Stovebolt New Stuff - November
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In This Issue

2009 Stovebolt Calendars
   -- Three down; plenty to do!
It Ran When I Parked It
   -- Prizes are coming in!
Socks for the Troops
   -- Time for a pounding!
Gallery Additions
   -- Added this motn!
Stovebolt Supporters
   -- Always, much thanks
True Confessions
   -- We've got mail

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Stovebolt Supporters
Thanks for keeping the lights on!

We are grateful to the folks who make these contributions. Keeping the site mostly ad-free has enabled us to keep working on content. So thanks so very much!

Donna "My Truck" Oehm
   (5th donation)
Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris
   (6th donation)
Kevin "Mo2cyl" Boswell
Paul "Super55" Stanley
   (2nd donation)
Steve "Steve G" Goldfarb
Karl Nelson
Les Parker
   (3rd donation)

True Confessions
We've got Mail

Thanks for the opportunity to share in the 2009 Stovebolt Calendar. It sure makes my wife Cindy proud to have her truck in pictures again.

Gosh, it makes me want to go out and put some more work into Ol Yeller. Maybe a radiator rebuild and highway gears so I can take her to work. Well, now that means I'll have to upgrade the brakes and patch some holes in the body and get some new carpet and find that pesky leak and replace that stubborn door handle and ............ shoot, THANKS A LOT!

~ Mitch LaFortune
1952-3 Chevy 1/2-Ton

We aim to please ~ Editor




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Thank you Veterans!

A Veteran - whether active duty, National Guard or Reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America for an amount of "up to and including my life." That is honor, and there are people in this country who no longer understand it.

~ Author unknown


November Milestones

  • Happy Birthday (13 years)
  • Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps (233 years!)
  • Veterans' Day (11 Nov)
  • Thanksgiving

We have a special spot set up in the Grassy Knoll to honor Veterans. Please to stop by. It's always been great to see who has severed where; how many generations of Vets; and to exchange some of those cool videos, poems and pictures.


The first three are done

The first old truck calendars for 2009 are finished! We plan on getting more done, for a great selection.

The first one is an Advance Design truck calendar. The second calendar is the first Big Bolts calendar. Our first HUGE calendar (measures 17 x 22) is finished and it's a collection of a variety of choice Stovebolts in great settings.

We are working on more calendars. We have plenty of images, and more coming in. This year we have plenty of space in "The Mall". We plan to get one done for General Stovebolts, Art Deco trucks, 1960-66, Task Force Series, Panels and Burbs and GMC Trucks.

Also, we are planning a large format calendar (17 x 22) specifically highlighting the members of the Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Brigade.

We need more submissions! So If you've ever wanted to see your truck in a calendar, now's your big chance! Be sure to check our size/resolution requirements (see details here). Not all submissions are guaranteed publication, so make sure you send your very best hi-rez shot! For help, check out our Good photography tips article by Jerry "AgriHawg" Fendley.

It Ran When I Parked It Contest
Going strong and prizes coming in!

Well gang, Stovebolt didn't get any kind of bailout in the last two big pay outs (what's with that?). But hay! That's not what Stovebolters are made of, anyway. Who needs Government charity?? All the stimulus you need is right here!! We've got some nifty prizes coming in from some creative Bolters among us! American Classic Truck Parts tossed in a nice $300 CASH prize for starters. Read all about it .

Remember, contest deadline is December 8.



It's time for a POUNDING !!!
Our Annual SOS

Socks for Servicemembers, that is!

This is our second annual fund drive to send socks to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Alabama Wholesale Socks (who teamed up with us in July 2007) is ready to send POUNDS of socks as soon as we give the word (and send some cash).

So, now our appeal goes out to our Stovebolters. Last year we sent over 700 pairs of designer brand socks (not in wrappers, of course ... but we got great thick socks at a great price). Joe "TooMany2Count" Weimer told us at the Stovebolt Reunion in September that his son is already in need of socks! So, let's send 'em something neat for their feet for Christmas.

Each box on the back of this truck represents $25 in donations. We had two donations that came in when they heard we were working at this again. And TooMany has sent this link across hither and yon. As you can see from the listings, there are several other chat forums and clubs who are participating.

In two weeks, we received over $500 in donations. So, this truck is moving out and we are starting to fill a second. (See the December News page.)

So, let see how many boxes of socks we can send before December 17.

We know it will be greatly appreciated on the other end. You can make a donation via snail mail, or Paypal. All donations to the site from here out will go to load this truck!


Thanks to these box-stuffers:

Mexico Sab
Steve Sr
Steven Goebel
Les Parker
Cleon Eck
Richard Gallahue
Ed Hoover
Dan Groah
Matt Hamilton
Ron Steltz
Davey Lovett
Terry Kirberger


The Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of Kansas City

Weimer Family
Goldie (Mom)
James Lowery (Little Joe's Godfather)

DaOzTinman Challenge - 3 installments
John Roemisch

Stevens Napolitano

If you haven't seen it, we have a story in the Features section about helping our service members. We have some nice comments already from the guys on the receiving end, which we will include in the December News page, too.

BIG thanks to Joe Newton for doing the art work for us. Nothing like watching a fundraiser with good graphics! This old truck is far better than a thermometer!

Okay, one down! How many can we get??



Updated November 30


Gallery Additions
Some more cool additions

We didn't get in as many additions to the Gallery as we normally do. Been working with calendars and IRWIPI piles instead. So, stay tuned for December. We'll be making up for lost time! And don't forget to check the DITY (Do IT Yourself) Gallery in the forums!


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