GMC Trucks, Since 1995' because I wanted to give the site some exposure for alllll those vintage car and truck guys out there.

    "Then I made up the shirt! I had the graphics and I got a couple of Canon bubblejet T-shirt transfer sheets, and a $5.96 white tank top from Walmart. In a few minutes with the iron, I had my shirt! While it is not perfect, I wore it for two days at the Swap Meet and had lots of guys talk to me about Stovebolt.com and my truck. I even had offers for some truck parts that would fit it. Possibly the best contact I made was with a vendor who has a 1936 Chevy truck. He referred me to a friend of his who has been in the glass business for 45 years and is now retired / self employed. I can get the front and side windows cut for my truck for $110 for all the windows combined ... a great deal!

    "So, the concept sure seemed to work! In fact, I came across a vendor with some fenders and other parts for a '37 who didn't know what they were from. It was very handy to be able to point at various features of the fenders on my shirt to show him that what he had were indeed from a '37. He was pretty grateful!

    "Here are some more pics of the t-shirt I made."

1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup truck




      Can't be doing all this stuff without help like this! A sincere thanks to these folks for helping with some of the bills around here:

  • Mike (Dakota) Jordanger (5th donation)
  • Rob (TN One Ton) Baker
  • Stuart (automarc) Miller
  • Tim (55.1 Bolt) Marquez
  • Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris (6th donation)
  • Don (Down2sea) McLendon (5th donation)
  • Jeff (Rusty Rod) Backus (3rd donation)
  • Steve (JIMBO59CHEVY) Giminiani
  • Bruce (heidel410) Heidel

      And if you haven't checked the "Thanks page," we have some "giving back" to our "givers!"

      Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts is giving a 10% discount to these folks who have made a financial contribution to the 'Bolt. We will send you the "discount code" to to use when you order from JC!

      Rebel Wire -- Basic harness kits built by hand (in America with American components) is giving a 15% discount for Stovebolt Supporters. Call Glenn (618.395.8216) after 5 pm Central Time to request the "Stovebolt Supporter's discount."


Since I sell stuff to other members in the Swap Meet, I feel it is only right to give back to this very special website. I will continue to contribute as I sell more parts. Thanks, Jimbo (JIMBO59Chevy)

This is small payment for the enjoyment the site provides. Thanks, Stu (automarc) Miller

Thanks for providing "our website" to all us bolters. ~~ Tim (55.1Bolt) Marquez

A little something to help keep the lights burning and the wheels rolling. ~~ Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris

Your site has been a great help to me so far and I have a long way to go! ~~ Bruce (heidel410) Heidel


    Robert McDuffee of Palm Bay, Florida has one the free subscription to Vintage Truck magazine for May!

    New or re-new here and you will have a chance to win. One every month!

      Thanks to Vintage Truck magazine for having this project to support the old truck hobby!

New Links

       Some of these have been sent in by the sites owners themselves. A few of them we picked off the "Google link" at the bottom of some pages. We were just curious to see where those links headed! Some looked pretty interesting. We will try to stroll down that Google-path now and again. But our best links are ones that the Bolters recommend. Always appreciate a recommendation!


Gallery Additions for June



The Alternative Gallery


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