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New Stuff -- October 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

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It Ran When I Parked It
photo contest well underway

Somewhere back East, somebody's wonderin'
"How come they don't write?"


(Special thanks to Matt Frazier for some clever PhotoShopping!)


Well, no sooner had the flag dropped, the entries started coming in for the 2006 It Ran When I Parked It photo contest. We've already got another great bunch of submissions and a month left! We've got some dandy ones for the 2007 calendar, too (nice big 'uns). Lots of stories with them, too ... which have been fun to read.

These guys find these trucks here and there. We think Larry Norris will be destraught if his entry is ever moved! Russell Nugent found his in the in-law's neighborhood. "At least they aren't Chevy 'bolts going to waste" was Wade Herod's comment about the "phord" lineup. He has seen many with his job (Department of Transportation). Kip Bonds got his picture when he was duck hunting last year. Matt Droege was asked to haul his entry off the property -- but didn't budge it until he got his picture first! Chris Dooley is actually working on his entry (that's NOT a first ... but very cool!). Dave Gray also found his "entry" when picking up his new project. Eric Anderson has found a virtual treasure trove of old trucks ... but according to the owner, they are all staying in the IRWIPI pose!

We've got a nice line-up of prize donors -- and are still working on some others. Here's the one's who have stepped out to acknowledge these wonderful photographic expressions. Well, okay. Maybe not that. They are just a bunch of good guys and are happy to support what we are doing.

American Classic Truck Parts Header Buddy The Filling Station
Vintage Truck Magazine Mar-K Quality Parts
The Stovebolt Hooya Shoppe

Something new
Vote for the month's best Gallery addition

We thought we'd try something since "voting" is in the air. We hope to help encourage more discussion of the latest Gallery additions. We see the page is hit a lot (over 17,000 times in October). And we know there is a lot of chit-chat (direct email / private messages) between regular Bolters with the new guys or folks who have done updates. Well, we want to join in the discussion ... you never know what might be of interest or helpful to some of the other Bolters who are a bit on the shy side (yea, believe it or not, there are quite a few "quiet" ones out there).

So, each month, we'll have a forum thread for voting for the best submission. Can be a new one or an update. But here's the kick in the pants: you need to let us know WHY (hehehehe, we'll get you to writing!) you think it's the best of the line-up. Could be the story. The find. The task ahead. The absolute injustice of one person having that many Bolts. We'll run each "round" until the 15th of the next month (in this case it'll be November 15).

We've got some neato prizes still being donated to us from a follow Bolter. We'll let you know who wins and what they got. Ya nevah know. Maybe this will encourage others to send in their truck stories (we can't believe how some of the recent submissions have been long-time Bolters -- but that's okay). And then, it may encourage others to up-date their Gallery page ... and give us all some more details. We are all Bolt-formation junkies here, ya know.


Big Thanks
to those Stovebolt Supporters

Want to be sure to recognize our Super Stovebolters here who have made a donation to the site during the month of October. This is the kind of cash that helps us mail prizes!! Muchos gracious:

Dan Thornton Richard "Tiny" Thomas
Randy "Mapleleaf" Jewers Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris
This is Alvin's third donation!

Such good stuff

"I bought this truck for no other reason then it was there and

I am a Stovbolter."


Dan Thornton has a 1957 1-ton GMC (Miss Gussy) as well as his first one (Miss Mae), a 1963 Chevy K-10.


New Links
The listing is up to 575

It's a big help for folks to refer links to our site. We get lots of offers (no rataan furniture for five years so far) but we want to stick with those that pertain to Stovebolting.

Mark Frances was looking for a bra for his 1948 Chevy Extended Cab. Bruce Graham suggested Wardlow Kustom Mask.

Scott Speedometer Service
Vintage speedometer
and tachometer
specialists since 1953

Rob "still lookin' Heddleston offered these two links for Martin Sr who's brother just got a 1958 Jeep:

October Gallery Additions
(in case you missed them) ... and don't forget to vote!





Humming along still at a good clip:

Hits: The total number of files requested from the server -- 5,556,506
Bytes: The amount of information transferred in filling those requests -- 70,868,531,549 (you know how we're always talking about band width !)
Visits: The (approximate) number of actual individual visitors -- 154,890
PViews: The number of Web pages viewed by those visitors -- 1,398,631

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