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July 2005

       Happy 229th Birthday, America! Happy 137th Birthday, Canada! And happy birthday to everyone else born in July! We hope your summer (winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) is progressing well with lots of cool cruise-ins, swapmeets, shows and general good times in the shop working on your Stovebolt. Here at Stovebolt Headquarters, we continue to stay busy adding new Gallery submissions, Links, Tech Tips, Features and even a couple of new Sagas to the site. And we sure appreciate all the notes we get from folks literally around the Globe -- it continues to amaze us how this hobby knows no borders or cultural fences!

       On a more serious note, on behalf of all Stovebolters around the World, we want to extend our prayers and sympathies to our friends in England as they deal with their recent terrorist tragedy. May God be with you all.

       Keep up the good work in the Forums, enjoy the new stuff and have a fun, safe month!

       Here's the latest news, straight from Stovebolt HQ...

New Stuff

The Stovebolt Shortbus

We offer a new forum for IT help

       I.T. go home. ?? No, no. IT come here!!! Since we have a steady stream of Bolters asking questions about cyberspace, we figured we'd better making some parking space available. Now, if these folks wanted some information about Space Balls, maybe we could help... (Hint: John, when not cruising the Galaxy at "ludicrous speed" can be found out back, working on his transwarp inducers...)

       But the good news is: there IS a lot of computer help available on the site! We have more IT dudes, graphic designers, systems engineers, et cetera than you'd see at at a Star Trek convention. So, we've set up a forum for questions regarding that magic that actually connects all us online, virtual Bolters!

       Don't be surprised to see a "computer tip of the day" here and there. (Pegnote: know I'm glad to have this spot -- I may have to get a new screen-name so as not to embarrass myself any more than I already have).

       If we have folks asking questions, it sure would be helpful to have folks answerin' 'em, too -- so if you're a guru, share the wealth!

       Any volunteers to drive the bus (Moderate)? We are also looking for those folks who have offered "server space" for pictures (especially for the Swap Meet stuff). We can keep them all listed here so they'll be a handy reference.

       Don't be shy! As Tony says, we're all bozos on the Bolt Bus, and we've all ridden the IT short bus at one point or another!


New Moderator

The Swap Meet swells with Pride

       The Swap Meet is really a humming place. And it's been a lot different than the old one with all this interaction and discussion more like a real swap meet where you can chat with a seller -- It's great!

Joy Pascarela (the Siren of the Swap Meet) has been doing a great job helping folks figure out how to get their stuff in, out, off, fixed. Well, in order not to overwhelm her (with this increase in traffic), Scott Ward (48bigtrucks) has offered the lady a hand. So, in order to keep such great spirits roaring, he came up with the screen name "Pride" to go along with "Joy." Now is that clever or what?

       Don't answer that.

       Anyway, a big thanks (get it -- a big thanks? yuk, yuk, yuk) to Scott for helping out.

       We've got some good folks helping in little nitches around the site and it sure has helped out a lot. Not only in the workload at Stovebolt HQ but the amount of information we can have available to everyone -- and in a reasonably organized fashion...

       Still working on that one.


Log-in / register tip

For easy registration and log-in, the Stovebolt Geek says make sure:

  1. You allow cookies for our site (we gotta send you your password)
  2. You don't have something blocking the login:
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    • Browser settings.

Check that email

       Just to let you know, The Stovebolt Page doesn't send out unsolicited emails other than the newsletter (and you have to ask before we put you on the distro). We rarely initiate conversation with folks via email and only send attachments after alerting you about it.

       So, if you get something from that you're not expecting, especially with an attachment ...


The Swap Meet Jig

Splashoil gives a little Swap advice

       I would like to thank Peg and Joy for running a really great Swap Meet here at The Stovebolt Page. Thanks to this service, I have been able to make deals to obtain many hard to find parts for my projects.

       To the many folks who have responded to my ads, thanks to all for your help. Even when I have not bought your parts, I often learned some things I did not know and received tips on where I could find stuff.

       There are two things I would say to those using the Swap Meet:

       One seller provided some hard to find items but did not send all the items in the deal. He did not respond to my emails and did not say much when he did. I finally became a little frustrated and asked Peg and Joy for some help. They wrote a very nice letter to the seller. Shortly after, the seller finally returned my calls. He told me about his troubles as a single parent of a little girl with serious health problems who was involved in many trips to the hospital. If he had told me, I would not have gone to Joy to ask for help. After all, this is just truck parts! He did send the rest of the items and it was worth the wait.

