Clint Wilhelm's

1950 Chevy 3800 Longbed

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23 January 2006
# 1386

From Clint:

          Hello fellow Stovebolters.Here are some photos of my work in progress.

A little history of the truck

          It is a 1950 Chev 3800 long bed. My Dad, who is now 96 years young, bought the truck new. He traded a 1947 Chev 5 passenger coupe and $1900 cash for the truck. Dad had gone to the local dearship in the small town where we live and told the salesperson what he wanted. Dad told me that the salesperson called every dealership in Colorado, and only one 3800 longbed was located in the State at that time -- the one that Dad still owns.

          I knew the salesperson, as he had worked in a small parts store. He remembered both Dad and the truck. The salesperson had driven the truck from the original dealership back to where we live. Since 1950, the truck has had at least six engines in it, with Dad wearing all of them out.

          I started the frame-off restoration approximately 15 years ago, and boy have I learned alot. Dad and I found and rebuilt a 1954 235 engine five years ago. It still hasn't been started. I finally got the cab back approximately three weeks ago, after getting some bad workmanship from another body shop.


    Due to finding the Stovebolt Page and other websites, and getting information from my Dad, I hope to finish this restoration this year. I will continue to submit photos as my progress continues.


Clint Wilhelm
"Stovebolt six "
Bolter # 4683
Delta, Colorado

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