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Welcome to our Virtual Garage for pre-1973 Chevy and GMC trucks. We've been doing this for 20 years now!

If you're restoring, preserving or just driving an ole "Stovebolt," this website has information we know you'll find useful for living with your old truck -- links to parts vendors (the best list of Stovebolt-related links on the 'Net!), a Gallery of old trucks, helpful Tech Tips, a virtual Swap Meet where you can find (or sell) those elusive parts to complete your restoration projects. We even have a discussion forum where you can ask questions, post ideas and even hang out with some old rusty Stovebolters!

We have a lot of things here but the best one is knowledge and we share it for free (no membership dues or pay-to-view).

So pull up a virtual running board, cop a squat and check the Gallery for lots of old truck stories. If you have some questions about the old GM truck project you are working on, try our FAQ, Tech Tips or jump right into The Forums, where the Stovebolt Brain Trust resides.

We've got everything in here from 1/2-tons to 3-tons, COE's, Panels and 'Burbs, Firetrucks, Tow trucks -- Lots of trucks in all shapes, sizes and stages of restoration and enjoyment.

Join us and make us stronger
Because none of us are as smart as all of us!

New in the Project Journals

1951 GMC 1-Ton: Improve-Drive ... Repeat

Well, I guess you can call this a Stovebolt version of Edge of Tomorrow ... but it would be more like the Edge of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Maybe ... not sure.

Grigg had been thinking about and planning for this truck ever since he took his 1952 Chevy 3800 off the road back in 2006. So, this hunt for an AD 1-ton and the transformation of the catch into a fun, reliable, and simple daily driver makes for an epic tale.

Grigg is trying to keep the truck on the road as much as possible between repairs and updates. So, we think this Project Journal will have a little something for everyone -- how to find a truck, bring it home, and then start the "repeat" process! That part never ends!.



Fall's last hoo-rah
The frost is on the pumpkin

This is Bill "Sedgewick" Jesse's 1949 Chevy 1/2-ton; and here's his Gallery story from 2007! (Ahh, those simple days!)

"The old truck still looks decent considering I have not washed it in a while. I do enjoy these trips to the farm and yesterday there was a bus load of Japanese tourists at the farm. They were crazy for the old truck. They took a lot of photos and I let them sit inside and take even more."

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this month, it seems fitting to have a few of the fellas who have been with us from the get-go! The site may have been "on-line" back then but most of the correspondence in those early months was by snail mail. What fun!


New Tech Tip

Independent Front Suspension

John "johntsmith" Smith walks us through this upgrade to his 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton. Not a project for a beginner; but not impossible either


Our Salute to Veterans Continues

Each November, we open up a forum for veterans -- ALL veterans -- to check in and stand tall with your brothers and sisters in arms.

The pursuit of happiness (embodied by our freedom to engage in old truck restoring) is only possible through your service and sacrifice and this is our little way of saying "thank you." Let us know who you are!

It's also a good place to post these cool things that zorch thru cyberspace. Head over to Legion Hall and go see what's been posted so far!

No parts of this site, its contents, photos or graphics may be used without permission.  

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