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... License Plate Resto
... Making an engine dolly
    ... Rebuilding vent window
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:: The Saga Continues
:: Superstars already!
:: From the Mailbag
:: January Gallery Additions
:: Fun Stats

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Bill Robitaille
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Winner of the Vintage Truck subscription for December

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Happy New Year Stovebolters!



The "Old Girl" as Kevin first found her -- in line for the crusher!

The Great Stovebolt Rescue

        It was about to be squished into a million tuna cans. One 'Bolter couldn't stand by and let that happen...    ~ By John Milliman

        Kevin Richards wasn't looking to be a hero. But there it was -- a 1953 Chevrolet 2-ton truck in a junkyard in Winchester, VA. Its years of waiting were over. Its hopes of a new home, a new lease on life, purchased by a 'Bolter to be lavished with a loving restoration had faded to the point of being all but gone. It was slated for termination -- it had a date with destiny.

        Read all about it and the BFW!


... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...


The Welcome Centre
A great time to "meet and greet"

        It's been a long time in the making, but we finally have a spot in the forums where the new guys can announce their arrival, say a few words about themselves and their ride (of course their ride!) and get to know a few of the gang already hanging around the virtual garage. The Welcome Centre is the new happening spot! And, we have two very friendly and familiar faces staffing The Centre -- Joy "Joy" Pascarella and Lori "Lori66" Spencer. Joy pulled a tour of duty as our Siren of the Swap Meet for many years. She got some much deserved R & R and was ready to get back in to some action. Lori has been helping out as our Gallery Gal, getting those submissions edited and ready for display. She's really helped to loosen that log-jam we have.

        It's great to have them ~ and what a wonderful first impression they'll be ~ and it's good to finally have THE WELCOME CENTRE up and running. So, go meet and greet the newbies!


... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...


Meet Rand McNally
Some help at Stovebolt HQ

        A big Stovebolt Welcome to a new member of the staff, Brian Smith [ 1949-55 Chevrolet 3600 ]! “Rand McNally” is the new Director of Research and Development here at As such, his job is to help you do your research, help you develop your skills at navigating the site and generally help you find yourself and get your projects started, moving and finished! He won’t provide your answers or figure out your challenges, but he will help you do it!

        Brian has been helping in the Stovebolt HQ office for several months now. As questions come pouring in, we just forward them to "HELP" ... and Brian's email address magically appears (love that feature).

        Brian has done a super job of directing folks to various areas on the site, and also pertinent other web sites. He's really helped keep things moving out of our "in" box! He is the man with the map of the place.

        So, in our "teach a man to fish" routine, Brian provides the impact of knowing where to find answers -- since it's just as good as actually knowing the answers!

        Think of Brian "Rand McNally" Smith as the Stovebolt Guru helping you find your own path to Enlightenment!


And Brian's take ~

        "I found the Stovebolt site before I found my truck and was fascinated by the format, information, professionalism along with the sheer number of members and hits the site receives.  The one fact that still boggles my mind is the “low cost” membership. I still cannot believe all of the knowledge available at my fingertips is offered for free. Stovebolt is literally like having a consultant, mechanic and body man living in my garage, and Lord knows I don’t have room in my garage to take on boarders!

        "I do not have a lot to offer the site in terms of mechanical knowledge. I heavily relied on the experiences of others to answer and assist on my own 3600. Therefore, I have become an expert at research and development, which is where I can best offer my services. 

        "I can only imaging the countless hours the staff puts in to keep this site going. That is why I reached out to our Editor to offer my time in return for the thousands of dollars the site has saved me with my project.  I am sure I only relieve a fraction of the time the staff puts into the Stovebolt, but I selfishly enjoy assisting in anyway I can. 

~ Brian "Rand McNally" Smith

... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...


Tech Tip Page New Look
Some navigation help!

        As our Tech Tip section has grown over the years, we knew we were going to have to do something to organize it a bit better. About five years ago, we broke down the tips into categories (some of you may remember when they were all just alphabetized -- oo-e-vay). Soon after that, we found that it was helpful for some of the other pages, too (like the Lots O' Links).

        As the Tech Tips continue to come in (thanks a lot for these -- on behalf of everyone who benefits from them!), we needed some navigation at the top. While we were at it, we sorted the subcategory submissions into topic listings rather than title.

        WHAT ?

        You know, "How I fixed my brakes" isn't listed with the "H's" ... it's filed with all the other "brake" tips. So, we hope this helps you all find stuff. Hope Peg can figure out where to put stuff!!


Taking Away 50 Years of Wear
License Plate Restoration

      You've completed your truck's rehab or restoration and it really looks great. Except there's one final touch needed -- the correct year license plate! Hard to find? Not if you're patient and know where to look. Once in hand, why pay some specialty place hundreds of dollars when Bill "TxLaTx" Frey [ 1958 Chevy Apache 3100 ] can show you how to refurbish that old license plate.

Come see how he did it.


Need to juggle a few Inline Six's?
An engine dolly will make it a smooth move

      Why pay for an engine stand (and have it up in your way all the time, when all you really need to do is just store an engine? Chances are, you already have the materials laying around. Even if you don't, they're readily (and cheaply) available at any hardware store. And soon, you'll have all kinds of shop space available after Stephen "Farmdog" Peterson [ 1947 Chevy 2-Ton COE ] shows you a quick and easy way to build an engine dolly.


Rebuilding Vent Window
Another "it's possible" tips!

