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New Stuff -- January 2007

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In This Issue

Stovebolt 2007 == Sale on '57 Chevy Grille == Stovebolted Out of Africa == Raffle Winners! == Staff Changes == New VIN Buster == Stovebolt Story in Vintage Truck Magazine == Tech Tips == New Links == Special Stovebolt Supporters == It Ran When I Parked It 2007 Calendar ==January Gallery Additions == Alternative Gallery Additions == Stovebolt Trivia



       After serious and cautious consideration, your Contract of Friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2007! It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!!

Our wish for you in 2007

  • That peace breaks into your house and thieves come to steal your debts.
  • That the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
  • That love sticks to your face like Vaseline.
  • That laughter assaults your lips!
  • That your clothes smell of success like smoking tires.
  • That happiness slaps you across the face and your tears be that of joy.
  • That the problems you had, forget your home address!

        In simple words

May 2007 be the best year of your life!!!

Thanks to Bruce Kinsey for sending this along!


New 1957 Chevy grilles available at a new low price!

Only $595

       American Classic Truck Parts announces that the '57 Chevy truck grille (chromed metal) has arrived and it really does look nice.

       ACTP had a similar sale on their '54 Chevy grilles in November and they moved 'em all out!

       The part number is GRL-57.

FEATURE: Stovebolted Out of Africa

      If you remember our Feature from June 2005 sent in by Piers "The Celt" Fitz Gerald, Africa Calling -- well, this story is a sequel. That story started with a "cry for help" about a '60s Burb in the Bush. Well, this story may have you crying. As we all know, things do happen in life and they are not always good. How we re-act to them is important. The Celt gives us a pretty good story here. And after this, we thought it necessary to add more to our Safety Tech Tip. (Oh, and he reports that the 'Burb is still there!)

What happened?

       We are sad to report that Ingrid and I have left Africa after nine exciting years (as you may have discovered from the first feature story).

       My Chevrolet safari days have come to a sad and sudden end. It certainly wasn't exactly how I planned it.

      Read on ...

Winners ! The Three Soldiers Statue Raffle

      In November, we announced that Jake Groby had donated two statues to be raffled off to our Stovebolt financial contributors.

       We are pleased to announce the winners and recipients of a raffle of this fine Three Soldiers Statue

Charlie "Cletis" Hardin
Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris

      Thank you Jake for doing such a nice thing for the Stovebolt congregation. Even with all that you had going on with Hurricane Katrina, that was great of you to be thinking of those who have helped keep this site moving ahead! Coolamundo!

A New Year -- Goodbye's and Hello's

       Well, we're not real keen on change around here but ... it does happen. Everyone has pitched (or stored -- you guys are such packrats) their 2006 calendar and got several 2007 hanging, trying to decide which they like the best. The honey do list dated January-December 2006 IS in the trash. (We're sure she started the 2007 issue before Christmas.) You, on the other hand, have started your list of things to fix or get on the old 'Bolt.

       Well, we have some goodbye's here. First off is ... Dennis "Boyo" O'Connor (with his 1955 Chevy 1st Series 3600) who was our initial moderator in the Engine and Driveline Shop, a long time ago. Boyo mentioned he needed to step down as a moderator over a year ago. Lots of things taking up his time, especially family, as it should be. His first born Cameron had turned four then and could "handle a screwdriver and wrench since he could walk." But it also included "five trips to the emergency room, once broken leg, twice requiring stitches!" So, we'd like to say a big great-going to Boyo. Thanks for all the help. And we know ... you'll still be around because Cameron is going to want that '55, and you have to finish it!

       The other goodbye is to Irwin "arnswine" Arnstein" (1959 Chevy 1-ton, plus a super-cool feature about playing the calliope) Irwin stepped up the plate about a year ago to help John moderate the General Truck forum. We were in the thick of helping the Baltimore-Washington Chapter of ATHS with their Annual Convention, and there was just too much going on. IA did a great job of helping keep things moved about in General Truck. Plus, he is personally responsible for some great little icons he sent along! Which bring us to our first welcome ...

       I see many of you in the forums have noticed these new guys! As I said, IA had a BUNCH of these and we were anxious to get a few new things to use in the forums. We personally like the one beating the heck out of the computer. We can relate. I think ALL of you can probably relate. So ... IA, we know you'll still be around and every time you see those little graemlins (what kind of name is that?), you can see your legacy lives on.

       So, to fill in IA's spot ... WOOGEROO! (1965 C-10 C1504 Longbed Stepside, Matraca) How can you not know that name? Woogeroo has probably been around since the second page went up on the site (although I really don't remember, because I wasn't involved back then). Woog probably knows where things are on the site that we have long since forgotten about. And he's a serious Tech Tip generating machine! So, thanks for stepping in here, Woog! We only need about a year's warning if you are planning on starting a family.

