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NEW 1954 Chassis -- New from   Superior Glass Works
Tech Tips
   -- Manifold Bolt Replacement
   -- 235 Front Motor Mount
   -- Drag Link, Pitman and Steering Arm          Upgrades for a 1935 Chevy

   -- Restoring / Equipping a   "Firebolt"
Feature -- Bolt at work
DITY Gallery -- First Bolt to go "hot"
New Links
New "Expressions"
Stovebolt Stats
Gallery Additions

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Some things new for 2009
Ya hooo!

We'll start off the year with some new "expressions" for the forums.


Have fun!
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Thanks to our Special Stovebolters
We really couldn't do this without you!

We are always so grateful to those who help to make this happen.

Cleon Eck
Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger
Davey Lovett
Don "Down2Sea" McLendon
Thomas "TGP"Petroff
Scott Telford

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Stovebolt Stats

Many of our regulars are almost like "stockholders" in this web site endeavor. We haven't had a "stats report" in a while ... and we've got something new. It tells a lot about the activity on the site. It's a big pdf file, but you may get a charge out of seeing all the Internet activity that's going on.

And ... hahaha ... the best news we saw for the last 30 days is that the Advance Design Gallery listing had more visitors than the Forums (94,235 compared to 80,672). Keep those Gallery submissions coming!

The other big new is that most of our new traffic comes from search engines. So, that's why we pester and pester to get as much details about your Bolt as we can. THAT'S how they find us!

No parts of this site, its contents, photos or graphics may be used without permission.

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Thanks to our January News sponsor ~~

New 1954 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck Chassis

Superior Glass Works draws upon its 30+ years of experience to help you select the right combination of components for your project.

In addition to new construction chassis, Superior Glass Works continues to offer restoration or modification of existing rod frames of similar vintage. As owner Brad Peterson puts it, “If you’ve seen it at a show or in a magazine, we can build it!”

In business for over 30 years, Superior Glass Works is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass parts for 1931 – 1955 Chevrolet cars and trucks. The company also offers parts for the most popular 1928 – 1934 Ford passenger cars, 12 street rod bodies, 11 drag race bodies and a full-service chassis shop. The company’s headquarters and production facility are located in Molalla, Oregon, about 45 minutes from downtown Portland. Visit their web site for more information ... or contact them directly ... email or phone (888-731-7670)!


Superior Glass Works recently announced the addition the 1954 Chevrolet pick-up truck chassis to its broad line of street rod and truck chassis. This chassis [ image ] is unique to the 1954 and 1955 1st series trucks due to the deeper bed used after 1953; the rear axle kickup in the frame is several inches lower as a result [ full view ].

Superior Glass Works has decades of experience building street rod chassis, including those for the 1947-53 Chevy pickup, 1931-39 Chevrolet car and Ford Model T, A and 1932-40 cars and trucks. Each fully-boxed frame is made to the original manufacturers’ specifications.

More information about the new Chevrolet chassis and other products mentioned is available at or by calling 888-731-7670.

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Tech Tips

Winter is always a good time to knock some of these Tech Tips out. Several helpful Tech Tips were generated from discussions in the forums. We are always grateful to those who take the time to put this information in writing, with detailed pictures, that will help many others for years to come. John did a lot of moaning and groaning while editing the 235 motor mount tip.

Restoring / Equipping a


You've always thought they were cool, and now you own one. Whether you bought it straight from the Department as an active unit, or you dragged it out of a barn, you may not even be sure what to call it -- is it a fire engine? Is it a fire truck? It might not even have anything on it -- just a plain truck with a fire body and (hopefully) a pump. How do you restore it? What should it have on it? For the fire probies among us, here is a compilation of knowledge and experience to get you started.


Drag link, Pitman and Steering Arm Upgrades
for a 1935 Chevy 1/2-ton

There are few things more frustrating than fighting with your steering set up! If you have a pre-War Stovebolt, you may be wondering how you'd EVER get that thing adjusted! Help is at hand! Here's Charlie Rathke's Tech Tip to walk you through it.

Good detail and good read.


Front Motor Mount for the 235 Engine

Thinking that just because your favorite parts supplier lists a rubber thingy and a square metal box with two holes in that you're good to go as far as the front engine mount on your 235 engine?? Well if you are, then you are oh so wrong -- there's actually two additional pieces! Don't panic, though -- you have plenty of company (the Editor is in that boat with you). To help sort this mess out, here's our old friend Don "down2sea" McLendon to help you sort it out. You need to know this BEFORE you do this.

Read on.


Manifold Bolt Replacement

One of the nastiest, hardest and potentially pain-inflicting systems on these old trucks to disassemble is the exhaust manifold. Getting those 60-year old rusty studs out of the manifold can be a frustrating chore. But Roy "RoyV" Vaillancourt has a fairly simple (you can drill holes, can't ya??) way to accomplish this. It's not fast, but it is easy and straightforward.

Read on.

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Putting that Stovebolt to Work!
A Stovebolt Feature

The old truck hobby depends upon the kindness of strangers and municipal auctions, and turns, it seems, on the big circle of life that keeps 'good deals' flowing ... usually ... Except for the day when Scott learned ... Not all 'good deals' are easy deals...

Read on ...


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A first for the DITY Gallery
We finally gone hay-wire ... hard wire? !

Well, we can't tell you how good it feels to get to this point. This has been an "idea brewing" for several years, and January 1, we finally took it for a test drive.

We established the DITY (Do IT Yourself) Gallery as a subforum in the Welcome Centre, to enable folks to get their trucks onto the site quicker and to take some of the load off the staff. As we got time, (hahaha) we planned to pull a DITY here and there from the forum, and add them as a permanent page. We wanted to link the Gallery page back to the discussion in the forum so it could continue on! So, we've jumped two hurdles (as Editors) ... passing the buck (LOL) and also getting more discussion going on the trucks as they are submitted to the Gallery. Everyone likes to hear comments about their ride. And we like to see it happening ... but keeping us out of the middle.

So ... Mike Good (great name, eh?) with his 1964 Chevy Big Window Fleetside is the first one we've pulled into this windstorm.

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New Links
Up to 755 now

It was good to hear from Eric "JED" Coulter (a frequent participant in the IRWIPI contest). He's sent in a link for his local car club -- the Rocky Mountain Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America, (AACA), and affectionately known as "Ye Olde Auto Club." So, if you live around Brighton, Colorado, be sure to catch up with them.

This was a fun link addition from outside CONUS

Dmitry Lomakov, general manager of "Lomakov`s Oldtimer Cars and Motorcycles Museum", President "All-Russian Oldtimer Cars and Morcycles Club Retromotor," state expert on oldtimer cars and motorcycles (customs, justice, buying, sale). Come visit our on-line museum.


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Gallery Additions

Another nice big stack of additions to the Gallery. Now we are over 2500 entries in the Gallery. Here's what we added this month.

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