      There really isn't much to your truck you can't rebuild yourself -- a quick breeze through this site should prove that. From generators to steering boxes, from axles to engines, it's all doable by average joes like us with a little help from our friends. Vent windows? No prob! Here's Jay to help you. He took some great notes and pictures as he did the vent windows in his 1954 Chevy 3100.

          Read on!


... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...

Lots O' Links
And a few testimonies to go with them

  • Vintage Projects -- Woogerooo "was bumping around looking for information on how to maybe build a very basic camper top for my truck. Of course, I found crazy insane detail plans instead. This site has plans from old Popular Mechanics articles in pdf format." A wide variety of topics ~ lathes and milling, power tools, welding, metals, general shop projects, tractors, etc. "Worth checking out. Good, fun reading ... some of these ya'll might find useful"
  • Vintage Door Art -- Woody " Czechman" Vondracek has "a random collection of photos of vintage painted truck doors." Feel free to contact him if you wish to contribute to this collection. His only stipulation is that the photos "have to be authentic vintage hand painted advertising signs." All of the photos in his Door Art Gallery have been generously contributed by others for your enjoyment.
  • Bitchin Products, Inc. -- Manufactures Chevy Truck Parts for 1947 - 1955 1st Series "They take a truck part and fabricate the part so that it fits property -- an exact duplicate of what the original part was. The make sure they have the vehicle in order to do it and they put a lot of research and development into what they do. ~~ Steve, GMR PERFORMANCE (Steve is putting together a Featured Project for our Tech Tips page for his 1962 Chevy)
  • Van iN Magazine -- Here's one for you VAN enthusiasts
  • Shiny-Hiney -- LED tail lights, carpet and trim
  • Rough Country - Suspension systems - lift kits for 1969-72 Chevy / GMC

... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...


The Saga continues
You can't keep a good Stovebolter still

"Talk of Marriage"

        Find out just what happens in Steve "Builder" VandenBerg's on-going saga. See how a Parts Chick can drive a man wild!

        The juicy stuff is in Part VI.

... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...

The Superstars are shining already has expenses like anything else and we sincerely appreciate those that help carry this load. Keeping this site moving ahead and FREE for everyone, has been made so by contributions from many and some cold cash by some. We are all grateful to all.

        We were so surprised to see donations coming in so soon after the holiday. Quite handy! We had the mailing of the the IRWIPI prizes, and had some major computer repairs to handle. A special thanks to those who have tossed some coin this way:

BC Bolters 1
Keith Bevan
Chris "glamis4x4" Dooley
Mark Fletcher
Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Gimmiani (2nd donation) 2
Brian Glass
  Brian "colettesbro" Johnson
Bruce "Bruce K" Kinsey
Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger
John Lucas
Don "down2sea" McLendon
Michael Yannotti

1 -- Our Canadian BC Bolters have been getting together on a regular basis for over a year. At their latest GABfest in January , they took up a third collection for the site. They had done it twice last year! What a great group.(Story to follow in the GABfest page)

2 -- Steve has been a regular contributor (14 times last year) to the site. He uses the Swap Meet to sell his parts. He wants to thank everyone for their business in 2007! "Since I sell only good used parts, I have quite a following on the Bolt. A good reputation is everything when you sell stuff." Steve adds that working with Stovebolters has been really great. Looks like many of our gang have a good reputation, too!

... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...

Some highlights from the Mailbag

        Besides a nice stream of comments, holiday greetings, and get well soon (a/k/a as "where have you all been?), we get some regular surprises here at the office. Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger thought we had been working too hard, so he suggested, we need to take a break at the end of the day. This is a "great escape" photo, plus a little refreshment, and this one was my favorite ... would make a great screen saver! All taken on vacation, while many of us Bolters in the US and Canada have been experiencing frigid weather!

     The Stovebolt Page continues to be great fun – entertaining as well as informative.

     Keep up the great work!

Patrick Ertel
Ertel Publishing
Vintage Truck


     Working on Ol' Yeller [ a 1952 Chevy 1/2-ton ] has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has been a treasure owning a little piece of history. I am really having a blast with the Stovebolt web site.

Thank you,

Mitch and Cindy La Fortune

   THANKS so much for the Gallery page for my truck [ 1948 GMC 1/2-ton ]. I appreciate the comments and link about my '39 sedan. I'm very proud of it. Every time I open my garage, I get a feeling like Christmas morning when I was a kid!. It was a lot of work but, worth every bit of it. After I finished it, I always said I would never do another, but here I go again with the truck!. Can't keep a good man out of the garage HUH!

     I think I have looked at almost every page on your site! LOVE IT!

Gary Cahoo

Gallery Additions in January

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Some Stovebolt Stats
Something fun we found

          Normally, we just report in on the number of hits we got for the month (which we will) but we thought you might get a kick out of something we stumbled across while helping someone get information on the term "stovebolt." Quantcast is a new media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services. Their data for "" is sparse so their data is rough estimates. (I don't know much about what they are talking about, anyway.) But they have pie and graphic charts showing demigraphics and traffic. We especially like thier pie chart highlighting the "stovebolt addicts" -- now remember, it's a rough estimate!! Check it out -- it's pretty fun -- if nothing else!

          And for you hard core, straight line guys: here's the data for January from the log:

Hits: The total number of files requested from the server. Bytes: The amount of information transferred in filling those requests. Visits: The (approximate) number of actual individual visitors. PViews: The number of Web pages viewed by those visitors. Hits to the Forums
7,235,772 63,584,570,104 147,276 2,235,507 10,578

... :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ...

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