       And ... another new welcome is to the Zoo Keeper. He's going to help Joy moderate the Swap Meet. We've had several suggestions on getting that area a little more organized and the Zoo Keeper is willing to clean up the piles, if you know what I mean. We've recently posted some guidelines to help sell / buy / locate through our Swap Meet and the ZK will be able to assist, making it good for everyone. And if you want to fuss with him. Hey, have at it. Just remember, he's got the keys to the tiger's cage, too!

       Aloha to all!

New VIN Buster

       Remember the days of the VIN Cruncher? (We think it was about two years ago when we put it up.) Well, Frank "Fumblin46" Anderson has outdone himself with the VIN Buster! He I made some pretty big changes to this latest incarnation based on the most common problems users experienced with the old one. The biggest problem was data / character entry. The original Cruncher required the user to enter the vehicle serial number in all caps, with no spaces, and no dashes. Confusing for some and the #1 reported problem from the users.

       So, Frank's primary objective was to make it user-friendly and goof-proof. So besides the neato visual update and expanded model year coverage, Frank programmed the VIN Buster to ignore spaces, dashes, and is no longer case sensitive. So it won't care if the user enters 3G56F001001 or 3g56 - f - 001001 or 3G561 001001. The results will be the same.

       So far, the only issues are that it currently only has data for U.S. built Chevrolet trucks (no Canadian-built ... yet). And another fellow tried entering the number off his title -- which sometimes is the VIN and most times NOT!

       An extra cool feature about the new VIN Buster is that after the code's been busted, you can click to the Gallery page where the those truck years are listed. (Glad we put those anchors in way back when).

       Frank wondered if calling it a "VIN Buster" might be confusing for some years since some technically don't have a VIN ... but a serial number. This number is found under the hood on the '29 thru '46 trucks, and in the driver side door frame on the '47 and later trucks .. and is stamped on a metal plate. Not all trucks were titled this way. Some states used the engine serial number. Some other states used a combination of the engine serial number and truck serial number. Still other states used a whole different number.

       The decision to continue using "VIN" in the name is simply because eventually it will support Chevrolet trucks thru the 1973 model year. That, and generally, people know what you're talking about when you say "VIN" .. even when they know it's really a "serial" number.

       When time permits, Frank hopes to have an FAQ or other such feature on the VIN Buster that covers this, as well as other common questions folks have with it. He's also planning on offering a .exe version of the program so people can download it and use it when they're not online. This will be convenient for folks on dialup or have spotty internet connections. That way, they don't have to connect to the internet every time they want to check a number.

       As we said, right now the VIN Buster only decodes Chevrolet trucks made in the U.S. If somebody can send Frank a link to some resources that detail the Canadian Chevrolet trucks numbers, we can see about adding support for them.

       We still have several links regarding decoding your VIN (what the information means). Barry Weeks' tip breaks this down pretty good. Barry also points out that the number on the title isn't always the actual truck serial number, and why the VIN Buster might report their number as being a year different than what is indicated on their title.

       If you have any questions or run into any snags, just let Frank know (post it in the forums here). He's still adding in data and eventually will complete the series through 1972. He's still verifying 1965 through 1972 model years. We also will consolidate those tech tips so that it'll be one stop shopping for identifying your truck.

       All we need is time ... In the meantime, go on over to the Tech Tips section and check it out. Frank did an outstanding job and it certainly is appreciated by all of us! (Now remember to send folks there when they ask these questions in the forum!! It'll be easy to spot!)

Stovebolt Page + Tom Brownell = VINTAGE TRUCK MAGAZINE!

       For those of you who have been around awhile, you know that Tom Brownell is a long time Stovebolt friend (well a true friend of "old truck" folks). AAMOF, it was TOM who suggested we open up the site beyond the initial 1939-40 Chevy truck. What brilliance! When Tom was about to put together the update for the new edition of How to Restore your Chevrolet Pickup, Stovebolters had the fantastic opportunity for some input in his Big Bolts section! Way too much fun here! Then, we did a feature on the Second Edition once it was out on the bookstands.

       In July 2004, we got an email from Tony Brownell. It sat in the in box for a while ... and then we just had to get the nerve up to ask ... the big question. And sure enough -- this was Tom's son Anthony. So, Tony has a very sweet 1968 Chevy C-50 Dump Truck in our Gallery and is an active member in the forums.