       In Mexico, a sale is regarded as a little more than what we think it is. A transaction is kind of a dance where both the seller and the buyer discuss the item and price and both parties are expected to give a little. It is very rude to question someone's word, and also very rude not to give a little. Both parties should walk away feeling good about the sale. After all, they will probably see each other again.

       We would do well to keep this in mind in our dealings with folks in the Swap Meet. Especially those of us who keep coming back!

       Thanks again to all who have helped me find the parts I needed!!! And thanks to the Swap Meet Siren who is there (cheerfully) if you think you need help!

Stovebolter # 1406

The Stovebolt Zone

One round toit located

       Among the million things to do around here, John wanted to fix our Stovebolt Zone picture in the Tech Tips. It took a little rain to bring him out of the fields. How do you like this one:



We've got the tip of the iceburg

       Frank Anderson (Fumblin46) has been working on recognition software to help identify your old truck. His VIN (Vehicle Identifcation Number) Cruncher has been undergoing the scrutiny in the forums and he's tweaking away.

      So, far Frank has entered data from 1929 to 1956 Chevrolet trucks. We hope to get all the GM truck years up to 1973.

      Since we can do anything we have time and data to create (except lunch), another phase of the VIN Cruncher will be to spit out a representative image of the truck taken from our own Gallery. Along with that, we hope to have some commentary on some of the specific truck pages. And -- we don't just want a blue print of a truck -- we want some real, hard-iron images! Our Stovebolts!

      Frank could use some more help and more data. Contact him directly and see how you can help out. We'll be sure to get our Cruncher in a prominent place so it'll be easy for our regulars to direct newcomers to!

      For now ... check it out!



"Africa Calling"

It all started with a cry for help...

       Piers Fitz Gerald needed some help on finding replacement glass for a 1960 'Burb. Since he's on dial-up in South Africa, we posted his question in the forums along with the photos. He got a great response to his inquiry and in the meantime, we got a great feature story.

I collect old Chevrolets, fix them up and rent them out to the film industry and for still photography shoots. These old Chevs are extremely popular and film shoots pay all my hospital bills! I also drive all my stuff. I have "daily drivers" galore!

       I often head off into the bush to track down these lovely vehicles - sort of a "Chevrolet safari." In fact they are really good to view wildlife - it seems the animal kingdom has some respect for these wild animals!

       I just returned from a Chev "raid" (one week) in my fateful Impala - an excellent "scout" car! I was up in the Krugar National Park (2,000 kms) and came across an elephant strolling down a dried up river bed on route to a watering hole - passed right in front of me (at right). Pure magic and luck.

       It's not uncommon for tourists to come across an uptight elephant. Some of those tourists have some explaining to do back at the airport rental desk!

        Sadly, there are not many of these Chevrolets around South Africa these days. But the good news is that these amazing Chevrolets are popular in movies / commercials and glossy magazine shoots. Throw a bale of hay in the back, add some stunning models, and hey, those photographers just love Chevs!


      The reason I'm keen on the '60 'Burb is that I could head deeper inland to say, Zimbabwe. Alas, my Impala (very apt name here) I fear is too low for the desert and the pot-holed roads of Zim. The 'Burb on the other hand, could get me to areas where the Impala couldn't. My "scouts" (bus drivers) tell me there are lots of old Chevs out there. Could be a good time. Load up with gas / food, "barter" for Chevs and be out before your man Mugabe wakes up!

      So if you know any Stovebolter, with a windshield for sale, from a 1960-63 Suburban (jet pod lights), please tell your man there's a Irishman in Cape Town who needs it!

Chevrolets in the movies, magazines; Treasures, Diamonds, Shipwrecks

       You'll need to read more of Pier's fascinating life in South Africa which continues on the Features page. Fascinating tales and great old Stovebolts!



Hauling with the Big Dogs

Doing things the "cowboy way"

by Dale Hamilton

It was the first trip out of the barn. The culmination of a three-year restoration and improvement project to rehabilitate a 40-year old Mack B-67 heavy tractor, and a similar vintage 5th wheel travel trailer. My wife Gwen and I didn't mess around with a weekend trip to a local state park. Oh no. That wouldn't have been the "cowboy way." We decided on a 1,600-mile trip from our home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, clear up to Hershey, Pennsylvania along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.

