Dick Hilmoe's

1953 Chevy 5-window Short Box

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13 January 2006
# 1368

From Dick :

          Greetings. I am " New Guy " # 9410. I have been visiting your terrific site for a couple of years and finally decided to become a member.

          I am retired and have been a Stovebolter most of my life as was my Dad. I enjoy finding old trucks and hauling them home much to my wife`s dismay. I usually get them running and usually sell them. In the last three years I`ve had a `46 Chev Firetruck, `41 Chev 1.5-ton, `46 GMC wrecker, `48 COE, etc.

          I just found this `53 five window short box which is going to be a "keeper." It has an original radio in it which is rather rare. I`m enclosing a picture of my `53 after pulling it out of the shed.

          It has been in a shed since 1973. The sparrows will miss using it for target practice. The engine is stuck so I`m in the process of replacing it.

          I live in South Dakota so there are a few older trucks sitting around but they are becoming more scarce. It is refreshing to see the interest from the younger generations. It seems like most of them want the newer vehicles. I guess I did, too but it was a `36 Chev at the time!

          You have a great web site and I visit it often.


Dick Hilmoe
Bolter # 9410
Volga, SD

          Dick's brother (Doug) has a nice looking Bolt ride in here too. A 1950 3100 5-Window Pickup. Nothing like a good Stovebolt family. ~~ Editor

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