       Where am I going with this? Okay, okay. Well about early Fall, Tom contacted us and wanted to do a story on The Stovebolt Page. We, of course, like many great ideas we have, had been working on the History of the Stovebolt Page for several years and hadn't gotten very far with it (yea, yea -- no surprise here). So, it was easy to let Tom take a grab at it. Of course, it was fun to yammer on and on about the doings of the site (those of you who have talked to Peggy know just what we are talking about ).

       So, for the February issue, there we are ... Behind the Scenes at The Stovebolt Page. The timing was perfect, too ... as we then sniffed around to see if Pat Ertel, Editor of Vintage Truck and Antique Power magazines, would be willing to donate a prize for the It Ran When I Parked It contest.

       Not only did Pat donate a subscription as a prize, he offered to set up a on-going donation. For every subscription or renewal for VT or AP magazine that comes via Stovebolt, he will make a donation to our site! Shazamm! Coolamundo. How about thaaaaaaaaat? Gotta dig it. Once we get the link, we'll post it here and there!


AD Hood Lock by Jim "Caroline's Truck" Wilson -- Make sleepless nights at the show worrying about all that expensive stuff on your engine a thing of the past with this simple AD Hood Locking System. Make your performance goodies a hard target

LED Lights by Jim "Caroline's Truck" Wilson -- You've made the switch to LED lights for safety and to join the 21st Century -- Congrats!!! Now you realize you're still on the one light per function program. Or, you want to upgrade to turn signals, only your circuit and/or light set up won't allow single unit/dual use functioning. Well no problem! Jim Wilson's figured out how to make your own circuitry to update yourself -- it's not that hard, either!

King Pin Replacement -- UPDATED by Randy Bauman -- Kingpins and bushings are important parts of the steering system. This tech tip has seen some continuous incorporation of relative information, step-by-step drawings and warnings, AND is in pdf format with lots of drawings. Makes it nice to print out and have handy for the job! Good job!

Replacing the Floor in your Suburban Advance Design by Dick "Weeds" Weeden -- Ever notice there's a definite paucity of 'Burb bed kits available for the parts vendors? What's up with that? Well, if you're gonna do it (replace the bed), you're just gonna have to DIY. Weeds has provided some great instructions and images to help you with this big undertaking.



Thank you for Special Stovebolt Support

       As always, we like to recognize those folks who made a financial contribution to Stovebolt. July and August were the big donor months, as we were pushing for $3,000 in order to purchase a second server. Our Stovebolt Geek was able to make that purchase, plus a few odds and ends that have made his job keeping the service going a lot easier.

       The donations that came in over the last few months have gone towards fixing this old computer (got a new mouse!) and get a few upgrades to software that's over eight years old. Peggy sends a very special thank you, especially since now she sees how much things have improved!! Ask Red58 -- she's already trying a few new tricks!


Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus *
Philip Bush
Jim Bowman
Steve "steveg" Goldfarb
Mike "Dakota" Jordanger *
Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris
Don "Down2sea" McLendon
Donald Miguel, Jr.
Jonathan "39 AZ 3/4 Ton" Peiffer *
Javier Ruiz
John "Steppenwood" Sandoval *
Tim Sheridan *
Paul Stanley


* Parts-for-donation deal!

Bold is two-time giver this year!


       Please accept this donation to The Stovebolt Page on behalf of John Sandoval (Steppenwood).  I placed a parts wanted post out there -- "'46 bump stop retainer WANTED" --and John immediately responded with the part.  To take it further, he sent me a note that stated the following: "Hi Tim,  I was thinking about putting it on eBay but I figured I'd rather help out a fellow Stovebolter. I sent it in the U.S.Mail this afternoon and hopefully you should get it by Thursday. The postage was only a few bucks so don't worry about it. Your truck is looking nice! Good luck with your project, John."

       NOW THAT IS WHAT THE STOVEBOLT PAGE IS ALL ABOUT!!!!  People coming together from mile and miles apart for one common goal...restoring and enjoying these great trucks.  

       Thanks again for having the site!!!  Keep it up.

Tim Sheridan
1947 First Series Chevy 1/2-Ton


It Ran

When I Parked It


2007 Calendar

       Well, we are just plunking out these calendars as quickly as we can.

       This will be the fourth of the Stovebolt calendars to choose from.

       If Hemming's "Abandoned Truck" calendar suited you, maybe you'll take a liking to this one.

       And that wraps up the 2006 contest!

January Gallery Additions

Alternative Gallery Additions

Stovebolt Trivia

          The stats are getting boring, so we thought we'd stroll down memory lane. We are into "old" stuff, right? How about "old" information? Not that old, tho. But still always a surprise! Do you know that January of 2005 is when we lit up the most famous Greasy Spoon? Read all about it in the January 2005 newsletter.

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Old news is still good news!

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