      I checked and rechecked everything. Bought new tires for the trailer. Got a new fridge. Fixed a last-minute brakelight problem. And basically did everything a prudent man would do...

     Except stay home.

     Gwen had stocked the trailer with food for two weeks (we planned six days). Beer, wine, margaritas, and snacks -- everything.

     As we wheeled out the driveway, I offered up a silent prayer to please make this a safe trip. We made it to the interstate -- woohoo, so far so good. I crunched up through the 15 gears into overdrive allowing us to cruise at 70 mph and about 2,000 rpm. The exhaust note through twin seven-inch monster stacks at that speed is just awesome. And when the turbocharger adds its high-pitch whine, it's enough to convince even a sensible man that he should have been a trucker. As other trucks passed us, most gave us thumbs up or a toddle on their air horns. They were witness to this gray ghost from another era still hauling with the big dogs. I switched on the CB and so began a dialogue with other truckers that extended the whole way. Maybe this was not going to be so bad after all?

     Four hours later, I pulled into a truck stop to top off the diesel. I had no idea of what our fuel consumption might be. I was pleased to see that we had used about half our tankage which worked out to be about 10 mpg - very respectable towing a 10,000-pound trailer at top speed. I was pleased.

     Sounds too good to be true. Well, it was...

     You need to read this hilarous saga by Dale. Next month we'll run the story on his restoration of this Big Boy.


From the front office

No "dumb questions" around here

Well ... maybe ...

Stovebolter # 3110

Example of a Nightmare posting:

I just bought a 19?? model truck, don't know what brand but it has five windows, two of which go up and down, two that go in and out, a big one in front and a smaller big one on the back. Oh it also has two porthole windows that do not move. Can someone tell me what color my truck is? There is a wood looking floor in the boxy thing on the back. Can I replace this with pergo? I would like advice on how to install a solid rear axle with independent suspension and center mount disc BREAKS in the most traditional manner.

I also have some parts left over from my last project that I want to use, a chrome muffler that has a real cool tone, some undercarriage neon, and a vtec engine with a borla exhuast system. Can anyone tell me how they have mounted these components on their truck? Again I prefer to keep things as original as possible to retain the resale value.

I would also like advice on body modifications, actually I would like to bring the truck to you and have you do the work. What is your address? I want to suicide gull wing the doors, air bag the seats, slam the back and put the front up in the air like a early gasser. Has anyone done this? If so, please send me pictures?

I also want to paint this myself. I have a dewalt compressor I bought for a remodeling project (you should see how that turned out..super dude). What brand of paint would work with this compressor? Any recommendations on the type of air hose I need would also be helpful. Which direction is best to use when hand sanding? I have also been unable to find red sandpaper for color sanding. Where can I get this?

Does anyone have the home number for the Foose guy? I want to swing by and get him to draw a picture of my truck before I get it done so I can brag on it. I want my girlfriend in the picture too. Do you think he would draw her laying on the hood au natural?

Also what tread pattern would work best with my setup? All I have now are some four bolt hole rims from my last project. How do I change the axles over from 6 lug? I also want to install a receiver hitch as I will be towing a fifth wheel trailer I picked up cheap. I want to enstal it gud so it will not BRAKE when I toe. Any advice and contributions to my project are welcome. If you have any questions for your project to which I may contribute please ask. I have years of experience to share.

Of course ... lots of Bolters chimed in on this one! Jay got them off to a great fun ride!


Donations for June  

    We've got some more wonderful Bolters to thank for their donations in June and over the July 4 holiday. The Bolters with the * are repeat donors! Sheezam!


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Stovebolt Shopwarrior Poets

From the "Too much time on their hands" Dept:

ArticCat needed a poem for his class. He'd searched the Web the wide world over and came up empty, alas.
"Any good truck poems?" he pleaded, as his frustration grew. "To pen!" enjoined our crazy 'Spoon crew.
From shop to desk, the merry band throng'd, led by Fred in his red Stovebolt thong. (sorry, couldn't resist...)
Laid down their wrenches they did. Pick'd up pen and scribed verse instead.

Read it all here, oh the rhyme they composed!
Such wit, but the Bard's not yet deposed!


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